Claudia Rowe

September 28, 2012
How cool are these bracelets?  I them!  I was beyond excited when Claudia Rowe agreed to collaborate with me.  I get all giddy when I find a new designer!  She has wonderful pieces that are unique and oh so trendy!  She launched her line just this year and has already made a name for herself!   She combines base metals in gold, brass, and silver plating with crystal, druzy, and cording accents.  She also has these darling interchangable charms to choose from that add to her colorful wrap bracelets.  I will definetely be adding these to my arm!!  they layer so nicely. 

Claudia's inspiration for her line comes from the unique charms and trinkets her mother collected during her travels when she was a child.  The casual chic aestetics of the Claudia Rowe collection are inspired by the eclectic charms mixed together.  Claudia designs for fashion forward woman who enjoy layering their jewelry to create a personalized look.  What girl doesn't love to layer her arm with jewels, and create her own look?  I know I do!  The mixture of metals and different designs makes these bracelets perfect for everyday wear.   I wear my bracelets with every style of outfit and layer them with my other bracelets too!

You knew there was something fabulous waiting for you to win didn't you?  Enter to win a Claudia Rowe skull bangle just like mine to love and cherish!  Maybe cherish is a strong word here........... umm no, I cherish mine!  Follow the instructions in the rafflecopter form to enter to win! Remember, follow the rules, I will be checking!  Good luck! 

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Stephanie Johnson

September 27, 2012
I have a thing for bags.  All shapes and sizes!  When I pack for a trip, I use multiple bags to keep everything organized. I can go home for the weekend to Tulsa, and my family laughs at the number of bags I bring for two, or even three days.   Stephanie Johnson is a perfect fit for me!  I love how you can mix and match your styles and colors! Stephanie Johnson sent me this bag from the Serengeti collection. I Love it! 

 If you have followed me for any amount of time, you know I also have a love of jewelry!  Bracelets more specific!  This bag is just right to carry and keep organized all my lovely little arm parties!!  You never know what mood you might be in when you arrive at your destination, so choices are manditory!  I love how there are two see thru pockets to seperate the more delicate pieces from the chunky fun!  It is also the right size to drop in your carry on, (My jewelry always goes in my carry on, I would hate to tempt someone with a sticky finger problem in baggage handling!)  It is always fun to see the face of the security person when my bag goes thru the xray machine.  The amount of jewelry almost always ensures that there will be a second hand search thru my bags!  

Bracelets: Pave ball Oia Jules, Sideways cross c/o Linz Gutz, Skull and love bangles c/o Claudia Rowe, Pink wrap Alexandra beth, Blue Cranium Bauble bar, Rope bracelets c/o The Ropes Maine

Just look at all the different choices available.

A few of my favorite collections currently at Stephanie Johnson.  

Do you have any Stephanie Johnson bags?  Do you use them for other things besides traveling?  Let me know if you have any great ideas for how you use yours!!

I was gifted my bag from Stephanie Johnson however, the views and opinions are strictly my own.  

Black and Blue

September 26, 2012

So the deets on this outfit!  This blouse has been in my closet for almost a year.  I bought it because I liked the greek key trim around the neckline.  It is from White House Black Market.  Although the gathered waist is a nice and slimming effect, it tends to creep up the waist sometimes.  The slacks are a favorite pair from Gap!  Love the way their pants fit!  But the exciting part of my outfit I think are the accessories!

My monogram necklace you remember, was a gift from the BF from Max and Chloe  I wrote about here, The black and gold wrap bracelet is c/o from Nina Nguyen , my skull bangle is c/o from Claudia Rowe Jewelry, my black and silver pipe dreams bracelet is from Kslademade, and the studded smoking slippers and stud handbag from DSW.  I loved how this outfit came together!   Oh, and the curly hair?  I share my new hair products helping the curls out here. 

