Beachy waves

July 18, 2013

Another day by the lake, and this time its not the outfit as much as the curls I am sharing!  I have a 2 inch gold barrel curling iron that I used to create these soft beachy waves.  It's such a fun change, and I can get at least two days out of the curls before I need to touch them up!  Bonus for thick hair!! I generally only wash my hair every third or fourth day for several reason.  A) It's really good for your hair to replenish itself before you strip it again washing it, B) I don't like to add extra heat to my hair with the flat iron, curling iron, or blow dryer any more than necessary, and C) I am lucky to have hair that does not go flat, oily, or shiny in under three days!! 

These are day two curls!  Well, waves actually!  I would curl my hair everyday if the heat wasn't so bad for your hair.  So are you a curly girl, or a flat iron all the way?  My bestie is so funny about curls, she wouldn't wear curls in her hair if her life depended on it, but is amazed when I get so many compliments on mine! I have natural body in my hair....a lot! So on days I don't want to mess with it at all, it is left to air dry with a little scrunch and that's it! 

 The only problem to that is, you can't brush your hair unless you want big Texas hair!  Sorry Texas girls, but they don't say big Oklahoma hair do they!??  That definitely is a two day hair process, I add a little water for day two, scrunch again and lightly, I mean lightly finger thru it to separate the curls without adding body!   but at least no heat involved! 

Tee Target ~ Pants Nordstrom ~ Sandals Ann Taylor last season but these are cute ~ Sunnies Chanel ~ Bracelet Target old ~

I asked Jenni to take less of the lake and background, and more of me in out next outfit pics! Maybe I won't seem so far away!  I appreciate my girls for putting up with me, taking my pics, and just being there for the fun!  Thanks Gabi and Jenni, you girls are truly awesome friends! 

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  1. I am SO jealous that you can go 3 days without washing your hair! Mine has to be washed every single day or it looks disgusting.

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