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August 20, 2013

These lovely ladies and I attended Go Blog Social right here in lovely downtown KC last week along with about 80 other ladies!  It was a two day event and held at the Hotel Phillips.  THe weather was gorgeous, the venue beautiful, and the speakers amazing. Two days packed with laughter, girl time, sharing tips and tricks, and learning from some amazing ladies what works for them.  

This was my first time attending a blogger conference so I wasn't sure what to expect, but I knew what I wanted as a take away from the event.  I wanted to network, learn from woman that were experienced in areas that I wasn't, and maybe learn a few things about myself along the way.  Friday morning we met for a coffee before heading into the conference hall and take outfit pics of course!  

 If you know me, then you know that I don't have a problem meeting new people, or making new friends, so the hopes of networking was going to be easy for me.  At first glance I clearly knew I was the oldest blogger in the room.  Not that that was a problem, I know that for the most part this is a younger generations venue.  I didn't care!  It was only after lunch and ladies took different seats in the room that we may have spotted one, just one lady that appeared to be older than me!  Haha! 

The speakers were engaging, and informed about their topics.  I had heard or knew personally over half the speakers, so it was good to listen from a business perspective to my friends, rather than a friendly conversation of sharing ideas and what works!  Meg was up in the morning and did a great job of not only engaging us, she was delightful as always!  

Meg Biram presented on Saturday and this was my second time to hear her share great information.  I was excited to catch up with her, and compare what I had taken away from my first seminar, and see if and how I was applying what I learned last year!  I was a good study!  If you ever have to opportunity to take one of Meg's seminars I encourage you to do so!  

These were on her feet, don't you just love them? 

Many of the sponsors of the event were offering giveaways thru-out the day.  The only problem with that was you needed a good strong Internet connection!  Oh, and you needed to be able to tweet faster than a room full of 20 and 30 year olds!  Now you get the oldest in the room comment!  Poor Erin was having a frustrating time on Friday, and I, by my own admission was not the fastest tweeter in the room, so I shared my phone with her to tweet to win!  A little pay it forward I thought, and it must have been good karma because Saturday I did win by my own fast tweeting fingers! 

Thanks BaubleBar, for sponsoring the event and I won this statement necklace!  I'm not a statement necklace gal generally, so you might just see this baby very soon up for grabs in a giveaway on the blog! It is super cute and colorful, so you better keep a look out for it very soon! 

Jeanette of J's Everyday Fashion was Friday's keynote speaker.  I will sum it up like this...... Funny, witty, dry sense of humor, (I enjoy), can goof on herself, genuine, lovely, and so motivating!  I enjoyed her so much and cannot wait to pick up this book she recommended!  Great speaker again! Definitely check out her blog! 

Sandy, Erin, Myself, and Meg taking every photo op available! 

My birthday was Saturday, and Erin and I carpooled downtown at it was her day to drive.  When I opened up the car door this is what great me!  What a sweet surprise!  Oh and remember when I posted about this necklace? Yeah, that's Erin's neck and I love that necklace!  Unfortunately, I am still unable to find it unless I am willing to pay big for it, or buy a knock off, which if you know me, you know that isn't my style! 

Have you attended a blogger conference?  What was your biggest take away?  I am thinking about traveling to attend another and would love to hear your comments on Alt or Blogher.  

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  1. Lisa I can see you all had such a fabulous time!!
    Please keep me in mind for the next time!
    Happy Birthday as well my friend!

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