Photos by Gabby

The Plaza Art Fair

September 25, 2012
The Plaza Art Fair, Time Warner Cable, and Tweet and Go Seek!  What a weekend!  And in a good way!  The Plaza Art Fair was this past weekend in Kansas City.  The event is held on the Country Club Plaza and runs from Friday evening thru Sunday evening. Artist from all over the country come to this event to display, sell, and perform their talent!  There were three stages with bands, and the main stage was sponsored by Time Warner Cable.  The plaza closes down several streets for the event, and tents line the streets with artist.  Here is what I wore Friday for the event!   

 I was invited to attend a private media event along with a few other local bloggers by Time Warner Cable on Friday evening.  We were giving VIP parking passes for the entire weekend, (and if you have ever tried to park at a large event in a city, you know parking can be a nightmare) it was worth its weight in gold! We met in the private lounge area to enjoyed delicious appetizers and wine courtesy of Seasons 52.  Time Warner Cable provided free WiFi at the Plaza during the entire art fair for everyone.  There were technicians roaming all over the plaza in shirts "Free WiFi? Ask me !"  What a great service to provide to patrons. Time Warner Cable sponsored an online scavenger hunt for all art-fair goers this year with "Tweet and Go Seek".   So now I have told you a little about the Plaza art Fair, and the Wonderful Time Warner Cable free WiFi, but you haven't heard about the Tweet and Go Seek yet!  

Here are some of the girls as everyone was arriving and some of the yummy deserts and appetizers courtesy of Seasons 52

The lounge was set up with white couches, lovely flowers, and goodie bags.  We even received a set of wine glasses from Seasons 52.  Thanks !! 

 Time Warner Cable invited art fair goers to compete for Plaza gift certificates by playing Tweet and Go Seek.  I was so excited to play.  I love a scavenger hunt!  There were 100 tiles hidden in public places all over the plaza and they would tweet you a clue and a picture. You could play by following @tweetandgoseek, and @TWCable_KC for clues.   You had to know the plaza to find the tile!  I told Erin we should play just to see what it was about. And did we ever play!  We were running all over the plaza, and in skirts the first night!  (good thing we packed flats in our bags)   Erin and I played until the art fair closed on Friday night at midnight, then back at it at noon on Saturday.  We were hooked!  The tiles could be redeemed at the Time Warner Cable booth for the dollar amount printed on the back!  We would patiently wait, okay impatiently wait for a new tweet to come in and we would quickly assess where we needed to be and take off thru the crowd!  We were weaving thru the crowd like a crowded high school hall!  

Erin and I both had wondered who exactly was this "Tweet and Go Seek"?  And what did they look like?  Was it a single person, a bunch of girls, or a bunch of guys?  Were they watching us find tiles?  We were about to find out!  

After several hours of playing Saturday afternoon a tweet came in and we were close!  We took off after the tile, I saw it still waiting to be found and I speed walked my way up the sidewalk to grab it.  I was a bit nervous as I got closer as there were three guys leaning very close to the tile with their backs somewhat to it! I was afraid they might be playing too!  I grabbed the tile and in that exact moment I knew I found my "Tweet and Go Seek" guys!!!  BUSTED!  I said!  They tried to act cool about it, but when I pressed them for why they had tiles in their hand, a nice camera, and a laptop, he said they were playing too, I just wasn't buying it!!  Erin and I introduced our twitter names to them, and they immediately smiled and said "Ahhh, Nice to finally meet you".  You see, we had been tweeting them as the game went along telling them we were playing and loving the game.  We chatted with them on the sidewalk for some time, and they interviewed us for their website as testimonies for what fun it was to play!  Of course, we are bloggers, and what do bloggers do?  We take pictures!  We asked to take their picture and they agreed.  We promised to not reveal their identity until the game was over.  But sometimes................ its better to not share everything you know!  

This is a typical sighting of a tile we found!  Here we are in our Saturday game outfits, the necessary items needed for the game was my Blair Ritchey mini lulu with my wristlet so I could dart thru the crowd, and if you can spot these guys at their next event you will know you found them too!!!  Oh and about those tiles,  Here is our stack!!! 

