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September 02, 2014

Happy Tuesday back after a long weekend.  How was your Labor Day weekend spent?  At home or the lake?  Maybe you spent it doing projects around the house.... oh wait that was me!  I hung wallpaper in my guest bath, cleaned up the garage, and started sorting thru all the tons of books I have saved from when the boys were little.  I have been procrastinating sorting thru them because I wanted to keep them all.  But now I see that is a bit ridiculous.  After all... we are talking hundreds of books.  I would like to donate the ones I sort out as soon as I get to that point. That's a whole other weekend project!! All and all it was a great long weekend and even better this is a 4 day week ahead!  Moving on....

I have a my nieces wedding to attend in a few weeks and I 'm not sure what to wear.  It is in Minnesota in late September, and in the afternoon.  The weather will be in the mid 70's for a high and the reception is in a beautiful old barn that will go late into the evening, so I 'm sure it could be cool.  So this is where I need your input.... what style should I opt for?  Do I go for sleek and all black, or maybe a floral little number?  I really like the tailored dress, but it's a bit stuffy  I think even with a pashmina.  The pattern is fun and even has a sleeves, and I really like the bow, but a bow seems young!  So what look would you suggest?

I will definitely have a wrap for the evening so sleeveless doesn't bother me, but the time of year and location it may be better suited for a small sleeve.  What would you wear? 

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