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September 15, 2014

Are you someone who sees a new trend and jumps right to it? Or are you more likely to watch and wait to see how it goes over?  I am more of the latter, and always stays true to what really works for me regardless of the current trend or not.  Like I always say.... age appropriate my dears!!  

With that being said here are a few trends that you may or may not want to try.  But remember.... if you don't start working these into your wardrobe now you surely will fall behind the curve of trends. Hot colors generally always sell out by the time the weather is deeming them a necessity.  It will be nearly impossible to  find that perfect item you are wanting in a few months. 

Orange... Anything Orange 
Either you can wear it or you can't.  I can't!  But it makes a bold statement and you should start working it into your wardrobe with a few accessories now, and later when fall is fully in force you will be confident enough to sport this color in something larger like a skirt!  There are many hues to Orange so try on a few to see what works with your skin tone.... and remember, right now you may still be tan from summer so take that in to consideration.  Two months from now this may wash you right out.

The Midi Skirt
A style that has come back around for sure.  This skirt was in style in the 50's and 60's.  Not that I was wearing, heck I wasn't born or even old enough.  But think about watching reruns of say Leave it to Beaver, or Father Knows Best.  The mothers in these shows styled these midi skirts... and almost always had an apron on too!  Haha!  These days you wont find us in the kitchen in our midi skirts with an apron, but you will see them everywhere else.  Hitting at the mid calf, it gives you a polished look that is longer and demure.  To style this skirt now for transition time, try a crop top if you are brave enough to bare your midriff, or for me... I would pair it with a sleeveless tank tucked in with a chunky heel.  When fall rolls around balance this look out with a chunky sweater.  Which brings me to the next item you need.

Chunky Knits
It is not too early to start wearing knits.  Start wearing a few items now that are sleeveless for bare arms, and layer it when the weather gets colder.  Look for sweater dresses to oversized turtlenecks for this fall necessity.

Knee Boots
This throw back to the 60's trend is so hot.  You would be wise to invest in a pair of knee high boots now before we are in full swing of fall and every store has a shopping rush.  They were starting popularity last fall but expect them to be everywhere this year.  Want to transition them from summer to fall? Try them with a graphic-print dress and your ready to sieze the day!

Blanket Coats
These coats are bold with color and can add a dramatic statement to your outfit.  These shawl like coats are perfect when the temperatures are cooler. I don't know about your office but the AC can get pretty cold in mine. 

Nothing new to this other than they are everywhere and so many styles to choose from.  Pair these now with your shorts and casual knit dresses now.... and later  style them with a pair of wide leg pants!  You can't go wrong with a cute pair of sneakers.

So... what trend are you going to try this season?  I definitely will be shopping to add chunky sweaters and knee boots.   

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  1. I could go for a blanket coat right now. It's freezing in our office! I love the one in the middle :)

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