I will be putting my gift cards towards something fabulous!  Thanks Time Warner Cable, Country Club Plaza, and Tweet and Go Seek!  It was the best art fair ever! 

All photos by Lisa 

Blair Ritchey

September 24, 2012
Blair Ritchey designs as you know, are a favorite if mine.  Her Fall and winter 2012 line does not disappoint either.  She launched last Friday, and I am so in love with this messenger!  And a Navy Lulu? Yes please!  Her leather is so soft and buttery, and easy to style.  Have you checked out Blair Ritchey's full line yet?  You better get to it! 

She also offers the mini detachable wallet with the messenger in snakeskin.  The bag is the right size to hold all your necessary items, but allows you to be hands free with this detachable shoulder strap.  I love that! 

All photos courtesy Blair Ritchey

Maddy Nash

September 21, 2012
I am thrilled to share not only a favorite new clutch of mine, but a local designer as well.  Meet Charity Ohlund, better know as Maddy Nash.  These beautiful clutches are handmade and custom designed for you. And you know what else?  You can choose a sweet little tag line to be placed inside your clutch to personalize it even more!  Think of  what a great gift this would make!  This is my clutch!  I wanted a reminder when I open my bag to embrace the moment! 

I love how the blue pops when I open my bag! My tag line?  "Live as if this is all there is" 

It is a perfect size to hold a few basic essentals,  phone, credit cards, lipstick, and a compact!

The BF and I go to dinner out quite often, but I don't always remember to change my handbag to a smaller clutch. but I have steadily started to make it a point.    I have been adding a few smaller clutch bags to my wardrobe recently and this one is a top favorite.  The geometric print, and the pretty lining definitely draws attention when I am out.  I also love the fact that I can drop it in my large tote for daytime running around, and then pull it out when I just need to grab my essentials. I remember when Charity and I first met in person, she was carrying her clutch running errands with her little boy, and I thought to myself how chic, and trendy she looked!

I couldn't resist asking Charity to share with you a little bit about the process and her vision.  

What are some of the things you look for when choosing a new fabric?

1. When choosing fabrics, I look for three things. First it has to impact me immediately.  I love the moments when I literally squeal upon finding a fabric that I love. Second, it has to fit into the Maddy Nash fabric family.  I spend hours (no, make that days or weeks) lining up fabric swatches... removing one, adding another, trying dozens of different combos until the entire collection looks like a cohesive family. Third, I envision how each fabric could be worn by a woman as part of an overall look. Does it add a bold pop of color? Would it look just as fabulous with jeans and a white tank top as it would with a little black dress? If it fits these three criteria, then bingo!

What made you take the plunge and start your own line?

2. I didn't start out making handbags with a business in mind. I was just making gifts for friends and family that I thought were cute. As more people asked if they could buy one, I was really surprised each time. Then a friend who has her own successful company took me to coffee one day and gave me that extra bit of push. She said, "You can do this. You need to do this." Sometimes it is that vote of confidence from a trusted mentor that opens your eyes to your own dreams. From that day, Maddy Nash has continued to grow and evolve into a bigger success than I could have ever imagined. And we're only 8 months in!

Share a little bit about your own personal style, what would we find in your closet and in your home?

3. My personal style is mostly classic pieces in blacks, greys and whites. It is in my jewelry, handbags and accessories where I like to make a statement. I'm obsessed with hats, scarves, big rings, unique bracelets, layered necklaces and of course, graphic and bright handbags. 
At home, I'm crushing on wallpaper. We just did our dining room in a modern silver on white print. My husband is Swedish, so our surroundings are a bit minimalist/Scandinavian  - with bold colored Maddy Nash fabric throw pillows everywhere :)

Where do you see your company in 5 years?

