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January 16, 2015

Hi guys.  So I have been a little hit and miss ever since the holidays.  I'm sorry... not sorry.  It felt great to take a break and just absorb the time off from work and blogging.  Sure, there were nights I would think about picking up my laptop and start posting but I enjoyed my "me" time so much it rarely happened.  I have however, been working on a few things behind the blog that I hope you guys love as much as I do.  I want to tell you about a new series I am launching next Tuesday.  It will become my How To day sharing all my DIY's with you from how to create a gallery wall, to making perfect cut out cookies!  I am still going to be sharing my outfits and favorites, and just about anything else that suits my fancy on the other days of the week too!
I have been working hard discovering new designers and products that excites me and a few collaborations that are amazing! 

So here is a phone dump of a little bit of what has been going on.  You may have seen some of these pic if you follow me on instagram already! 

I know its the middle of January, but this was my December.  We had an ugly sweater contest at our company luncheon and this is what we decided to wear. There were 18 ugly sweaters in all and  I won second place, but only behind by one point!

Some of the sights from around my house.  These boys playing batman on my office floor was so fun to watch.  Their little imaginations reminded me of how my boys use to play with them as well.   My grandson had corrective surgery on his legs and was in full leg cast for a month then switched to these half leg cast.  Poor little guy.  He was a trooper just pulling himself along refusing to use the wheelchair!   My new Blair Ritchey PAK..... love this bag, and a whole jar full of bath bombs!  Velvet crates hand delivered a gift box I won to my home and it was fabulous.  Ummm I need more of that funckychunky Sea Salt Caramel for sure!

A little tribute to all my monograms, my desk ready for the new year, A few new goodies arrived in the mail I will be sharing soon, and of course... on the last day of the year... and it being a Wednesday... We wear pink!

Blanket scarfs, and more blanket scarfs!

Here's to Friday and a great weekend!  See you back here bright and early next week!  xo 

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