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August 31, 2016

So I have been home from vacation now for a few weeks and while the thought of putting away my sundresses and sandals is sooner than I would like,  I have incorporated my bralettes nicely into my weekend wear.  I am truly so happy I found a brand that is comfortable to wear all day.  My favorite is the Cosabella racerback.  I also love the Free People halter bralette and own it in several colors.   For as long as I can remember I have worn underwire bras but lately I have noticed the wires being a bit uncomfortable.  I am so glad I switched it up.  Enough of bra talk... lets discuss fall transition for a bit.  I know, I know, you're not suppose to wear white after labor day and that is this weekend.  Well I call BS on that faux pas.  White can be worn all fall if you layer it correct.  Instead of a bright tee or top switch it out for a long sleeve tee in a more each tone color.  Add a scarf to create a light layer and switch up your sandals for a heeled peep toe bootie.  What would you wear with your white jeans to transition them for fall? 

Style Tip:  Add a pop of color to your outfit by layering your bralette in a bright fun color with your tee or top.  You actually want your straps to show a little.  It's a great accessory with a hint of color and lace.  

Tee  //  Jeans   //  Bralette  //  Sunnies  //  Sandals  //  Bag  //  Earrings  //  Bangle Bracelets similar beads here

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Pink Tie Dye Sun Dress

August 29, 2016
Happy Monday, we made it through the weekend!  As my vacation was coming to an end, we attempted to visit all the favorite spots in and around Palm Beach.  Worth Avenue being one of these spots. The shopping is comparable to Rodeo Drive; just with prettier views of the ocean in my opinion!  All of your high end designer shops are on Worth Avenue as well as some darling boutiques.  I actually love the small boutiques and what you may find that is not as easily spotted on so many other fashionable woman.  This dress is a boutique find.  I spotted it in the window and dragged Gayle in and she agreed it was darling and looked like me.  I love the print somewhere between a tie dye and a batik. 

 If you remember before I left on my trip, I shared my new Mezzi Cosima bag on my instagram, (follow me on instagram  here if you don't already) and all the features this little cross body holds.  Like a blue tooth for your phone, and a mini speaker to play your music.  It even has a light inside to see in dimly lit locations.  But what makes this bag the coolest is it's ability to fully charge your phone up to three full times!  So if you're running low on juice because you have snap chatted the entire evening.... (we did several times) no worries, just plug your phone into your bag on the go and charge up!  I have been a fan of the entire Mezzi line for a while now so to finally own one is awesome!!  I now want to have the Mezzi      Carezza bag too!

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Blue Tank Dress with Cosabella Lace

August 23, 2016

Happy Tuesday.  I am still in full summer mode and as I go through all my vacation pictures I am really not ready to say goodbye to summer anytime soon.  We have had some unseasonably cool temperatures; morning lows 59 and 60's!  It's flat out scary to think fall is so close.  I have always loved summer and the warmer temperatures, but I do love fall once it is on full swing.  Let's hope I still feel that way this year after such a fabulously warm time in southern Florida.  When you think of layering you generally tend to think fall or spring.  Think cardigans and blanket scarfs.   Well today I am layering in the heat of summer and I love it!  

I mentioned my new found Cosabella racerback bralettes when I shared my Cold Shoulder dress with you.  Today I am showing you all the pretty little details; not to mention the back views.  I love the delicate feel of my dress and paired with the lace it's a feminine look for sure.  I knew that pairing this gorgeous chunky Ashley Pittman necklace would be the perfect statement necklace. Made of hammered brass links intertwined with horn, it is stunning.   My earrings, also Ashley Pittman, are lightweight and so versatile.  I love accessories that work across different seasons as well as able to dress up or down.  These are the perfect statement earrings. 

Dress  options here and here  //  Ashley Pittman Necklace  c/o  //  Cosabella Racerback bralette  //  Ashley Pittman Bracelets  c/o  //  Ashley Pittman Earrings c/o  //  Celine Sunnies  //  LV Bag  //  Gold  Sandals  //  Lipstick  

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How to Design a Custom Swimsuit with Kini Swimwear

August 22, 2016

Swimsuit struggles can sometimes stop you in your tracks.  Finding the perfect bikini can be so hard and the thought of dressing room mirrors and wondering if you look good in your suit is down right frightening.   We all want to have the latest trend with our suits, but we don't want to compromise on quality and fit.   Who has shown up at the pool to find another person in your exact suit?  (Awkward... especially if the other girl turns out to be some high school or college gal)  I first discovered Kini Swimwear when doing my own research for the "perfect" suit. There is no such thing as perfect, there is only perfect for you!!

