Merry Christmas

December 25, 2012

Wishing you a Merry Christmas from my family to yours.  Hope your holidays are filled with joy and merriment!  I will be taking a blogging break, but will be back when the new year arrives!  

Photo by Lisa

Kitchen Happenings

December 19, 2012
I am officially on vacation until after the holidays.  I have a huge list of things to do, one of which is making cookies.  I pretty much have all my shopping done, but have a few projects to finish making. Today is baking day, and I am ready to indulge.  This cookie press belonged to my Grandmother, and I cherish it.  It makes the perfect spritz cookies every year.  I bought a new updated version of a press a few years back, but it does not compare to the older version.  The metal cookie cutters were mine from when I was younger and I use them every year.  It has always been a tradition to make cut out cookies for santa with my boys, and this year I am teaching my sons girlfriend how to carry the tradition on...... along with a three month old!  Wish us luck in the kitchen! 
 I will be traveling to Oklahoma for the weekend to see my family and celebrate with them, then back home to have Christmas at home with my boys,  well all but my oldest son and his family.  I don't by any means want to rush thru Christmas, but I am ready for spring to be here so his family can move closer.  El Paso is over a 17 hour drive, and Ft. Riley is only a little over 2 hours away.  Excited for spring! 

Snow is in the forecast later today and tonight, that can only mean one thing for me = cozy fire, glass of wine, and the smell of freshly baked cookies in the house! 

Have a great day. 

A day of Silence

December 18, 2012

I can only imagine how the families of the 20 children and 6 adults who so innocently lost their lives feel waking up without them everyday.  My heart is truly saddened for them.  Please visit the link and help in any way you can.

Daniela Zagnolli

December 14, 2012
There is no surprise in the fact that I would be drawn to this designer.  Meet Daniela Zagnolli.  Her edgy style, and unique designs are wonderful.  The quality and workmanship is outstanding in all her pieces and you can bet you will have a conversation piece no matter what you choose from her line.

Brazilian born designer Daniela Zagnolli, got her start in the fashion industry at the age of 19.   After working in the modeling industry for 10 years, she moved to New York to expand her horizons.  After realizing people had a love for the exotic brazilian styles, she launched her jewelry line in 2010.   Daniela says that designing is an expression of who she is as a woman.  

Daniela sent me the wonderful multi strand studded cuff to style and wowser is it edgy.  Love it!! The studs on the cuff are three different colors.  Rose, burnished, and gold.  The 7 strands are connected with one magnetic clasp in the back.   It truly is a unique piece and you will love it!  I love how she incorporates leathers and metals, and the elements of stones.  Oh, and check out her chokers, and handbags! 

So what are you waiting for?  Enter to win this beauty and keep it for yourself, or wrap it up for that special friend or sister! You know the drill,  follow the instructions in the rafflecopter form below, and good luck!   Did I mention I love her designs?  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

O Tannenbaum

December 13, 2012

A little peek at my home for the holidays. The train belonged to my ex husband.  He received it for christmas when he was a boy, so it is about 40 years old.  My sons now carry on the tradition of setting it up under the tree, and some day when they are a little more settled in a house they will be sharing it under their tree with their sons.   Thru the years, I have purchased additional train cars to add to the set.  That way each son will have a full train to take to their home.  

I am busy at the moment making a stocking for my newest grandson.  I have made all the stockings for my kids since their very first christmas, and continued the tradition of making a stocking for all my grandkids, and daughter in laws, for their first christmas' as well.  I hope to get a picture of them so I can share. 

 And in case your wondering why there are no presents under the tree?  Well lets just say a certain teenager was caught opening presents a few years ago, and then carefully (or not so carefully) taping them back up.  So presents no longer make it to the tree until I am able to monitor the  rummaging under the tree.  Actually, I don't even hide them at home because he is a sneaky one that boy!!   One year I wrapped all his presents, put his brothers name on all his gifts, and told him that his presents were being stored across the street at the neighbors until christmas morning.  He was baffled at all the gifts under the tree, but none for him. I successfully fooled him that year, but you can only ride a trick pony once and have it be a success!   What's a mother to do!!!

