Sunshine Yellow

July 09, 2013

I had every intention of posting my weekend recap today and sharing my holiday weekend, but I was out of town for 5 days and my house was bare of food!  So last night was spent grocery shopping, and food prep for the week for my lunches!  Tomorrow is four favorites, and I may have to skip it so I can share my weekend!  Lets see how I manage my time and get my post ready, In the meantime, I love this outfit I wore last week feeling all bright and sunny in yellow!  I tend to steer away from yellows but this was a bright almost neon tank that was fun!

Ok lets start by addressing that my chest has more color than my legs.  True!  But when working in the yard and garden, its a tad difficult to expose your legs in an even manner, where as the shoulders, chest, and arms are always in the sun!  You know when your mom told you tanning would make your skin look older?  Well, I am older, and I don't need any assistance making my skin look my age thank you!  I use to be a true sun worshipper, spending all my weekends at the beach or pool.  Tanning away with my bestie.  We were true sunners!  But as the years have gone by, and I have started to see the natural effects on my skin with age, not to mention my time is so much more valuable now, my pool days are less and less.  

I have a birthday in less than a month, and it will be my last year before the big one!  Yes, I will have to change my about me blurb to no longer say "40 something" to well, I haven't decided! I am a much older blogger than most girls, and I think that's okay.  Heck, I could be mom to many of them!  That's ok with me too.  Blogging has no rules, or boundaries.  it is a judgement world, but only if you allow it.  Your readers and followers are there for you, what you have to share, bring to their corner of the world, and because they enjoy you! It's about my perspective, and sharing with you.  At least, I hope thats why your here!  So this post is Sunshine yellow, not only because there is sunshine yellow in my outfit, but because there is always a bright spot in everything you touch! 

Skirt Ann Taylor (on sale)  ~ Sweater Ann Taylor (on sale)  ~ Cami Ann Taylor ~ Shoes Ann Taylor (on sale) ~ Handbag Gucci ~ Bracelets Rustic Cuff c/o ~ Sunnies Ray Ban 

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  1. When is your birthday? Mine is coming up soon too, on the 22nd :)

    The Tiny Heart

    1. Ah another Leo! Mine is August 3rd! I knew there was a reason we connected so well!


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