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March 28, 2016
Sorry, I was a bit MIA last week.  It's a busy time for The Blog Guild and between work, scheduling events and life I didn't get any of my scheduled post up.  We won't even mention that it was snowing when we woke up Easter morning.  Luckily it didn't stick or accumulate and the weather is planning to be nice  the rest of the week, so that's nice.  We will start this week with Spring dresses.  I am really loving all the playful dresses this spring and these are a few that I would love to own.  I plan on wearing more dresses through the spring and into summer.  They are such an easy way to dress up or down with a few minor adjustments to your accessories.   The whole trend of wearing sneakers with your dresses is okay by me too!  I love sandals and can't own enough so the more opportunities to wear cute lace up or wedge sandals the better. 

Off the Shoulder  //  Hot pink slim flare  // Paint splatter dress  //  Black and White Arrow grid  //   Chiffon Maxi //  polka dot  //  Wrap tie shirt dress 

Wednesday Wants - Edition 3.3

March 16, 2016
I am loving all the styles of fabulous wedges this season.  Not all wedges are created equal.  There are wood, rope, tie up, lace up.... you pretty much get the idea.  Today I have rounded up a few favorites that have caught my eye.  I am loving the color #7 but they are hard to find but I linked to them anyway and they are available in another color combination as well.  If I had to chose favorites I would go with #5 and #8 for comfort, #6 and #7 obviously for great color, and #4 and #9 for the great ankle strap.  What are your favorite picks?

1 //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5 //  6  //  7 //   8  //  9  

Striped Trapeze Dress

March 14, 2016
I generally shy away from anything A line, also called a trapeze or swing dress.  I know people say its a flattering cut and "hides" what every you want hidden, but I have never been a fan of the trapeze style.  I think it stems from the stigma of maternity outfits and styles when I was pregnant many moons ago.  Styles for pregnancies now sure have changes.  I spotted this striped dress on my last trip through Target and decided to give it a try.  Don't ask me why other than I think the stripes grabbed me and I was sucked in!!  I actually loved it and want to go back and pick up a few of the solid dresses too.  That's not to say that all A line cuts, or a trapeze dress are created equal.  I know the length of the dress plays an important part in the flare of the dress.  

Style Tip: Opt for a small horizontal stripe to compliment your figure.  If the stripes are wide a vertical  direction will be equally flattering. 

I am on the hunt for a pink dress now.  Not a soft pale pink and not a neon, more like a hot pink.  I will let you know if I have any luck finding one. What is something you are looking to add to your wardrobe this spring?   






Dress (Options one, two)  //  Nude Sandals (options one, two)  //  Tassel Necklace c/o  (Option)  //  Cuyana Tote  //  Earrings  //  Bracelet  //  Watch  //  Sunnies  // 

How to layer a Tee Dress for Spring

March 11, 2016
It's jacket weather and that means light layers and versatile outfits. Another day... another great tee dress and a little role reversal from yesterdays pink and green. Although I am about the only color in these outfit pics due to spring hasn't fully sprung it still is great.  Blazers are making a big comeback this season and flow unstructured is the way to go.  A jean jacket is a timeless accessory and will go with about anything.... actually I think it does go with everything.  Anyway, if you are looking to add a few light jackets this season I have linked to a few favorites below that I love.  

Style Tip:  When shopping for a jacket pay close attention to where it hits you on your hips and always try the jacket on with flats and heels.  The change in heel height will visually make a difference in where the jacket hits.  

I also want to share with you how much I love this Shop Mad Jewels Celine necklace.  I purchased it last fall and I am so glad as this color was limited edition.  She does offer several other color options and you will love the bright orange for a fun summer color.  I love her turquoise mini Celine and think I may have to get it too!   The mini Celine necklace is shorter and would be perfect for tanks and sleeveless dress.  







Tee Shirt Dress  // Nude Sandals (options one, two) //  Earrings  //  Sunnies  //  Jean Jacket  //  Clutch  //  Cuff c/o  //  Necklace  //   Lipstick  //   Jacket option one, two, three 

Hot Pink Tee Dress

March 10, 2016
I have always loved pink and green together and love this preppy spring outfit I pulled together.  This tee dress is from last season and I am already on the hunt for a few this year.  A tee dress is a great way to stay casual yet still add a flare of put together in your outfit.  Versatile enough to pair with a nude heel to a pair of converse, a tee dress is a must for transitional months.  As usual.... fighting the wind for these pic today so the dress appears to have more movement than it generally would.  I am so happy we are on the cusp of endless days of sandals.  I struggle with wearing closed toe shoes and will always opt for a sandal or at least a mule or slide.  I know I have shared my Clare V Sandrine a lot recently but it really is a great bag.  I love how roomy it is and it is a great accessory to almost any outfit I put together.  I will need to give it a summer break because I think it's a little heavy for all the bright colors and shorts weather I am hoping arrives soon.  Do you have a favorite summer bag?