4. Gosh....5 years. I couldn't have dreamed what has happened in only 8 months. So I'm sure that 5 years is going to shock the hell  out of me! I just framed a quote in my studio that says, "If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough." 
I have 2 new products that I'm launching in the next few weeks, and I will continue to add new products every season. I envision myself as the Vera Bradley of the next generation. I am deeply committed to keeping production in the United States and to supporting charitable organizations with a portion of Maddy Nash's sales. I hope to announce a charitable partnership at the beginning of the holiday season in late October this year.

What fabric would you say is your best seller?

5. The best selling fabric last season was Chevron Turquoise & White. The best seller going into fall has been Wavy Navy. BUT, my new fabric called "Motley" (see it at has received a huge response. Stores were pre-ordering that fabric before I even put it on my site. People always ask me my favorite, and I can't choose. They're all my children. :)

Thanks Charity!  

So here are the details to owning your own custom Maddy Nash.  Enter to win by following the instructions with the rafflecopter form below.  Remember, I will be verifying entries, so make sure you follow the steps!  

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Shu Uemura

September 20, 2012
I attended the launch of Shu Uemura - Art of Hair at the exclusive Shelby Herrick Salon last week.  Shelby Herrick Salon, located in Fairway Kansas is the only salon offering this luxury hair care collection in the state, and only one of two percent of salons nationwide, to launch and offer the full line hair care line of Shu Uemura - Art of Hair.  
 It was a raining night in Kansas and several bloggers and myself braved the yucky weather to attend, and we were not disappointed.  Shelby had a wonderful appetizer bar with sushi, and wine, and a delectable tray of these darling sugar cookies. (my weakness for sure).  His salon is sleek and modern and invites you to allow yourself to be pampered.  
 This is Shelby, he gave a presentation on the Art of hair and what that really means. The Shu Uemura - Art of Hair collection is influenced by Eastern purity with an emphasis on rare and precious ingredients derived from Japanese culture.   The core ingredients used in the collection offer a holist influence that combines beauty and well being.   
 I just had to take an infinity shot! 
 So now lets talk about my hair.  Shelby gave each attendee a personal evaluation on their hair needs, and then customized a gift bag to take home and try.  These are my products.  I have naturally curly hair, with a lot of body and Shelby wanted to play up on that quality.  I was glad he did.  As you can see by the past few post, I have longer, full body hair.  It is soft, and the curls flow easily.  Not like some products I have used that leave your curls stiff, or crunchy!  I love the velvet shampoo, and the Kaze wave.  I can really tell a difference in how my hair feels after shampooing, and styling.  I will have to make a stop by Shelby's salon next time I head to the plaza and pick up some product! 
  This is not a sponsored post, this is purely my personal opinion.
All photos by Lisa

Gold Accessories

September 19, 2012
Let me start by saying how much I love the colors in this dress.  It is a great fall dress with the oranges and pinks and a splash of leopard.  My flats were a perfect compliment to the dress, and the gucci bag I have had since high school!    I am not  hugh gold accessory girl, but this dress definitely called for gold! My girlfriend Gab took these pics and we had a fun time taking them.  I will for sure use her again!  Thanks Gab, your hired!!  oh and the natural body in the hair two days in a row?  I will tell you all about a new product I am using next week!  I am loving the soft waves and giving my hair a break from the flat iron!

Dress Lilly Pulitzer (old), Shoes Tory Burch (similar), Bag Vintage Gucci, Michele Watch,  cross bracelet c/o Linz Gutz ,  Skull and love bracelets c/o Claudia Rowe  

Photos by Gabby


September 18, 2012
I have worn glasses since the 6th grade.  My teacher realized I couldn't see the board unless I got right up on it, so she told my mom she thought I needed to have my eyes checked!!  They were right!  I have had many a style of glasses, and my boys have had several good laughs at some of them! To my defense, They WERE in style at the time!!  Moving along, I generally wear contacts everyday at the office, but once I get home, or on the weekends I switch out to my glasses part of the time to give my eyes a rest! When Firmoo contacted me about reviewing their product, I was complete on board.  Who wouldn't want, or need, a second pair of glasses.  

