Tunic Love

June 09, 2015

I love to be comfortable as much as the next person, so when I first was introduced to the Dizzy Lizzie brand I was impressed.  Her styles are bright, colorful, and scream summertime!  I am a sucker for pink as you know, so when she sent me this bright pink tunic I immediately loved it.  The cotton is lightweight making it the perfect weight for this weather.  How fun are these cuffs too?  Oh, and pockets please and Thank You!   Love it!  I own three Dizzy Lizzie shirts as well and they are so comfortable with just the right amount of stretch... if you know where I mean! I can't speak for tall gals, but I can  say that being short has it advantages in regards to wearing a tunic sans leggings.  Obviously I would not wear it to my office without leggings... although I did pass the length above the knee test with it!  This is definitely going in my suitcase for my trip to California next month!  It will make a perfect cover up for my suit and keep me looking cute all at the same time!  

I added this pic to show you how I actually wore it to the office! 

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    Those GALS sent me........HEATHER & JENNIFER!

  2. LOVE tunics, and this one is gorgeous.
    Still catching up at Heather and Jennifer's party.

  3. I love the pink and absolutely love your tunic! Great styling! Love that lipstick color too--might have to try it out!


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