Wrapping up the Week

April 29, 2016

It's been a heck of a week and I am happy it's Friday!  Too much drama and petty behavior for me in one week.  I'm putting it all behind me and looking forward to a relaxing weekend.  #goodenergy

I'm happy for these gorgeous Rananculous that have graced my counter this week.  Best investment for floral arrangements ever was taking a Bloom Academy Class.  If you follow me on snap, (find me here > lisa.murie) then you saw where my peonies bush in my backyard is bursting with blooms about to open.   I can't wait for those beauties to grace my counter soon. 

I am looking at dates to visit my bestie in Florida and I think this is a must for my vacation.

Spotted, or rather checked.... haha, these gingham flats, right now 30% off with code SCORE and by combining gingham and leather it makes for the perfect flat, but if lace ups more your style then these are perfect and on sale too 30% off with code SCORE!! 
I may have found the perfect off the shoulder striped top here.  Being on sale doesn't hurt either!
Have a great weekend my friends, and I will see you back here next week!

Why You Need to Own a Trench Coat

April 28, 2016
Rainy season is upon us and you don't want to get caught without some form of protection.  We have had some pretty powerful storms roll through KC in the past few days and I always carry an umbrella (actually two) in my car and my Hunter Boots are never far from the back door.  A good trench is one of those items you should own.  It is so versatile for not only rainy days but windy days as well... and we all know there are plenty of those in Kansas!  We are smack dab in tornado season and rain is pretty much a weekly forecast right now so being prepared is a must.  I own a black and a white trench coat but recently spied a blush convertible trench that I linked too in last weeks Wednesday Wants.  I picked up this monochromatic peplum top last fall and it's perfect for spring layering being lightweight.  

Style Tip:  Opt for a smaller peplum to hit lower on your hips to not emphasize this area.  You also want to create the color break (in this case the black against the white) at a lower point on the body for the most flattering look. 

Trench Coat (camel) //  Trench Coat (White)   //  Trench Coats //  Peplum top  //  Watch  //   Jeans  //  Clutch  //  Necklace c/o  //  Watch  //  Sunnies  //  Earrings c/o

Wednesday Wants - Edition 4.4

April 27, 2016
Another edition of pretties with this weeks Wednesday's wants.  If you're in  need of any ideas for Mother's Day I rounded up a few right here! I know I mentioned I was looking for the perfect off the shoulder top and all of the ones I have seen are too short, but this striped one looks promising.  The key to off the shoulder for me is the length and making sure it's not to loose, that only adds to the bust line and I don't need any assistance there!  Keeping my fingers crossed this is a winner!

Fringe Crossbody Bag  //  Earrings   //  Maggy London Dress   //  BR Off shoulder ruffle top  //  Denim Shift Dress   //  Rebecca Minkoff Espadrilles

Spring Whites Outfit

April 26, 2016
When I was a younger mother the thought of owning white, let alone wearing white, made me shudder. Boys and white do not mix.  I have gradually added whites and neutral items back to my wardrobe and I must say, I am loving the clean palette and feeling good about no little hands grabbing my leg.  I actually have white furniture now as well.  I have shared glimpses of my home and you can see my home office here, master bedroom here, and my great room here.  I know what you're thinking... "but don't you have grandsons?"  I sure do, and no sticky dirty hands leave the kitchen at Mimi's house! 

Some of your best outfits are the ones you feel good in and I am really enjoying wedges this season.  As I get older the thought of standing in 4 inches heels doesn't even sound good.  Who cares how sexy it makes your calves look or the fact that you are taller, it's down right uncomfortable.  I pretty much have a 3 inch maximum heel height for everyday wear and only pull out the big guns of higher heels for special occasions with minimum standing and more sitting and a pair of flats always in my bag to switch out of.   Aging doesn't have to be boring....  

