Radio Silence

July 30, 2013

Hi lovelies!  Sorry for the radio silence last week.  I completely unplugged from social media.  I really didn't intend to, but it just happened that way and it felt pretty good actually!  I have accumulated a lot of vacation time and needed to start taking some time off or I was going to end up late in the year with more time than I could possibly cram into the end of the year.  So instead of buying a ticket, renting a car and booking a hotel, I took a stay-cation!!

I never once logged onto my computer, read a blog, tweeted, and very little instagraming!  It was a nice switch up from my normal routine.  We treated each day like we really did go somewhere.  We ate out everyday, lounged in the pool with cocktails in the afternoon, and even completed a few redecorating projects!  When you have a 12 foot ladder in the house, you take advantage of it and replace all the smoke detector batteries, replace soffit lights, and clean fan blades. 

Day one breakfast, Coffee and bagels! 

Cannot wait to share this room reveal.  My guest room went from dark and drab, to fresh and bright! 

What would a vacation be without a little pool time! 

Shopping for some of my favorite things! 

Dinner out with my guy wearing my new bracelet! 

You had to know there was sushi and sangria involved in my week too!

So it's good to be back, I have so many blogs to catch up on, and things to share.  I have been working on a few great collaborations, and you will not want to miss these for sure!! What's been going on in your word?  Oh did I mention my birthday is this Saturday? Yup, sure is! 

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