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September 29, 2014

Last you heard from me I was traveling to my nieces wedding in Minnesota.  It was a wonderful weekend and we had a fabulous time catching up with relatives from all over that traveled in for this celebration.  I have been going thru all the hundreds of photos I took and editing them.  Its a process, and you can't hurry it either!  I finally finished some of the pictures from our nature walk the morning of the wedding.  See here's the thing... the wedding was in Minneapolis at their family church the girls grew up in and attended school.  The reception was in a beautiful barn in the country in River Falls Wisconsin.  It was about a 30 minute drive from one location to the other so it wasn't bad at all.  We stayed in a hotel closer to the barn rather than closer to the church so when we partied late into the night we wouldn't have far to go!  

We had a few hours in the morning to kill prior to the wedding.  The weather was gorgeous and there was a river close by with a trail, and a launching spot for kayakers.   So about 6 of us decided to check it out.  This was the suspension bridge we first crossed to the trails.  

Looking over the edge of the bridge was a stream, and if you look close you will see the fisherman sitting at the edge in the second photo.

Further along and closer to the launch spot for the kayaks was a mini waterfall.

This is my brother.  I only have the one...  and he is enough!  He is very close to my middle son, and they have a wonderful relationship and banter quite well if I may say so!  

And this is my brother teaching my son what to look for if you're ever caught in the woods and need... well shall we say... nature calls and you need assistance.  He was pointing out that Trevor should alway look for  a plant with three leaves clustered together.  That's the safest!  Ummmm, yeah!  If you want poison ivy!  My brother is such a trickster! 

Trevor felt it was a safer bet to walk the trail with my sister in law after that so called learning experience! Ha, smart boy! 

We trekked down these stairs...see where the railing ends? 

Well here is the end of the railing... and more stairs.  Remember as far as we hiked down to get to the water we had to hike back up! 

I was practicing with my new lens and cannot believe I caught this bee in mid flight!  The best way to learn a new lens is lots of practice! 

I just loved all the colors and textures to the trail.  We missed the leaves turning by a week.  I bet it is beautiful right now. 

Tomorrow I am sharing what I wore to travel in!  It's pretty cute! 

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