Tunic (Similar)  //  Distress Denim (Exact, Options here,  here and here)  //  Leopard Wedges (Similar here and here)  //  Sunnies  //  Jill Brodeur Monogram Clutch c/o  //  Cuff  //  Earrings  

Weekend Deals

April 22, 2016
I rounded up my favorite stores that are having sales and included the discount codes as well.  Treat yourself to a few great sales this weekend.  You're Welcome!! 

J Crew is offering 30% off with code SCORE.... I have my eye on this!
Ends 4-29

Tory Burch is offering up to 30% off with code BLOOM.... A pair of these would be the perfect summer addition!
Ends 4-25

Express right now has $25 off every $100 with code 1234..... I can always use a few more of these that are bogo1/2!
Ends 4-25

Ann Taylor has 40% off any full price items.  I have to shop online since they no longer have a local store, but this is a must!
Ends 4-24

Kate Spade has an extra 30% off with code SMILE.... These are darling!
Ends 4-25

Bloomingdales is another great sale with $25 off every $100 purchase with code SHOP25.... I think this is a must.
Ends 4-25

Old Navy's sale is a must with 30% off with code THANKYOU.....  Loving this dress.
Ends 4-30

Madewell has an extra 30% off spring essentials with code ASAP30.  I might need to pick up a few more of these.
Ends 4-25

Macys has an extra 20% off with code SAVE.  You can never own too many pair of these
Ends 4-23

Neutral Color Outfit

April 22, 2016

A soft clean palette of beige and white is always inviting. These jeans have been on heavy rotation.... but seriously they are so comfortable!   I am so happy tunics are still in style and this linen one is perfect. Other than the wrinkles, it is a great fabric for keeping cool in on warm summer days.   I think the days of crisp linen have been replaced with a more acceptable gently wrinkled linen.... more on the comfy broken in look!  The creases don't seem to be as harsh and noticeable in my opinion.  As a shorter person I need to give the illusion of height when wearing my white jeans.  I opt for a longer length top, or a solid neutral to not create breaks in my vertical appearance.  By adding a neutral wedge to my look, I have elongated my overall height to the ground. Makes this short girl look a wee bit taller I think! 

Style Tip:  To give the illusion of greater height and a more slender figure keep your  color breaks in your outfit to a minimum and away from your largest areas.  For me, a break right at my waist would give the appearance of larger hips...my larger area, so I opt for longer tops and blazers. Another illusion is by wearing a dress or top with an empire waist you will look very thin in the waist, but be warned.... you will enhance your bust line appearance.

Jeans  Exact options here, and here   //  Tunic (Similar)  //  Wedges (options 1, 2, 3)  //  Sunnies  //  Cuyana Tote  //  Necklace c/o  //  Cuff bracelet wrap  //

Spring Blazers

April 21, 2016
Keeping up with trends can sometimes feel like a full time job.   The current off the shoulder top trends are cute, but most all of these tops are boxy.  I tried several on and have yet to find one that is flattering to a fuller bust and with a longer hem.  Let me know if you find one. Jumpsuits and rompers are another trend that just isn't a fit for me.  Knowing how, and when, to stay true to my body is important.  One item I have been adding to my closet recently are blazers and jackets.  I would consider these to be an investment.  Once you own a few in staple colors then I would opt to add a few fun colors or patterns.    

A great way to dress up any outfit is to throw on a blazer.  Adding this hot pink blazer to a simple white tee and distress jeans outfit steps it up for sure.  Rolling the sleeves keeps it casual and relaxed. A great asset to any wardrobe is owning classic staples.  A colorful blazer is a must in my opinion.  Read my entire list of building a wardrobe here.  There are plenty of blazers to select from and I suggest you really experiment with the length and cut before you invest in one.  For me, a longer jacket is more flattering in a bolder color and I can get away with a shorter jacket if the color is lighter.  The most important detail is the fit, and never get tripped up on the size.  You may have to go up a size for a proper fit. I recently fell in love with this blazer and need to really analyze how much use it truly will receive being such a statement. 

