Bandana Neck Scarf Trend

April 19, 2016

Style is something you have that represents who you are, but trends come and go.  One of this years trend of bandana neck scarves is such a fun and lively way to dress up any outfit.  Yes any outfit, you can tie one on with a cute little white dress and a pair of converse even.  Synonymous with cowboys and farm hands for keeping them cool in the long hot summer sun, they have long been a fashion statement.  Depending on where you live they could even represent what group of people you hang with.... but let's not go there.  Keep your bandana out of your back pocket!  Ranging in a rainbow of colors you can add several to your accessories closet without breaking the bank however, if you're looking for a dressier bandana scarf perhaps of silk I linked to one of those beauties below as well.  Urban Outfitters, Hobby Lobby, and Nordstrom all carry these fun scarfs.  It's supper easy to tie, simply roll it from one corner to the other and loosely wrap around your neck and make a knot leaving a little bit of a tail with the ends.  Pull on the scarf gently where it is wrapped around your neck to create a bit of fullness and voila'! 
I added my jean jacket for a casual look but as I mentioned earlier, you can dress this trend up or down depending on the occasion.  What do you think of bandana scarfs?  Would you wear this trend?

Jean Jacket  //  White Tee  //  Distress Denim Exact here  (Options here and here)  //  Bandana Scarf  (Also here, and here)  //  Converse sneakers  //  Sunnies  //  Leopard Bag  //  Cuff  //  Bangles  // Lipstick

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