 Photos by Lisa

A Stop by the Lake

December 12, 2012

Gabbi and I headed out for lunch last week and decided to stop at the lake to take these outfit pics.  The backdrop of the lake was perfect we thought.  It was the first day the weather really waranted a sweater dress, and I was excited to wear my new leather stud bracelet.  There were plenty of geese making their stop over at the lake, but this little family of ducks were cute!  As soon as we stepped closer to them they darted out into the lake.... scardy cats!!! 

My dress was a great find at Marshalls this season and is Calvin Klein, and my shoes are a staple black patent leather cap toe by Nine West. My new studded leather bracelet is by Daniela Zagnolli, and you should really check out her entire line!  WOW!  She may, or may not be this weeks feature!!!!! hehe better check back Friday Morning!!

Photos by Gabbi

For the Home

December 11, 2012
Sometimes it is the cozy gifts that they want!  I personally love home gifts.  To find this Nespresso under my tree this year would be wonderful! 

You can never go wrong with a throw or candle to warm up your space. And warm spaces?  Yes to the mongolian hair pillow!   I recently came across this new line of art and it is so colorful and fun.  Check out her entire line and I am sure you will find something to fit your home. A fragrant diptyque candle is always a perfect gift too! 

The fondue set would be great on a snowy night in with just the two of you, or light a few votives in these colorful glass holders and invite a few friends over for a fondue party!  Celebrate the holidays in your own very special style!! 

French Press


Fondue set





Diptyque Candle

A Little bit of Cheers

December 10, 2012
Happy Monday my lovelies! We woke this morning to temperature in the teens, and this sweater is perfect for today.   What better way to start the week then to anticipate the next weekend with a few holiday cheer among friends!  This is a favorite roundup because it is all so pretty.  Well, the stones aren't actually pretty, but the purpose behind them makes them a perfect bar accessory.   Can't you just see a little eggnog and rum in these darling Mr. and Mrs. glasses?  and serve up some flavorful martinis with these cut glass shakers! 

 For the most fabulous bar accessory, not to mention the priciest on this roundup is the Kelly Wearstler bottle opener.  If wine is more your style, then this stopper is for you.  Last but not least, the cheers glasses! Salute!  

Mr & Mrs glasses

Bottle Stopper

Bottle opener

Cheers glasses 

Cocktail shakers

Whiskey Stones 

Gift Guide 2012 under 50

December 07, 2012
I wanted to start this series with the Under 50 because there are so many fun things you can give and receive for that price point.  I chose some of my favorites, and a few things I already have.  But hey this roundup isn't just for me!  Like the Inslee calendar, I ordered it the day she released it this summer!! and the magnet set from Leif? I gave those to the BF last year for christmas!!  He loved them! 

 I have had my eye on these enamel bracelets from C. Wonder for a while, but haven't pulled the trigger on one yet.  Love the python tray, and the phone dock is the cutest and I would love to have it on my desk along with the cool coasters!!  I love candles and what better way to burn them then with a festive twist of naughty or nice!!  Ummm,  both for me please!!  And last but not least is the polka dot wallet.  Adorable and perfect for those times when you only need the basics with you! 

Illume Candles



Phone Dock

Polka Dot wallet


Tip pouch

Python Tray

Enamel Cuff

Happy Shopping!

Holiday Gift Guide 2012

December 06, 2012
The blog world is saturated with gift guides this year and I  contemplated not doing one, but I love them so much, and everyone has a different perspective soooooooo, As the Holidays approach, I will be switching things up her on my little corner of the world. As you know, every Friday I feature a different artist, designer, or product I really admire!  I love that it has allowed me to get to know you, and make so many new friends, and you all have looked forward to it!  So don't panic it's not going away!  I am however going to be adding a little something extra!  A 2012 Holiday gift guide series!  I will be sharing all kinds of fabulous gifts for the people on your list!  Eeekkkk! I am so excited to share this series.  I love doing these little round up of sorts.  Besides, I know of a certain BF who reads this little blog!! 
It is time to prepare for the season of cocktail parties, cookie and ornament exchanges,  the smell of cinnamon and fir in the air and my all time favorite....... finding the right hiding spot for the presents!  I hope you're as excited for the holidays as I am!  I have lots of boys, and men on my list this year..... 3 sons, 3 grandsons, and a BF!  I should do all my roundups for the guys, but that wouldn't be any fun for me!! So there will be gift guides for her, him, the kiddo's and everyone in-between!! Here we go!!!

