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July 11, 2013

When home is where you travel to, the places you visit along the way, and the sites you see are sometimes all too familiar.  Your favorite burger joint, Ice Cream, and lets not forget my favorite bakery, or your old stomping grounds around your old neighborhood or high school.  And then there are the new things that weren't there last time you visited.  Like a Starbucks right down the street from my parents home, or a cute little boutique that you wished was open on the holiday weekend!  Whatever it is the feeling of home never escapes.  I struggled to travel home when I first moved away.  There was a reason I moved from there, and to travel back so soon in my mind seemed to mucky up my need to feel grounded. To create that feel of home in my new surroundings.  

I have been gone from Oklahoma for 8 years this past 4th weekend, and It is finally good to visit home.  Sure things have changes, and places I use to love are gone, and new places for me to explore are around every corner.  I love seeing my sisters and brother, and always my nieces.  I don't share too much too deep or personal here, and I want to keep it that way, but I feel that withholding what is going on behind the scenes is not fair to you and will hopefully help you understand when my post aren't as regular, and why I took Mondays off!  My mom is fighting cancer, and winning I might add.  Hi Mom, your doing great!! She has two more treatments.  Life has changed as we knew it, and you pick up the pieces and you grow when things like this happen. Embrace every day and love a little deeper!  

As you know I have one teenager left in the home, and that my friends is the true test to my parenting skills.  I know what doesn't kill me will make me stronger..... well I should be pretty darn strong right now!  Prayers are welcome!!  So I will be taking more trips back to Oklahoma, this summer, and really embracing every day a little different.  Yesterday is my history, today is my life, and tomorrow is my future, I have shared these words with my boys this week on several occasions, I only hope they are getting it! 

Sorry to be so gabby here, lets get to the pretty pictures now! I loved decorating our little table for our gathering this 4th, and we had a great time!  I really did go all patriotic! 

My candy fire crackers! 

My birthday is coming up really fast, and my sis in law treated me to an early present!  

Loved how the limited edition mason jars I picked up from Target turned out with my star straws!  Say that three time fast!!  My handy dandy dad drilled homes in the lids for the straws!  

No trip home is complete without a trip to Braums!  The BF, who is from New York, was finally turned onto this little nugget of love in a cone and we made it a nightly ritual to get one!  I was good and only got a frozen yogurt!

Let me tell you a little story behind these next pictures.  If you follow me on instagram than you got a sneak peak of this adventure early Saturday morning.  My sister, Mom, and sis in law have always gone berry picking.  Every year as long as I can remember.  There are berry picking farms just a little outside of the city.  I, on the other hand, yes even growing up there, never seemed to be too enthused with the idea of heading to the farm at 6:30 just to pick berrys.  That is until this time.  It was actually my idea.  It sounded like fun.  The experience and being able to say I had done it was somehow feeling good to me.  So a quick drive thru Starbucks and off we went.  

There were rows upon rows of berries just waiting to be picked.  Raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries.  I was a picking fool.  I started with blackberries, and when I had enough to make a cobbler or two, we moved over to the blueberry rows!

Look at those gorgeous blueberries! 

This friendly young man works at the farm and bagged up my pickings. 

Here I am hard at work! 

And the fruits of our labor!  Yumm!! 

It is a bit messy on the fingers, but oh so worth it!  Have you ever picked your own berries? 

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  1. You had the cutest 4th of July decorations! Love those mason jars with the star straws :)

    The Tiny Heart


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