Blondes and Green

July 16, 2013

Blouse  Won off The Pioneer Woman  ~ Pants  Nordstrom ~ Sandals Ann Taylor (last season) ~ Love Bangle Claudia Rowe c/o ~ Bangles Alexandria Beth ~ Watch Michele ~ Clutch Blair Ritchey ~ Sunnies RayBan 

Oh the fun we have while shooting outfit pics!  Gabi seriously thinks I should share all the outtakes.  There are some pretty funny ones almost every time of me acting goofy!  If someone were to sit and watch as we take these pics, they would for sure be laughing at us! 

I didn't straighten or curl my hair today.  This is natural body and curl! I was feeling a little boho in my blouse from the PW!  Remember when I posted about winning it here?  Yup, I still love it!  Between the tye dye, and the shades of green, it's got to be one of my favorites right now! 

The weather has not been too terribly hot which is surprising for this time of the year.  I keep waiting for it to hit, but for now I will take cooler mornings and mildish days.  I say mild like 90 is nothing, but hey at least it's not 100! 

I actually love this shot!  Something about the angle! It kinda reminds me of a creepy movie, ya know the kind on a deserted gravel road!  We will call this my Alfred Hitchcock moment! 

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