Photo by Lisa

Cozy Sweater

December 05, 2012

I purchased this cozy sweater this season and love it!  It is so versatile.  The BF and I spent an afternoon on The Plaza and it was a perfect afternoon of errands, shopping, and a little latte! The weather is still warm and I can't decide if I am ready for full on winter or not.  I bet as soon as it turns cold I will be ready!  Colder weather and snow always seems so festive and who wouldn't just love a white christmas.  It actually snowed on christmas eve here about three years ago and and we accumulated several inches.  That was the perfect way to wake up on christmas morn!  Are you ready for snow? That is, if you haven't already had your first snow fall of the season!

Candy Cane Lane

December 04, 2012

So I missed a week of blogging being out sick with the flu, and thank you for all your kind tweets, thoughts and comments.  It really did help me feel better!  I wanted to share this last week, but I am glad I can share them today instead.   

 I have family scattered all over the U.S.  From Boulder and Denver, to Minneapolis and Chicago, with my parents and a few siblings in Oklahoma.  So when my family traveled to KC to celebrate turkey day, I knew exactly what I wanted to do on Black Friday!  We had our annual gingerbread house decorating event! 

 We paired off co designers to create their own masterpiece and it was so much fun.  The boys got a house of their own too!  It was fun to watch them go at it, while my nieces were carefully and meticulously placing each and every gumdrop, the boys were a little more daring with the red hots!!  It was a successful day and such a fun tradition.  Do you have any family traditions for the holidays that you look forward too?
 Sarah and Rachel working on their house

 And the boys house covered in red hots!

 The girls built a cute snowman out of royal icing covered gumdrops with a cute pumpkin face candy!

And the boys made a tree out of royal icing and sprinkles

All the houses were adorned with a wreath!  

There was even a chimney built out of licorice with a gumdrop santa!  They lasted adorned with their "lights of jellybeans" for ohhh about 3 hours before I noticed one house was bare!  That would be a certain 16 year old who decided to undecorate the house!! Geez......Boys!!!
Photos by Lisa 

Digging my way out

December 03, 2012
I am soooo glad to be back and start this week with a big hello to my sweet followers!  Oh how I have missed you!  Ya know, being sick for a week really does set you back in so many ways.  I got out the house this weekend to catch up on ALOT!  Saturday's errands held a funny surprise.  It was pretty funny to watch this kid make faces with his mask as his parents drove down the street Saturday morning.  They probably had no idea what he was up to!! He was happy  in his own little world though!

 There were few groceries in my house, my son had a wresting tournament all day Saturday, and one sweet little grandson had his first visit to Santa Claus.   I really can't help but giggle as I type that because while I was sick last week, The Nightmare Before Christmas was on (I love that movie) and I  keep remembering Jack opening the bag and saying "Santy Claws..... Why those aren't claws at all"!! 

I spent Sunday at home with the fam and decorated the house.  It was nice to have the boys help out more than just critique my placement of ornaments.  They really got in the spirit and hung ornaments, and even got along!! Miracle! The finishing touches to the tree were completed with much frustration by my middle son.... the Lionel Train.  It belonged to their Father, who received it when he was about 8, so it is fairly old and the track was giving him fits!  I can't wait to share pictures of my decorations with you.  And these two little elves?  They will be making their way to Texas for two of my other sweet grand babies! 

So, as I dig my way out of so much that I missed last week, catching up on my blog reading, baking some sweet goodies, and shopping of course, I am glad to be back among the living, so to speak!   How was your weekend?   Are you finished shopping yet? or just starting?  I would love to know so I don't feel so behind! 

