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June 01, 2015

This room has truly been a labor of love.  I've put more thought into this room than any other room in my home.  Usually I can pull together the décor and finish a room up in a relatively short amount of time. . .not this time.  I had a vision for how I wanted my bedroom to look.  This design journey began in my head over a year ago with only a few minor idea changes; different fabric for the pillows here, all white bedding rather than the taupe linen duvet cover there.  All in all, for me, the most important detail remained the same - creating a calming and peaceful place to retreat and relax.    

I have to always be considerate of the fact that this is not just my room.  To my surprise, Joe was completely onboard with the touches of pink.  He would not have been happy with a pink explosion!  We literally stripped the room, from the bed and wall color to the carpeting.  The only original pieces left in the room are our night stands.  However, I do want to replace them with mirrored chests to match my other pieces and as soon as I find them in the right size I will. 


  I can't tell you how much I love this wall color.  It truly lives up to its name, Versatile Gray from Sherwin Williams.  It is the same paint we used in my office which you can see the full design post of here.   I used the below colors as my palette for the entire room.  Soft neutral colors with a slight pop of color in the brighter pink pompom throw, the pillows and the abstract art.




During the building process, I had outlets installed for both cable and electric higher up on the wall so that they could be hidden by the television.  Unfortunately, I didn't have a way to hide the DVD or cable box so I made a sleeve out of matching linen fabric to cover the unsightly cords that otherwise stand out.



I tried out two other rugs in my bedroom before finally finding this one at Rugs USA.  This is not my first rug from Rugs USA, so I was confident I would receive a rug with great quality and color accuracy.  I was right.  Not only does the color coordinate with my room, I love how it feels beneath my feet.



This is my favorite corner to sit with my laptop, to read a book, or catch up on my reality TV. I searched and searched for a lamp perfect for this space and finally found one with a rectangle base and shade from Lamps Plus. I was looking for a lamp that would not protrude too far into the room so this rectangular shape was important to me.  A bonus with my lamp is it has a floor on/off switch!





Have you tried sleeping on a silk pillow case yet? If not, you should!  I have to admit what they say is soooo true.  It really does make a difference with your hair and skin.   There are several brands out there so be sure to research their silk content.  Slip Silk Pillowcases sent me this pink (of course) pillowcase and I am sold.  I will never go back to a cotton pillowcase.



My hope is that you love this room as much as I do.

Lamps  // Bed //  Mirror chest ( almost identical)   // Rug c/o  // Pouf  // Mirror side table (Sold out but I have this one too)  //  Juju Hat  //  Pillows (I made)   //  Abstract art (no longer available) //  Woman Silhouette art ( similar )  //   Slip Pillowcase c/o   // Floor Lamp c/o // Pom pom throw // Monogram pillow  // Love print  // 

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  1. I love those gorgeous pillows, the lamps (I've been eyeing some just like it and now really want to pull the trigger), and that cute throw! What a gorgeous, charming, relaxing space - thanks for the inspiration, Lisa!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Meg. I am so glad you like it, and you should get the lamps too! xo

  2. Wow! Looks really beautiful! That mirror side table is my favorite.

    1. Thank you dear. I was super excited the day I found that side table! Thanks for stopping by. xo


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