January 31, 2012

I received one of these for christmas from my mom!  Thanks mom!  

This is what I was using.  As you can see it is missing 1 1/2 pieces. (Thanks teenagers)  

I like to make frozen yogurt bars in the spring and summer.  When the grandkids come to visit I like to make them for them as well.  I love the variety of flavors you can blend together for a fresh treat.  I am hoping my new treat bars will look something like these.

Mimosa treats.  I will have to try these for sure.

I'm not sure why I would need a storage case....... I don't think they will last long enough to be stored!

Photos by Lisa
Images courtesy of Zoku


January 30, 2012

We had a relaxing weekend.  I spent the week trying to catch up on sleep from being in El Paso with the grand babies last week.   We went lamp and art shopping, only to take it all back the next day because it didn't work, then lunch on the Plaza at Kona with a Watermelon Cosmo, dessert at my new fav place Peachwave, soft serve frozen yogurt!  On Sunday we went to Pat and Amy's house (they live on our street in the cul de sac) and Ryan and Molly (they live across the street) were there as well.  Pat smoked a pork butt and some polish links all day.  The girls whipped up some roasted taters and homemade mac and cheese for a great dinner and tons of laughter. Not to mention a few bottles of wine!  I needed some good friends time!  Amy is finishing up her studies to be a APRN so she wanted to practice stitches on Ryan's cut finger.  In the end the finger didn't need stitched.  Lucky Ryan!!  How was your weekend?  Did you do anything exciting?

All photos by Lisa

Katie's baby

January 26, 2012

My niece Katie is having a baby. (Sorry for the blurry pic.)

 Not just any baby, but her third.  She is already a mom to a boy and a girl.  This baby they found out is another girl!  Yeah for girls, unlike me with three boys, and still can't get a girl as a grand child and two grandsons!  Her due date is in late May.  I started gathering ideas to inspire the nursery.  I know it is so typical to go all pink, but hey I never got to do it!  Besides, it is my favorite color.  
Cute baby shower ideas!








Serena and Lily
The hardwood floor is painted to coordinate with the bedding.  What a great way to cover a hardwood floor if it needed refinishing, or even to just lighten the room.

Serena and Lilly

Serena and Lily
I love how the mocha colored walls play off the pink in the drapes. (I think this is my favorite room.  I love the warmth of the walls and how the gray table works with the pinks)

The cut out animals on the wall are an easy way to decorate on a budget. Use wall paper, or gift wrapping.  

The Lisa Leonard pewter butterfly would go perfect with this bedding.


I am anxious to see how she decorates the room.  

Blackberry No More

January 25, 2012
I am a Apple girl.  I am a Sprint customer. The day Sprint anounced they would be able to carry the iPhone... I WAS THERE!

I got my new phone the day they hit the stores.  Sprint WorldWide Headquarters is located here in Kansas so there was no shortage of iPhones in my city. I heart my iphone.

I also got this beauty!


Every girl needs options..... 


Marc by Marc Jacobs

Hard to pick just one color and pattern!


Michael Kors

J. Crew

Long Weekend

January 20, 2012

See you in a few days! I am off for some warmer weather and a date with a 3 year old at Chuck E. Cheeses!

This is Teddie....

January 17, 2012

He was named after the Teddie Bear from the movie AI.  We knew once we looked at his eyes that was his name.  Whats not to love about a Yorkie!

As we soon found out, he was quite the adventurist!  He was so small he could fit thru the spindals of the railing and walk on the outer edge that drops off to the Great room. I had to come up with some way to prevent this from happening.  I concocked a design of weaving sheets thru every fifth spindal and pulling it tight to keep him safe!  Problem solved right??  WRONG.  teddie Decided to lean up on the sheet with his paws and pull the sheet far enough down that we were afraid now he would tople over the top of the sheet making the fall even further for him!  We just had to fatten the pup up so he wouldn't fit! 

So now weighing in at a whopping 4.5 lbs and will be two in February.  He can still fit thru the spindals........ but doesn't even try to walk on the other side!  

My bestie and I went to the pet store last week just to look at puppies........For her, she is thinking of getting a pup.  I was just looking........I think he needs a friend!!!

To travel so lightly

January 15, 2012
Where would you go...... 

If you could pick up and go anywhere in the world, where would it be? 

The beach? Mountains? Europe?   I always pick the beach.  there is something so serene and peaceful to the endlessness of the water.  To look out and see nothing but distance.  I enjoy everything about the ocean.  The stickiness of the sand and water together,the smell of fresh sea air, and things that churn up in the wave breaks.  The hunt for the perfect shell to take home.  (Yes remember though, if there is something in that shell that dies and you pack it in your suitcase to bring to the midwest..... it will stink!! BAD)  I can start and finish a book in less than two days while on the beach, not to mention the endless amounts of people watching that can take place. I was very fortunate growing up and traveled to many shores. My Grandparents lived in Florida and we enjoyed the white sandy beaches and the warm gulf waters almost every summer.  I will live by the beach someday.  It is on my bucket list.  But for now the midwest, with all its corn fields and farmers will have to do...... That is until graduation 2015!!   

Barefoot Beach

My view

Dolphins swimming in Naples

Sunset at Bonita Beach

Photos By Lisa

Happy Friday the 13th!

January 13, 2012

Are you superstitious?

 Does the idea of crossing the path of a black cat, walking under a ladder, or opening an umbrella indoors get to you? Heres to a happy Friday.... even if it is the  13th!!!

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