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August 12, 2013

Happy Monday! Even though its a rainy dreary Monday, and I have sooo much work to do today, I am feeling refreshed and ready to get it going!  Things have been over the top stressed and busy behind the blog here lately, and my post have been sporadic to say the least and I am sorry!  I promise to get right back to my regular schedule!  Promise! 

My Mom and sis in law were in town for the weekend and it was a great visit.  My sister in law has been in the family for over thirty years so she really is just like a sister!  She stayed at my house and we had the best time. My mom brought my birthday present and I was super excited to open up  a new Bamboo capture!  Joe immediately asked if I wanted him to open it up and he would show me how to use it!  Nice try to get to be the first to play with it!  As soon as my guest go home today, I will be busting it out and playing all night!  Thanks Mom!  I love it! 

No visit with m sis in law is complete without good eating.  She too is eating very healthy and had a new recipe to try.  Now I know it doesn't look like much in this one pic, (I am not a food blogger) but let me tell you..... it was sooo good!  I will be posting the full recipe and pics later this week.  Because your curious, and it doesn't actually look like it, those are heirloom tomatoes! Yum!! 

Sunday was the annual Susan G. Komen 5K and my sister's team once again had a great turnout!  We gathered at out team tent, enjoyed some healthy snacks, laughter, and perfect race day weather!  My mother, who is WINNING her cancer battle, (she has one treatment left next week for uterine cancer) Yea for strong women in my family, was not strong enough to walk the race, so we pushed her instead!  She was so cute with her hat, and sunglasses, we even thought we caught her napping along the way!  

So whats been going on in your world?  I missed you guys! 

School starts this week too! Are you ready? 

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  1. Lisa I love the pic of you pushing your Mother in the Susan G Komen race! She is looking great!

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