Sweet Heart Pies

January 29, 2015

Cherry Pie is always a favorite in my home so I decided to make up a few special pies for my guys.  After all we are in the season of love!
 They’re very easy to make and bake up in about 15 minutes. You can use pre-made dough if you wish.

~Sweet Heart Pies~

Preheat oven to 425 degrees F.
Roll out pie crust dough on a lightly floured surface. Cut out pastry hearts with a heart shaped cookie cutter. 

In the center of each heart, place a dollop of your favorite pie filling (of course cherry here). Place another pastry heart on top. 

Using a fork, gently seal edges of hearts together. 

Prick each heart with a fork to allow heat to escape the sweet heart pies as they bake. 

To get a shiny glaze on your pies brush them with egg whites before baking them.  Bake for about 15 minutes, or until lightly browned. Cool on a wire rack. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve.

What have you baked lately? 

Serape Scarf

January 28, 2015
When I first saw these scarves I fell in love with the bright colors.  It's like a party on your neck.  Handmade from a darling Etsy shop Shop Just Dawnelle she creates colorful unique scarfs out of serapes.  Lining them with stripes, florals, and a whole assortment, these scarfs are definitely a show stopper.  I love mine.  In the words of Christy.... " Its a fiesta around my neck"!  Mine is lined with a fun black floral.   She is always adding new designs and color combinations, but you better act fast if you see one you like... they go fast and no two are exactly alike.  

Scarf ~ Sweater(Sold Out) ~ Pants ~ Booties Sold old (Love these too)~ Bag ~ Bracelets

Valentines Fortune Cookies

January 27, 2015

I will admit, I can be a hopeless romantic at times.  So when I saw these adorable felt fortune cookies last year after valentines day and could not wait to make them this year. Adorable and so easy. 

  • Light to medium weight Felt in colors of your choice (I used pink, red, and cream)
  • Florist wire or pipe cleaners
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • scissors
  • mug, small dish or round object to make circles
  • Fortunes or love notes

  • Trace and cut your circles out of the felt. I did 4.5″ diameter circles and used a dough cutter as my stencil. If adding candy or something else besides a message inside your fortunes,  4-4.5″ circles are a perfect size. If you are only placing a message in your cookie I found the 3.5″ size was perfect.
  • Cut stripes of felt just slightly shorter than the diameter of your circles. You will use these stripes to cover the wire.
  • Cut your floral wire at 4″ lengths. * Note - If you would rather use pipe cleaner here you can by omitting the floral wire and the strip of felt to cover the wire however, I made two using the pipe cleaner method and did not like the finished results.

  • Fold your felt circle in half to create a crease mark so you know where the center line is. This helps in finding the center of your cookie a lot easier.  Lay your wire on the fold line and run a bead of hot glue along your wire.  Place the strip of felt over the wire and press it down making sure to cover the entire wire. Be careful here... you could feel some heat through the felt from the glue.  Let the glue cool a few minutes.
  • Insert your fortune or love note on top of the  glued strip and fold the circle in half as shown below.

  • Then bend the two ends down creating a bend in the center. They made need a slight bit of Shape manipulating.  If adding a piece of candy slip it in the ends of your folded cookie.   That’s it!

I think craft stores sell small Chinese takeout boxes too.  What a cute way to deliver your cookie to your Valentine!

Valentine's Gifts

January 26, 2015
Valentine's Day is right around the corner so I rounded up some of my favorite pink and hearts!  I want every. Single. Thing. on this roundup!  I already have this bkr bottle and I love it!  I shared last week on instagram  I already received #10  which is all sorts of stationary, pink Le Pen, washi tape and pretty pink and red goodies from Carde Blanche.  She even added a sweetheart gift too!  Love that Lori!!  The Blair Ritchey wallet #3 is perfect to fit in my smaller crossbody bags, and  I already own three of her mini lulu's, just need to add this color to my collection!!  They are so versatile and useful!   #12 Hot Pink Tieks are a great gift, my ballet pink Tieks are the best accessory I ever take to an event or wedding where I need to switch to comfy shoes!   #14, For the workout gal...These Harriet and Hazel custom Nike's aren't your average run of the mill shoes, the entire swoosh is studded with Swarovski crystals.  Talk about a luxury workout!

Don't have a clue what to get her?...Then order a Velvet Crate Love gift box, #15 and have it delivered.   For the hard to buy for sweetie in your life, #13 is sure to be a hit.  Made of 100% silk these pillowcases are not only beneficial for your delicate complexion, it's also is gentle on your hair while you sleep. (I definitely want one.)  What is your favorite item from this roundup?  Who is your valentine?  Maybe you can help him out with a few hints!  

1 Bkr // 2  O Venture // 3 Blair Ritchey Wallet // 4 Pink Dress // 5 Mug  // 6 Tee  // 7 Key Chain // 8 Tory Heart Bag // 9 Lips Flats // 10 Stationary supplies // 11 Heart Bag // 12 Tieks  // 13 Rest ore Silk // 14 Harriett & Hazel // 15 Velvet Crate

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Cupids Arrows

January 20, 2015

Today is a quick and easy little project that I think are super cute.  I shared a sneak peek with last weeks DIY and as promised here are the full instructions.  


