Butterfly Cuffs

June 17, 2015

As I mentioned last week, we had our 3 year old grandson this past weekend.  I can pretty much sum up the entire time like this.... "Mimi I need you"..."I not tired".... "Why?" Yup, that's pretty much was how it went.  He actually yawned one time and announced he didn't want to go night night!   I forgot how much energy they have, and the attention span of, well...  a three year old!  He was exceptionally good and we didn't have any problems at all... other than exhaustion by Sunday evening.  Ha! 

Lets get to this outfit shall we?  I wore this to the office last week and received tons of complements on my top.  The butterfly cuffs are the cutest and this top is so comfortable.  I am so happy to be incorporating so much color into my wardrobe besides the standard black and or course pink! Although the pink stripe does give it the flair I love! What's new in your closet? If you need to add black pants to your closet.... who doesn't,  then you seriously need to try a pair of these on.  I have several pair in different lengths and love how well they wear and feel.

Top c/o ~ Pants ~ Bag ~ Leather wrap bracelet ~ Bead bracelets (I want these) ~ Watch ~ Shoes (almost Identical) ~ Sunnies ( I want these)

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