March 30, 2012

I want this bed.  I love it! I first spotted it while shopping in Z Gallerie a while back.  I have thought about it every since.  The problem is that there is nothing wrong with the bed I currently own.  Even though it is a darker wood large  four poster bed, there is nothing wrong with it.  I just think I have grown tired of it.  I have had it for almost ten years now.   When I pointed this bed out to the BF he didn't actually love it the same way I did either.  I think it is a tad bit feminine for his taste to rest in every night!!  I would settle, well maybe not settle but rather change my direction and opt for a more tailored look.  I have even started researching a little DIY nailtrim headboard.  No tufting for this DIYer however.   I will let you know if that idea makes it off the drawing board.  I love all the variations to creating a shape for your headboard. 

Michelle over at 4 Men 1 Lady has a wonderful tufted bed.  I I love the way she makes the leather pop with the dark walls and dark blanket. 

all images via Decor Pad unless otherwise noted


March 29, 2012
Yes.  All the way around.  This is my favorite hue of pink.  It is so soft and feminine.  Girly but in a grown up way.  I gravitate to this color every time I see it.  What can I say,  It makes me smile!  Do you have a color you gravitate too as well?


Stripes Stripes Baby

March 28, 2012
It all started with these two items.  Then we added a second color and voila!  Houston... we have stripes.  I am in L O V E  with my new room.  This is my downstairs family room. When I had the house built  7 years ago the builder had an upcharge for everytime you changed a paint color.  it was $250 regardless of the size of room.  Needless to say I only had one other room painted a different color at that time. the whole house with the exception of the kitchen was the same color.  The room was fully furnished but when my middle son moved into his own apartment last fall we of course helped furnish it with the furniture we had in this room.  (That way I could replace it with new furniture).  The buffet in the corner is heavy so it is still in the room.  It was a dark wood and I repurposed it to be a less a buffet and more of a cabinet.  I took the doors off the front and use the space to display pictures and a few books.  The middle top drawer was taken out and a shelf created to slide the DVD player into this spot.   I refinished it in black last summer, but may change it to a pop of color now!  that will be a post all in itself!!  The room needed a new paint job terribly.  After my last adventure of choosing a paint color in the gray family I blogged about here I was more cautious with this decision. 

A trip to Sherwin Williams and a few supplies we were ready to tackle the project.  The BF prepped the room (I can never  get a picture of a room prior to prep) and painted the base color.  We choose SW Versatile Gray.  The stripes color is two shades lighter and is SW Plume Heron.   He painted the room in one afternoon and then we had to let it cure before we taped it off. 

Here is the room in the new color Versatile Gray.  Very nice.

We measured from floor to ceiling in several places along the wall to confirm the wall was level.  Then to assure that we had straight lines going horizontal I suggested we use a chalk line.  We used this technique when we painted the union jack on Cameron's wall I blogged about here.  It works very well but you have to snap the line softly so you don't have as much dust to clean off the wall.  We taped directly above or below the snap line then wiped it off prior to painting.  Frog Tape (in my opinion) is by far the best for getting a sharp edge and line.  The tape comes in green for everyday projects, and the yellow is designed for delicate or fresh paint surfaces.    My stripes are ten inches wide with a 5 inch header and footer. 

Here is the finished wall. I just love the way it turned out.  I am now in the market for two comfy chairs in an white or off white fabric for the space and I  have a small side table I am repainting as well.    I also will be moving my office desk in the corner of the room and hopefully purchasing this chair for my desk.  Pictures will go up as soon as the room is finished.

All photos by Lisa


March 27, 2012

I love technology. From the ease of your remote to the speed of your ability to find out who directed a film off the internet or even your phone.  I use email all day in my profession.  We rely on it as a means of communication.  But after three, four, and sometimes five emails all on the same topic it time to get up and have a face to face conversation.  I feel the same way about writing a letter.  Sure you could draft a quick thank you email, or even send out Evites to your friends, but nothing takes the place of an old fashion card or invitation in the mail.  Something to be said for the handwritten gesture and the true connection you feel from the tangible card.  I love stationary.  I have several styles.  Mostly all with my monogram.  I still write hand written notes to friends and family.  My poor teenage son last year at summer camp said he was the only one who got pretty stationary from home!!  (He was a little embarrassed I think) Inslee has a style that speaks to me.  She offers stationary, invitations, prints, and even commissioned work.  Wow.  Her yearly calendar sells out rapidy.  I will be watching for her 2013 calendar to debut later in the summer in hopes to get one.  

Don't you just love them all?
What are you waiting for?  Hop on over to Inslee and order your stationary.  Oh and if you throw a party.. send me one of these fancy invites as well!!

DIY Initial

March 26, 2012
Don't worry, I haven't turned into a crafty cathy.  I just came across a few little dIY'ers that were fun.  
Easy Peasy.  All you need is a ruler, exact knife, glue, your choice of scrapbook paper, and your initial. (I got mine at Hobby Lobby)  Measure out the paper on the long edge of your initial allowing for a enough to slightly overlap on the back edge.  Glue in place.  Continue glueing your paper to the initial matching up your design as you go.  Any miss match of the design place on the back or bottom of the initial.  Start to finish 1 hour.  If you have a challenging initial I don't know what to tell ya.  Sorry for the people who's names have an initial with many angles. 