Blazer  (Options here, here and here)  //  Tee  //  Cuyana Tote  //  Sunnies  //  Distress Jeans (Similar here, and here)   //  Cuff  //  Wedges (Similar here, and here)  //  Tassel necklace (options here, and here)

Wednesday Wants - Edition 4.3

April 20, 2016
This week's edition on Wednesday wants is definitely sprinkled with undertones of spring.  This ombre' lace dress is so pretty and perfect for an afternoon wedding, spring luncheon, or even date night.   It is sandal weather and this crisscross braided sandal in multi colors is super fun.  Tassels are everywhere and this blush Rebecca Minkoff hobo bag is no exception.  I love the color, structure, and of course the tassel.  Speaking of tassels.... do you own any shoes with tassels?  I do not have a pair of tassel shoes and can't quite seem to decide how much I want to own a pair but these neutral Marc Fisher are pretty darn high on my list to own.  Bringing up the rear of this week's list is the trench..... not just any trench coat but a detachable bottom coat.  Yup, that's right.  The bottom zips off to create a moto type trench.  The color does not even do it justice here but it is a gorgeous pale blush.  What are some things on your wish list?

Rebecca Minkoff  Melissa Trench   //  Ombre Dress    //  Isobel Hobo  //  Woven Sandal   //  Marc Fisher Crystal Tassel Sandal

Bandana Neck Scarf Trend

April 19, 2016
Style is something you have that represents who you are, but trends come and go.  One of this years trend of bandana neck scarves is such a fun and lively way to dress up any outfit.  Yes any outfit, you can tie one on with a cute little white dress and a pair of converse even.  Synonymous with cowboys and farm hands for keeping them cool in the long hot summer sun, they have long been a fashion statement.  Depending on where you live they could even represent what group of people you hang with.... but let's not go there.  Keep your bandana out of your back pocket!  Ranging in a rainbow of colors you can add several to your accessories closet without breaking the bank however, if you're looking for a dressier bandana scarf perhaps of silk I linked to one of those beauties below as well.  Urban Outfitters, Hobby Lobby, and Nordstrom all carry these fun scarfs.  It's supper easy to tie, simply roll it from one corner to the other and loosely wrap around your neck and make a knot leaving a little bit of a tail with the ends.  Pull on the scarf gently where it is wrapped around your neck to create a bit of fullness and voila'! 
I added my jean jacket for a casual look but as I mentioned earlier, you can dress this trend up or down depending on the occasion.  What do you think of bandana scarfs?  Would you wear this trend?

Jean Jacket  //  White Tee  //  Distress Denim Exact here  (Options here and here)  //  Bandana Scarf  (Also here, and here)  //  Converse sneakers  //  Sunnies  //  Leopard Bag  //  Cuff  //  Bangles  // Lipstick

Neck Scarfs

April 15, 2016

Happy Friday.  I am sharing a little something new style wise today,  but actually it really is an older style.  I have to admit, when I first saw a friend wearing a neck scarf I didn't pay too much attention to it.  Then I started seeing more woman wearing their scarf as a neck scarf and it was very chic.  We all love scarves and if you're like me you have way too many of them, but do you have any neck scarfs?  The shorter, thinner usually silk scarfs? Well grab yourself some this year because they are back and so fun to style.  It's a bit of a throwback to the late 50's and early 60's for sure and depending on how you style yours, you could end up adding a touch of vintage flair to your outfit if you say.... style your neck scarf with a midi skirt and cardigan.  You could look like you are headed to lunch with June Cleaver if you add scarf to your a A line dress and pumps.  Bring your neck scarf up to date and add it to your outfit casually with jeans, shorts, or even style it with a jean jacket.

Think of this accessory as your pop of color to your outfit, but  remember however you decide to style your scarf you can bet you will be chic. I pulled the fuchsia from my neck scarf with my new Jill Brodeur suede clutch.  I shared this fabulous designer earlier this week with and you may read about her here.  





