Weekend Love

June 12, 2015

TGIF!  I don't know if I should be excited or nervous for this weekend.  We will be having a certain almost 3 year old grandson spend two nights with us.  Lets hope I have what it takes to keep up with his abundance of energy.  You can count on us playing lots of cars, pretending to be zoo animals, and if it doesn't rain he will most likely mow the yard with his bubble mower.   My oldest grandson turns 7 this weekend as well.  My.... where does the time go!  It seems like just yesterday my babes were this little!  

On another note...I official have purchased my tickets to Southern California.  If you have any suggestions or ideas of things to see and do please send them my way. I haven't been to this part of California in years. I will be enjoying the sunny beaches of Laguna and Newport beach area for 5 days.  Bring on the summertime! 

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