Bracelets look familiar?
All photos by Lisa


March 26, 2012
What a productive weekend!  I completed several projects and wouldn't you know that while I was picking up paint in Home Depot I started another project. I will give you a hint, I will be using a lot of paint sample cards!  The weather was beautiful all weekend and that meant yard work..ugh!  We enjoyed the sunshine and cocktails outside after slaving in the yard!  But I am glad to have nice weather.  I even got a little color on my shoulders!  Yay for sunshine!!  On another note,  I received this wonderful bracelet from Alexandra Beth.  I won a drawing by Lindsay over at Caviar Taste, Tuna Fish Wallet.  What a great surprise to find early in the morning last week where she tweeted the winner and it was ME!  Alexandra Beth designs were featured on Good Morning America  recently as well.  There were so many colors to chose from.  It is a triple wrap leather pale pink with silver studs bracelet.  Love it!! I am wearing it today.  If you follow me on twitter or instagram you can see it.   Oh, and that rag a muffin in the pic better known as  Teddie, aka the Tedster, was due for a bath too!  Hope you had a great weekend. 

DIY Beads

March 23, 2012
I recently came across a designer whose beaded bracelets were to die for. Ok maybe not die for, but swoon over for sure.   I ordered a few of her bracelets but began thinking about all the beads I own from years back when the bestie and I were into making jewelry.  I dug out the container from the back of the closet to see if there where any that would work.  There were several colors and stones to chose from.  I decided to use the red coral, turquoise, carnelian, polished green shell, and sterling.  I can't wait to stack them with the ones I ordered.  I will be posting pics of them as soon as they arrive.  But for now here are the bracelets I made.  

 All you need to make your own bracelets are a few items.  I had this pair of small wire snips but you can use scissors.  The stretch magic is an elastic cording for beading found at any craft store. ( I got mine at Hobby Lobby) and beads.  I recommend finding a bead store in your area that carries a large selection of  natural stone beads as well as glass beads. Most craft stores will not carry natural stone beads.   String the beads on the cording, measure to fit your arm, tie off, add a drop of glue and you have new arm candy! 

All photos by Lisa


March 22, 2012

I strolled thru Anthropologie this past week and these items caught my eye.  So many wonderful items.  
This octopus hook would be great hanging in my kitchen.   These planters would look fabulous with an arrangement of succulents on my deck.  I actually like these tins with candles more than the fragrence itself.   The plate was a little creepy with a bug on it for the lizard to eat.  I will be trying out this vanilla and fig candle.  

There was a common theme of tangerine. Seems that this post was spot on with the color.

 This plate reminded me of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.  I would love this mirror for my downstairs.  I bought the cute little bowl on the left for my desk.

All photos by Lisa

Tripping for Tangerine

March 21, 2012
Most blondes,  depending on the shade of their hair shy away from oranges.  Its not a good look with certain blondes as it tends to make their hair look brassy.  Brassy is an evil word in the world of blondes!  This however is not your ordinary orange.  It is tangerine.  And this blonde will be rocking the color. 
Tripping for Tangerine 

Confetti or Bubbles.......

March 20, 2012

I started painting last year.  I have always been creative and have a pretty good eye for style so I am told.  I had seen a painting of a cluster of circles with the illusion of falling called confetti and I loved it.  I am one of those people that when I see something I immediately wonder if I could make it myself.  I love a good challenge.   I also know however, when it is a better decision not to attempt it!!  I started painting on small canvas artist boards and had no real rhyme or reason to the themes.  I painted a few boards ombre (gradient) style, and even was commissioned asked to paint a picture of monkeys for my grandson's room.  It must have been ok as I was asked to paint turtles for my other grandson's room.   I will let you know how that turns out!  

I painted abstracts, circles, lines, even tried to add a little texture to the canvas with some stiffener and a piece of raw silk.  It didn't look as good on canvas as the idea looked in my head!!  I live with an artist.  No really.  A real artist.  He has a true god given talent.  So my critic is schooled, and tested at the finer points to art.  When I described my "circle" idea to him he said he would just need to see it.  So I started with a 11x16 canvas and proceeded to compass out circles.  I then meticulously began the task of painting circles in various shades.  It was time consuming staying in the lines.  It was not fun.  But I learned from the piece.  I think that was the lesson. He loved the concept and encouraged me to do a larger piece.   So,  I had this canvas downstairs that I had previously thought I would paint an abstract on for above the sofa.  I gathered the lessons I learned from the smaller canvases and started on this one.  It is a 24x48.  I did not draw any circles on this canvas to paint.  I free-handed them all and love the non uniformity to them.  Confetti is not perfect. The circles are not perfect.  That was what I wanted.  It is white, silver and gold.  Confetti.   Sometimes when the light hits the silver they shimmer.  I added a soft shade of pink and yellow to it.  I am very happy with the way it turned out. Pictures here do not do it justice.  It hangs on a large (and I do mean large) wall in my kitchen.  I need to find complimentary pieces to complete the wall.  Any ideas?  I am open to suggestions.  Who knows it may end up downstairs and this wall will be bare once again. 

Pretty good circles for free hand if I do say so myself!

All photos by Lisa

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