January 05, 2015

Happy New Year friends.  I have been absent for a while from blogging with only a couple of post last month.  I actually enjoyed the break.  With so many parties, events, shopping, and well work and life, at the end of the day I just didn't have the time to put together a quality post.  2015 is here and I am back ready to dive into my blog!  I have some great new things planned to share with you and cannot wait to reveal them!  Oh, and my blog anniversary was on the 1st marking 3 years of this little blog and I am grateful for all the relationships and friends I have established here.  Thank you for following along, I appreciate  every single one of you.   How was your holidays?  I celebrated Christmas 4 times with different family members of my family over a course of two weeks.  I enjoyed seeing all my boys and grandsons and even a trip to Tulsa to celebrate with my family there.  Well... the holidays are over, my tree is packed up  for another year, and It is January.... and that means the weather should be cold, well at least colder. We are in for a chilly week with Wednesday being frigid!! I wore this outfit actually before the holidays but never got it posted so here it is today.   

Some days we have to bundle up in layers and scarves and other days we are running around in tee's and jeans.  Today's outfit just so happens to be one of those frigid days... as in the ice was starting to ice over.   I have shared blanket scarfs with you and a few of my favorites in roundups with this topping my list of faves.  A plaid blanket scarf with pink in it.... score!  I have looked all over trying to find a link for you to purchase one but its sold out. I did find a great selection of styles and colors at Sheinside that you definitely should check out. 

A few things I have learned with blanket scarfs.... generally, as in 90% of the time, they are made up of mostly acrylic.  Acrylic is not the fabric of our lives and therefore does not breath like cotton.  Be prepared to unwrap at the very least or totally remove your scarf if you are inside for most of the day.  You will get very warm in it!  Do you agree?  The second thing is... a can of static guard will help tremendously with the static created with your scarf.     I tie a lot of scarfs for the girls at the office and help them and was thinking maybe I should do a video showing a few ways to tie scarfs.  Me... in front of the camera....talking, (something I am good at) and a voice finally to a face...  What do you think of that idea? 

Scarf (Sold out but love this one too)~ Leggings ~ Boots ~ Gloves ~ Sunnies ~ Vest (similar) ~ Sweater ~

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