  • Felt in colors of your choice I used pink and red
  • sticks of various sizes ( The straighter the better)
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Bakers twine

These little arrows are super easy and fun to make. 

  • Gather sticks from your yard... or your neighbors, I'm sure they wont mind you picking up sticks from their yard for them!!    Try to gather sticks with at least a section of it straight.  A bent arrow doesn't travel far!  Once you have your sticks gathered... break them into the lengths you plan on using. 
  • Cut your felt into arrow heads and tails making a pair for each stick.
  • Place your stick onto one arrow head, and one tail and glue each in place one at a time.  Repeat this step with the top portion of your head and tail making sure to line up the points of your arrow and the corners of your tail.


  • Allow the glue to cool.
  • Cut notches in your tails to give the feather appearance on each side.
  • Tie a cute bow on the tail of your arrow and you are set!


  • You may add a valentines to the arrow by simply adding it before you tie the bow.

Products I am Loving

January 19, 2015
I am the kind of person that when I find something that I love I want to share it.  I want to share why I love it, what my experience has been and get excited telling you how I found it.   So here are my favorite products right now.  Things that make you feel pretty, are very relaxing, and make you smell yummy!   If you haven't heard of Lush Cosmetics yet well you need to stop and look them up now. Our store in the mall smells so good and the minute you walk into the store its sensory overload in a good way.  I am particularly in love with their bath bombs and bath melts with this French Kiss being one of my favorites.  I enjoy evening baths and the soothing lavender smell of this is a perfect way to relax.  I am able to get several relaxing baths out of one of these cones by simply pinching off as much or as little as I desire.    Next up on the luxurious favorite smells of mine is Laura Mercier body soufflĂ©, with the right amount of almond and vanilla it leaves you smelling so sweet.  This is a treat for sure. 

Ok... so now lets talk about hair.  I am pretty much a freak when it comes to trying something new on my hair.  I'm not to willing to try just any old thing, but when Gab called to find out what product they used when we went to the salon for a blow out I have to say I was willing to stop and listen.  Living Proof is co owned my Jennifer Aniston. (Um yeah... good hair day almost always.)  Claiming to add time between washes, the products have a light citrus scent and lives up to what they say.  I was able to add at least one day extra between washings and so was Gab.  This primer also held my style the entire time between washes with very minor touch ups.  I am telling you, this stuff is amazing and you receive a sample of a product with each order too.   The last product I am going to share with you today is my Halo highlighting wand.  With the dreary days of winter and some days the sun can't even catch a break thru the clouds... adding a bright spot on your cheek bones gives your face a boost.  It just takes a little dab and adds just the right among of highlights to your face. 

So... what are some of your favorite products?  Let me in on your favorites!! 

Life Updates

January 16, 2015
Hi guys.  So I have been a little hit and miss ever since the holidays.  I'm sorry... not sorry.  It felt great to take a break and just absorb the time off from work and blogging.  Sure, there were nights I would think about picking up my laptop and start posting but I enjoyed my "me" time so much it rarely happened.  I have however, been working on a few things behind the blog that I hope you guys love as much as I do.  I want to tell you about a new series I am launching next Tuesday.  It will become my How To day sharing all my DIY's with you from how to create a gallery wall, to making perfect cut out cookies!  I am still going to be sharing my outfits and favorites, and just about anything else that suits my fancy on the other days of the week too!
I have been working hard discovering new designers and products that excites me and a few collaborations that are amazing! 

So here is a phone dump of a little bit of what has been going on.  You may have seen some of these pic if you follow me on instagram already! 

I know its the middle of January, but this was my December.  We had an ugly sweater contest at our company luncheon and this is what we decided to wear. There were 18 ugly sweaters in all and  I won second place, but only behind by one point!

Some of the sights from around my house.  These boys playing batman on my office floor was so fun to watch.  Their little imaginations reminded me of how my boys use to play with them as well.   My grandson had corrective surgery on his legs and was in full leg cast for a month then switched to these half leg cast.  Poor little guy.  He was a trooper just pulling himself along refusing to use the wheelchair!   My new Blair Ritchey PAK..... love this bag, and a whole jar full of bath bombs!  Velvet crates hand delivered a gift box I won to my home and it was fabulous.  Ummm I need more of that funckychunky Sea Salt Caramel for sure!

A little tribute to all my monograms, my desk ready for the new year, A few new goodies arrived in the mail I will be sharing soon, and of course... on the last day of the year... and it being a Wednesday... We wear pink!

Blanket scarfs, and more blanket scarfs!

Here's to Friday and a great weekend!  See you back here bright and early next week!  xo 

Gold XO

January 14, 2015

Who is ready for a little gold XO in their life? Just in time for Valentines day too.  Today I am sharing this easy DIY for your home or loved one for Valentines this year.   

