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August 14, 2013

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White.  The absence of color.  It can be the scariest of things to wear, and yet the most crisp clean feeling too!  As much as I love color, white is alway a refreshing clean feeling.  I can remember when my boys were little, white was a forbidden thing.  White and boys do not go together!  Then, after so many years of not including it in my wardrobe, it was difficult to add back.  Silly huh?  Well I'm glad that phobia of mine is over, and I definitely have white in my wardrobe.  

When I first heard todays theme was white, I knew a few essentials were in order.  This tote is beautiful and I love the large opening.  The zipper sides are a great feature and functional too.  Joe bought me a white pebble leather Coach bag the first year we dated and I carried that bag from Memorial day to labor day!   I loved it and still have it in the dust bag in my closet.  I think a white bag in your closet is a staple. 

Now these are not my first pick of white sunnies, but they definitely are super cute.  The tortoise ear pieces are fab, and I love the round lens.  The pair I really love are more than I am ever going to spend on a pair of sunnies unless I win the lottery.  I could be halfway to another designer bag for the price of these sunnies.  

At first glance at this vest it appears cream.  Well, have you really ever seen a hide that is true white?  Not very often, and at that it is to stark! So I am counting this creamy/white vest as a white favorite!  I would get miles of use out of this, and besides keeping me warm.  Can you just see the snow falling now?!  eekk, I can't believe I just said that! 

Saving the most comfy, softest, live in tees of all time. Splendid!  I love. love. love. how soft their cotton is.  If you have never owned a Splendid tee, get after it now and add one to your closet.  You will thank me! 

So what is a favorite white in your closet?  Spill the bean and let me know what you consider a white wardrobe staple, and don't forget, I am linking up with Ashlyn and Kristin!

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