Weekend Love

August 19, 2013

I wish my weekends were longer, but don't we all?!  Happy Monday friends. I had a heart filled weekend for sure.  My oldest son and his family came for a visit on Saturday.  My oldest grandson begins kindergarten on Monday and he is so excited.  I had all three of the babies saturday and we set up every little tykes toys in the backyard and the kiddie pool for them to play in.  They played for a while, but what hey really wanted to do was play with all of my toys in the house!  I saved the best of the toys from my my boys were little, and they had so much fun building star wars, G I Joe's, and Batman's.  

These little guys sat and played for hours with my toys.  The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed the cooler temps in the garage sitting around visiting, and swinging the boys!  We hung a swing in the third car stall of the garage and it is perfect entertainment in the shade! 

Leaning over the edge of the G I Joe tub exploring, creating, and imagining!  Just like his daddy did when he was that age. 

My view of happiness! 

Last weekend when my sis in law and mother where visiting, one of them asked if B had crawled into the dog kennel yet?  He had not.  Mostly he is interested in playing in Teddies water bowl if you don't pick it up fast enough, and just playing with the kennel door.  Well, it finally happened.  We turned around from preparing lunch to see the back end of a diaper sticking out of the kennel.  He crawled himself in, and attempted to turn around, only to get somewhat stuck. Haha!  It was funny!  I'm sure this won't be his last attempt at the kennel!! Hard to believe this little fella turns one in three weeks!

I did finally get tons of photos edited and have plenty to share this week.  The weather has me thinking fall, and its so weird to wake up to 60 degrees in the mornings, and 80's for the days high.  They say this week will heat up into the 90's again, but we'll see!  How was your weekend?  Are you temps unseasonable too? 

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