  • X & O letters. I used heavy cardboard letters ( I picked mine up at Hobby Lobby)
  • Spray adhesive.  I used adhesive specifically designed for leafing (not pictured here in the supplies but you will find it at any craft store where you find the leafing.)
  • Package of gold leaf
  • Paint color of your choice
  • A small in size  but medium firm paint brush to brush the excess leafing ( I used a fan brush, and you will most likely throw it away when done)
  • Latex gloves
  • wax paper

Paint your letters and let dry.  This doesn't take very long if you are using cardboard letters as they are porous and dry rapidly.  I applied two coats of paint.

Follow the directions on your spray adhesive and use in a well ventilated, outside, free of wind location.  In other words, I wouldn't use my garage because and overage will fall to the floor and them you have a sticky mess all over the floor.  If you spray it and the wind picks it up you become a sticky mess.  Just spray with caution.   I wanted to be able to hold my letters as I worked so I sprayed only half of the letters at a time. 

Work on wax paper so your letters do not stick to your work area with your surrounding area covered with paper. I'm not going to lie... it can be messy working with gold leafing!

Use gloves to touch the sheets of leafing.  Your body oils and warmth of your hands will make the gold stick to you and them you might as well have just stood down wind to the adhesive... lol!

Place sections of the leafing randomly overlapping some and leaving spaces on other areas. I wanted the pink to show though.  Then use your paint brush to lightly brush the leafing down into place and move it around to reach your desired coverage.  The brush will pick up some of the adhesive so try to keep it only on the gold as much as possible.   Once you have your letters covered to your liking, then use the fan brush to remove the excess gold overlap and edges.  Spray the second half of your letters and repeat this step.

Lay them to set and dry on wax paper for at least 24 hours and seal with a clear sealant.  Glossy Mod Podge works fine.  

Let me know if you make these and share a picture with me.  I would love to see how yours turns out!  Oh and those cute arrows... I will show you how I made those next week. 


January 06, 2015

The greatest app I have recently found!! Chatbooks!  Do you ever wish you could somehow take all those pics from your phone and share them without handing over your phone?   Or what about sharing those same pics with a grandparent or family member that lives farther away?  I know your phones are probably loaded up right now with holiday and New Years pics.   Chatbooks can help you out!  With several options for your book, you can choose what pictures you want to share and Chatbooks does the rest.  I decided to take all the pics of my youngest grandson and create a book.  I had pictures of his first moments of his life and the first time my son held him.  He was the first to hold him, a moment that I knew needed to be preserved. 

Chatbooks is a company that prints your Instagram posts into beautiful 60 page books. Each book is only $6. You can just print a few or you or go nuts and print your entire Instagram feed.  I have 18 glorious months wrapped up in perfect-bound book forever. It is a tiny, treasured time capsule showcasing how much I love this little fella.   Here is the good news...  Download the app (it's free) and start creating your books. 


January 05, 2015
Happy New Year friends.  I have been absent for a while from blogging with only a couple of post last month.  I actually enjoyed the break.  With so many parties, events, shopping, and well work and life, at the end of the day I just didn't have the time to put together a quality post.  2015 is here and I am back ready to dive into my blog!  I have some great new things planned to share with you and cannot wait to reveal them!  Oh, and my blog anniversary was on the 1st marking 3 years of this little blog and I am grateful for all the relationships and friends I have established here.  Thank you for following along, I appreciate  every single one of you.   How was your holidays?  I celebrated Christmas 4 times with different family members of my family over a course of two weeks.  I enjoyed seeing all my boys and grandsons and even a trip to Tulsa to celebrate with my family there.  Well... the holidays are over, my tree is packed up  for another year, and It is January.... and that means the weather should be cold, well at least colder. We are in for a chilly week with Wednesday being frigid!! I wore this outfit actually before the holidays but never got it posted so here it is today.   

Some days we have to bundle up in layers and scarves and other days we are running around in tee's and jeans.  Today's outfit just so happens to be one of those frigid days... as in the ice was starting to ice over.   I have shared blanket scarfs with you and a few of my favorites in roundups with this topping my list of faves.  A plaid blanket scarf with pink in it.... score!  I have looked all over trying to find a link for you to purchase one but its sold out. I did find a great selection of styles and colors at Sheinside that you definitely should check out. 

A few things I have learned with blanket scarfs.... generally, as in 90% of the time, they are made up of mostly acrylic.  Acrylic is not the fabric of our lives and therefore does not breath like cotton.  Be prepared to unwrap at the very least or totally remove your scarf if you are inside for most of the day.  You will get very warm in it!  Do you agree?  The second thing is... a can of static guard will help tremendously with the static created with your scarf.     I tie a lot of scarfs for the girls at the office and help them and was thinking maybe I should do a video showing a few ways to tie scarfs.  Me... in front of the camera....talking, (something I am good at) and a voice finally to a face...  What do you think of that idea? 

Scarf (Sold out but love this one too)~ Leggings ~ Boots ~ Gloves ~ Sunnies ~ Vest (similar) ~ Sweater ~

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