My initial concern before ordering, was the quality of the frames.  I thought how could they be such a reasonable price, and not be more expensive?  The quality of my frames are great.  I am a little spoiled with hinges on my current pair, and these don't have them, but that doesn't change the quality in the least.   And ordering was easy too!  All  I needed to do was pick out my favorite pair off the website, and send them my script!  I received an email from customer service right away stating they were working on my order, and then a confirmation when they shipped!  They even offer a free program for first time Firmoo customers.  Follow this link to learn more about this offer.
My glasses came with a soft and hard case, two replacement screws, a screwdriver, and a cleaning cloth! 

*I was not paid for this review, however I did receive a free pair of glasses for me to review and give my honest opinion and review.  I would never write something or represent something I did not 100% believe in.


September 16, 2012
I was Mimi all weekend.  My son and his family came over this weekend for me to help them with the baby.  I volunteered to get up during the night all weekend for them so they could rest and sleep.  He is just 10 days old.  I fed, burped, changed diapers, rocked, and anything else that needed to be done. It was so special to get this time with him.  They change so fast, he doesn't look at all like he did from even last week. He does look just like my son did at this age, and his head full of dark hair had a little bit of curl to it after his bath! I took photographs of him in several outfits, sort of a mini portrait studio Mimi style!! He is such a good baby, and has such a sweet and easy disposition, I told them just how lucky they are for that! 

 I forgot how demanding having  a new baby can be.  When I wasn't busy tending to him, I was trying to get my usual weekend things done. There is something about knowing you only have a 2 hour window before he will need you again that makes it hard to accomplish too much.  I honestly don't know how I would do it again if I had too.  I am tired from the weekend, but I wouldn't trade anything for the sweet tender moments I had with him in the still of the night when it was just the two of us up having his feeding.  So, I will go to bed early tonight, ya know Amy and I will be up walking at 5:45 in the morning.  We have stayed very regular with our morning walks, and I am sleeping better and have more energy through out the day!  A good night sleep tonight and I will be good as new tomorrow!!   Hope you had a great weekend! 
Photo by Lisa (Mimi) 

Dani Notes

September 14, 2012

I was super excited about colaborating with Danielle, better know as Dani Notes!  Who doesn't  love their name or initial on something? As a gift from Dani Notes, I ordered a platter and designed it with some fun colors.  I wanted to have something a little more casual and colorful so I chose Cornflower blue with polka dots and my name  in Magenta!  If that doesn't scream fun, I don't know what does!!  Super cute huh?  Her shop is so cute and she has cases for the new iPhone 5 too!  

When your hosting a gathering, or a party you can never seem to have enough platters I think so this was perfect.  And, with the holidays coming soon I will for sure put this to alot of use. I was going to take a picture of my plater with macarons lined up on it, but....
1.  I am trying to cut down on sweets
2.  I wanted you to see how cute the polka dots are! 
Danielle has the cutest Etsy shop, and is so sweet, and in case you didn't know her here is a little bit about her.   

Danielle Silver has always had a passion for paper, design and illustration.
She received her Masters in graphic designs from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and pursued her career in Atlanta, Georgia. While she enjoyed her work as an Art Director in the advertising and publishing field, Dani found the most joy in designing unique invitations, birth announcements, and holiday cards for friends and family. This creative freedom, and the personal touch of each design, is why she began Daninotes.

Dani Notes uses cool, stylish colors combined with sweet designs - from preppy stripes and whimsical flowers to classic, custom monograms with a modern twist.
She now resides in Charleston, South Carolina, with her husband and three little boys. The constant whirlwind of activity and energy gives her inspiration for
creating designs that celebrate the special occasions in life...

Thanks Danielle! 

You know by now that I love to share a great designer, or product with you!  So enter to win a platter of your choice to use for all your parties, or even give it as a gift! It would be such a wonderful housewarming, new bride, or even christmas gift!!   Follow the instructions below in the rafflecopter form and enter to win!!  And as always, I will be verifying entries so please make sure you follow the rules! 

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