Take two and call me in the morning

November 28, 2012
I have been missing.  But not without good cause.  The flu has me and It sucks!  Today is day three and I am exhausted.   So excuse me while I recover and I hope to be back soon.  I miss you guys! 

Today I am grateful for.......

November 22, 2012
As I reflect on the year and all that has gone on in the world, I have to stop and truly appreciate what is good and what I am thankful for.  I have come along way since starting this blog this past January.  I have made many new friends, and discovered so much about the world that I am amazed sometimes.  I am blessed to have the ability to  write, meet so many new people who love to do the same thing I do, and for you the readers that faithfully read, follow, and comment!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I am also thankful for..........

  • My healthy family
  • girlfriends that are hilarious
  • of course the BF
  • my job
  • Three adorable grandsons
  • A roof over my head
  • the love and support from the readers of my blog

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! 

The Boyfriend's shirt

November 21, 2012
Thats right.... I "borrowed" this shirt form the BF right out of his closet!  What a mix of patterns too!  This is one of his favorite Robert Graham shirts and I decided to put it too the print combo test one day!    I walked out of the bedroom wearing this combo and he looked a bit puzzled at me.... then says "is that my shirt?"  Haha!  I said, "yup!"  
 What do you think?  Would you ever "borrow" a shirt of your guys?

Shirt Robert Graham (similar), Sweater Old Navy (similar), leggings WHBM, Boots Anne Klein,  Watch Michele, bracelets Tiffanys 

Photos by Gabbi

2012 Party Season

November 20, 2012
This past weekend was a bit crazy and hectic!  I spent the majority of the day Friday helping set up for Friday evenings gala.  It was my first holiday party of the year.  The event was a fundraiser, so there were many items donated for the silent action.  There was a raffle for a mini iPad, and a surprise box giveaway with items such as a fur coat, Silpada jewelry, 2 iPads, a flat screen, Kate Spade items, and tons of gift cards!  It was a fun evening to say the least! 

The event was held at Studio Dan Meiners in downtown Kansas City.  I could easily spend hours there shopping.  He has The ~ Coolest ~ Store!!! But don't take my word for it, see for yourself!!

The perfect venue for a wedding

I absolutely loved these little fellas

These are just a few of the items up for grabs at the silent auction.  The wall of gift boxes were a big hit.  Your donation, and luck at picking out your favorite numbered box could win you a iPad, flat screen, jewerly, and even some fun Kate Spade items!  The angel tree topper was handmade and a party favorite item. 
Let me tell you..... I wanted this tree pretty bad.  I loved the MacKenzie-Childs bowl it was situated in, and the square faux boxwood with and the pretty frames just made it.  My office would have gladly welcomed it!  Unfortunately, My Christmas shopping list for everyone is rather long this year, and a gift to me like this one would have set me back!  The iron tree is a favorite every year.  Bonnie Kelly one of the Co founders of  Silpada Designs,  is a regular attendee at our event.  Silpada home offices are located here locally!  So every year, she has a iron tree made, and small holes in the ends of the "branches" are adorned with none other than jewery.  LOTS of jewelry.  Can you imagine being the high bidder on this little diddy? 
I had a break in the afternoon to get ready for the event, and the lovely Madeline at Halls on the Plaza did my makeup for me.  I also picked up a little something for myself while I was there too!!  Who doesn't love a treat from the Chanel counter?
Saturday was spent running errands and catching up on a few things before I headed back downtown for my second event of the weekend.  This time I ended up at the Downtown Marriott for the Children Center for the Visually Impaired 60th anniversary party.  The room was magnificently decorated, and the stories of the students, both young and old who have benefited from such a wonderful organization touched my heart.  It would be hard to say the best part of the evening was the entertainment, but it was a mighty fine concert thanks to the Commodores.  It was a throwback to my high school days for sure! 

And what would any party weekend be without party pics!  

What did you do over the weekend?  Have your holiday parties started?

All photos by Lisa

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