Shorts (On Sale)  //  Tunic (Similar)  //  Sandals  //  Scarf  //  Jill Brodeur Monogram Clutch c/o  //  Cuff  //  Sunnies  //

Pink Gingham

April 14, 2016
In this topsy turvy weather we like to call spring it can sometimes be challenging to pull your outfit together.  When that happens I always like to revert to comfort.  Now comfort doesn't mean you have to fore go style.  It simply means go with what feel good on you and will make you feel good about yourself.  For me that is pink.  Fighting the winds as usual here I am sharing what would be a typical look for me at least one day of the week.   

Versatile items in my wardrobe such as gingham shirts is a great color addition to add to your outfit. These tops are so versatile and pretty much can be worn year round.  I have layered them under sweaters, with cardigans, buttoned up alone, and as I am here as an open layer to a white tee.   What would you consider to be a few of your versatile items in your wardrobe?

Gingham top (Options here, here, and here)  //  Pants  //  Shoes  (Options) //  Sunnies  //  Necklace c/o  //  Cuff  //  Tee  //  Lipstick  //  Watch  //

Jill Brodeur Custom Bags

April 12, 2016

I first notice Jill Brodeur's designs by accident.  I honestly can't remember what I was searching for on Etsy when her designs showed up.  It was love at first sight.  Not only was I drawn by her use of vibrant colors, but I loved her technique for adding the perfect monogram!  Is there really such thing as a perfect monogram?  Wouldn't all monograms be perfect?  Ha! I am introducing you to Jill Brodeur today and know you will love her designs as much as I do.  Featured on Etsy's Blog back in December which you can read the entire post here, she was featured for her designs which were recognized for the craftsmanship and quality she brings to each bag or item she creates by hand. 

Inspired by her surroundings, Jill has always been a creative person.  Experimenting with a variety of mediums she was always open to learn.  With her first taste of design school as a fine arts major and an intense course in accessories, she knew she had found her love.  Switching up her major she was well on her way to creating her own style and design. To Jill, one of her most important pieces of inspiration comes from the leather itself.  From the texture to the color of the leather, she begins there for the initial inspiration and test it out.  Each item is made by hand and she takes great pride in her work.  As Jill states: "her hands and her heart touch every part of the process."

I love my custom monogram bag Jill sent me and the vibrant fuchsia is so fun.  Lined in silk, it is the perfect size for your evening essentials for a night out or a quick day tip of errands.  

Starting her line with just the monogram clutch, she soon found out her technique was perfect for other designs as well.  Adding several other designs to her line she continues to grow and add new items frequently.  Her dream of creating a more personalized accessory was coming true. 
 This pink and gold trinket tray is perfect for my desktop and it's available in other colors too.  

Mother's Day is coming soon and if you are looking for a perfect gift that will be sure to make an impression you should check out Jill Brodeur and even pick yourself up a little something too.  I already have my eye on her gold clutch and large bright pink leather clutch. 

Transitioning into Spring

April 11, 2016

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  I spent mine enjoying time at home and catching up.  It felt so good to get caught on and head into the week with a clean to do list.  Tuesday is The Blog Guild's Spring meet up and I am anxious to meet so many new members.  Speaking of spring, I wanted to share this spring sweater with you.  It's on sale right now and comes in a few colors too.  It is the perfect weight for transitioning into spring. I know we are always talking about seasonal transitioning and spring is here, but in all actuality we are headed into rainy season.  So we have about 30 more days before we will really be able to enjoy spring.  I will take the few fleeting days between the rainy days for now.  

Style Tip:  Add a long necklace when layered with a V neck to compliment the neckline.  I added my Shop Mad Jewels Stefi necklace and it is available in several color combinations. It is lightweight and so cute.  

Adding a few lightweight sweaters that are versatile enough to wear during the day with shorts then switch up to jeans in the cooler evenings will be a good addition to your wardrobe.  When fall roles around I will use these same transitional sweaters to transition into the cooler fall night.  You better grab them while they are on sale and pick up one in every color too! 





Stripes Sweater On Sale   //  Distress Denim (Options here and here on Sale )  //  Sandals  //  Necklace c/o  //  Bracelet  //  Sunnies //  Cuyana Tote  //  Earrings  //

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