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August 06, 2013

Happy Tuesday!  I had a fantastic weekend celebrating my birthday with so many friends and family.  I am truly blessed to have such a great circle of people in my life.  There is so much to share from this past weekend, from the blogger conference I attended, to the fun outfit post taken downtown, and oh yeah, the birthday!  I am super tired still as I have only had 6 hours of sleep in the past two days!  Yeah, not sure how I am going to get through today with a major jolt of caffeine.  Here are a few snippets I am sharing and later this week I will share the full stories!!  

I told you it was a fun weekend!  Lets hope I have what it takes to edit photos tonight to get the full post ready!  How was your weekend?  Are you ready for school to start yet? 

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  1. Happy birthday girl! Sounds like it was a great one. Hope the year ahead is just as amazing!

    - Jaime

  2. Happy Birthday Lisa!! You can keep celebrating!!
    I can see how much fun you all had and am sorry I missed it; looking forward to the details though!

    Thank you,
    2013 Design Series


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