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August 21, 2013

Belt Bag    Pants     Sweater     Boots 

Happy Wednesday lovelies!  I really can't believe I am already looking at fall fashion, but the temperatures have been unseasonably cool for August, and cooler nights and cooler mornings has me actually a little giddy inside for fall.  That is totally not like me.  I love fall, but I am always sad to see summer go. I am already looking at fall decoration DIY projects, and thinking of spiced pumpkin lattes, and chunky sweaters!  It was a no brainer these Ann Taylor pants were going to be on my faves list.  Love them!! I cannot wait to style them, I only hope the office doesn't get sick of me wearing them!!  

Ok, so before you go twisting your head  with the belt bag, let me start by saying it is a Blair Ritchey fabulous design.  You can lock it, and the  bag is actually detachable too!  It is the grown up version of a fanny pack, with panache and class!  Sling it low on the hip, go out for an evening for a late summer concert and dance in the streets with your hands free!   Oh yeah, this is super fab in my book!! 

This C Wonder sweater has three things going for it!  Frenchie, Pink and crown!  Super duper cute! I am looking forward to adding new sweaters this fall to my closet, and this cute fella is a must!  

Rounding out my four faves is the ever popular, and still a fall staple, riding boot.  These Frye back zip boots with the logo are stunning! I am more comfortable with a zipper in my boots than a slip on.  I don't have fat calves, but I like how much easier they are to get on and off than a pull on. 

So tell me, whats on your fall favorites list?  Anything caught your eye I should now about?  I would love to hear what your falling for!!!  haha, sorry but I couldn't resist! 

Linking up with the ever cute Ashlyn and Kristin today!  Check out there faves! 

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  1. LOVE all of your choices! We have similar taste you and i....

  2. those boots are so cute!! Love your fall picks this week :)


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