Wednesday Wants

March 09, 2016

This weeks Wednesday Wants are summer fun.   Spring break is next week and it's time to get the party started! I love this flat top hat and while shopping their site, wait for it.... they have a pink hat too!!  I squealed a little when I saw it!  Now I can't get hasty, there is some thought that has to go into purchasing a pink hat.  Like.... how much can I truly wear it? and where would I wear it?  But it is pink after all.  Stay tune to see if it shows up here!  This swimsuit is pretty awesome.  It pretty much is the best of both worlds.... a two piece and a one piece at the sale time.  I am still a two piece gal but every year I look around the pool to make sure I haven't over stayed my bikini welcome if ya know what I mean. These sandals are a great dupe for the every popular and pricey Valentino's so you should definitely look into grabbing a pair of these.  

A trip to the pool or beach wouldn't be complete without a great bag.  This bright and colorful bag is a nice unstructured bag to fill to the brim with snacks, lotions, and towels. I have a thing for bags you know.  What are your plans for spring break? 

Hat   //  Beach Dress  //  Swim Suit   //  Sandals  //  Bag  //  Sunnies

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