Tee Shirt Dress  //  Nude Sandals(Options one, two)  //  Sunnies  //  Bracelets  //  Leopard Bag  //  Watch  //  Earrings  //  Necklace c/o  //  Lipstick  // 

Wednesday Wants

March 09, 2016
This weeks Wednesday Wants are summer fun.   Spring break is next week and it's time to get the party started! I love this flat top hat and while shopping their site, wait for it.... they have a pink hat too!!  I squealed a little when I saw it!  Now I can't get hasty, there is some thought that has to go into purchasing a pink hat.  Like.... how much can I truly wear it? and where would I wear it?  But it is pink after all.  Stay tune to see if it shows up here!  This swimsuit is pretty awesome.  It pretty much is the best of both worlds.... a two piece and a one piece at the sale time.  I am still a two piece gal but every year I look around the pool to make sure I haven't over stayed my bikini welcome if ya know what I mean. These sandals are a great dupe for the every popular and pricey Valentino's so you should definitely look into grabbing a pair of these.  

A trip to the pool or beach wouldn't be complete without a great bag.  This bright and colorful bag is a nice unstructured bag to fill to the brim with snacks, lotions, and towels. I have a thing for bags you know.  What are your plans for spring break? 

Hat   //  Beach Dress  //  Swim Suit   //  Sandals  //  Bag  //  Sunnies

Stripes and Polka Dot Fashion

March 03, 2016

One of the easiest pattern combinations to mix are stripes and polka dots.  The first rule for pattern mixing is size of patterns you are pairing together should be different scales.  The wide stripes of my sweater compliment the small polka dots of this fun jersey dress.  You may read my entire post on pattern mixing here.  If you want to add a pop of color to this outfit, I would suggest pairing a leopard heel then bring in your color with your bag with this look.   Another option would be a leopard scarf.  I paired my Clare V bag for this daytime look.

Style tip:  Leopard is a neutral but a little bit goes a long way.

These shoes are not available this season unfortunately, but I did find a similar pair and linked to them below.  I can still pull off my wool hat for a few more weeks but then it will time to switch up to my panama hat for a lighter look with warmer temps.  Are you as excited as I am for spring weather?  My legs, (as proof by these pictures) haven't seen much sunlight and I am longing for a sun filled warm day to fill me with vitamin D.

Take a peek at how two other ladies styled this polka dot dress by following this link to Tulip Facebook page.  While you are there you can vote for my look too please and thank you!!    






Cardigan(Extra 40% off) //  Dress c/o  //  Shoes-Sold Out (These are great)  //  Bag  //  Sunnies  //  Necklace  //  Hat  //  Earrings  //  Watch  // 

Army Green Utility Jacket

March 01, 2016
Happy March!  It's a busy month full of birthdays for me.  Two of my boys, one grandson, and my best friend all have birthdays this month!  Eekkkk......  Time seems to be just flying by and temperatures are a bit unpredictable.  Jackets are a great addition to your outfit.  This army green utility jacket is lightweight and extremely versatile.  Paired with my Madewell striped shirt dress and this super fun bandana scarf, I loved the casual feel the jacket added to my outfit.  I paired my Clare V Sandrine bag adding leopard as a fun neutral to spice up my outfit a little.  This look would also be fun paired with a pair of converse sneakers, or even a open toe leather sandal.  I wish these cream J Crew mule slides were available this year in more options but I linked to a similar pair of cream mules.  These tassels on my mules kind of remind me of I Dream of Jeanie's shoes; she had little silk mules with tassels on them.  

I cleaned out my closet recently of anything and everything I didn't wear or use.  It was a slow start but once I got rolling it was pretty easy to make decisions to get rid of things.  Walking back into a clean closet with items that I really wear and love feels so good.  It is a rewarding feeling and allows me a better ability to pair up items for great outfits.  I have always loved shopping my closet and sharing my outfits with you without ever having to make new purchases to stay current on trends or styles.  Shopping smart and buying items that are both functional and versatile makes for a good investment.  

Striped dress (Similar here and here)  //  Utility jacket (Available in several colors)  //  Shoes (similar)  //   Sunnies  //  Bag  // Watch  //  Scarf (similar here, and here)  Earrings  //  Cuff  //  

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