How to make Burlap Leaves

September 18, 2015


I decided to end the week with a quick fall DIY.  I shared these leaves in my Metallic Pumpkins giveaway post earlier this week.... If you haven't entered yet no worries there is still time; click here and enter to win a trio of pumpkins of your choice!  These leaves were super easy and can be completed in one afternoon. 


Burlap - I picked mine up at Target with the gold flecks
Mod Podge - Watered down glue would work too
Shapes of leaves
Fine tip sharpie

I gathered leaves from the park, but you could also google leaf shapes and find a few samples.  

Next I traced the shapes on my burlap as close as possible to minimize waste.  In order to keep the edges from fraying I lightly coated the edge of the shapes with mod podge.  

Once dry, I cut out all my leaves. 

Now for the interesting step.  I wanted to add color but didn't want to cover my gold flecks.  I mixed several colors together or reds, oranges, yellows, and browns to color the tips of the leaves.  Then I went back over the edges of the leaves with my finger and tipped them in gold for a little shimmer.  Once they were dry and I was pleased with the mottled colors I lined the leaves with veins.



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