Plaza Lights

January 11, 2012

We had dinner on the Plaza tonight.  They still have the christmas lights up.  There is something romantic to the Plaza. Kansas City is know for its fountains and there are several on the Plaza.   Maybe it is the strolling and window shopping, or the horse drawn carriage rides (something we have never done) but whatever it is we always feel good when we get there.  We have dinner on the plaza at least once a week.  Generally its sushi.  We talk about trying a new place every so often but always end up at Kona.  We drive approximately 30 minutes to get there and once were there we feel a sense of escape.  As if we have traveled to a distant city and we are tourists.  In the spring and summer we sit on the patio and enjoy the scene of yuppy single people that live the life of no children and small high rise apartments!  Something I can only imagine. 

 It started to snow tonight while we were on the plaza, it added to the romantic feeling.  It wasn't much.  Far less than usual for this time of the year, but non the less snow.   We ended the evening by having a coffee and baileys at Seasons 52.  My Bestie was there having dinner as well.  It is always nice to run into friends.

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