Founders Em and Elle, had the same struggles.  That is why they decided it was time to make a change for the way we shop for suits.  Launched in 2010, Kini Swimwear is a website that allows you, the customer to design your suit.  You select the style, prints, colors and size.  It was such a fun process to go through.  I must have created 5 or  6 different styles before I finally had to make a decision... trust me it was hard to just create one suit.  When I saw the fun turquoise and polka dots, and the gingham I knew what I wanted my suit to look like.  An affordable solution to an otherwise task most of us dread every season.  I love my suit and I am so glad I stepped out of my typical colors of pinks and blacks and went with blues! 

Swim Suit c/o //  Sunnies  //  Lipstick  //  Bracelets ( We made them!)  

The website is very easy to use and making your selections is a snap with images to help you mix and match your top and bottom.  The real fun begins once you have decided on a suit style and you begin adding the little touches!  Want a frill on your top? No problem.  How about a halter top rather than a bra strap?  Again, no problem.  And for your bottoms?.... well there is a style for everyone.  Add ties at your hips, or maybe you prefer a ruffle... for me it was a fold over waistband.   Truly the only thing you need is an imagination and you're set to design!  If you have trouble selecting, they even help you with a style based on your body shape.  My favorite feature is the top not only is sized by your bust, it also includes your cup size!  Yay for larger breast!

So here are a few tips for creating your own custom suit design.

  • Don't order based off of your size.  Take your measurements and compare them to the size chart.  Note... Australian sizing is stated as smaller numbers than in US sizing so don't let that trip you up that the "size" you order sounds tooooo big.  I fell for this until I measured myself! We tend to let a number on a size label dictate how we should look and feel about our self.  Not true.
  • Get Creative.  Step outside of your normal style or color preference and design something truly unique!  That's the fun with Kini Swimwear.  It is truly a one of a kind for you; each Kini Swimwear is made to order based off of the specifications you selected.
  • Give yourself enough time to receive your new Kini Swimwear suit.  It takes approximately 21 days from order to receive your new suit. 
  • Plan on going somewhere fun because you will love you new suit that much!  Remember, it's always sunny and 85 somewhere!

Cold Shoulder

August 19, 2016
When traveling to a climate that is different than yours you tend to play the guessing game with what to pack.  You think of what would seem to be ideal for the beach climate, and hot temperatures but inevitably you still run the risk of looking like a tourist; something I avoid at all cost.  The only over packing I did was with my shorts and tanks. I didn't wear a single pair!  Summer dresses are the way to go and so comfortable.  This cold shoulder dress is perfect for the beach environment.  It is breezy, lightweight, and has a fun bell sleeve.

Style Tip:  When wearing a cold shoulder or off the shoulder dress or top add a bandeau or bralette for added coverage and a wee bit of support.  Note:  these are not intended to replace your full support bras.  They are merely an added feature to your outfit while giving you a little coverage.  The beauty is there are no straps to keep covered and they don't slip down like a traditional strapless bra would.  I love the Cosabella racer back bralette and bandeau in a multitude of colors.  I shared one look on my instagram here with the back details of mine.   I own several of each and ordered a few more.  You can never have enough of a selection!

Cold Shoulder Dress  //  Bandeau  //  Hat  //  Sunnies  //  Ashley Pittman Necklace  c/o  //  Ashley Pittman Pendant c/o  (Option)  //  Ashley Pittman Earrings  c/o (Similar)   (Options)  //  Ashley Pittman Bracelets  c/o //  Lipstick  //  Gold Sandals  

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Vacationing in Key West

August 18, 2016
While I have several other outfits to share with you from my trip to Key West and Palm Beach, I want to share with you today a little of the trip itself.  As I have mentioned before, Gayle and I have been best friends for over 26 years.  We were married within a few months of each other, we were pregnant with our second child within 4 months of each other, and well believe it or not, got divorced within a year of each other.  So when we talk about what we have been through the other can truly relate!  Through the years there have been many girl friends of ours that have wanted to capture the essence of our friendship. Weather it was with one of us, or their own friend, we couldn't duplicate it for them.  A treasured friend who knows you is something everyone should have. 

We have taken many girls trips over the years.  There were road trips to Dallas a few times and Atlanta, and then we took other trips to Las Vegas and Acapulco, not to mention the numerous times we traveled to Mexico City and Taxco. When we first started talking about me coming to visit Palm Beach a road trip was almost immediately in the plans. Both of us beach lovers.... it only seemed right to go south to Key West.  We weren't settling on Key Largo or Islamorada either.  We wanted the full trip down to the southern most point!  It was only a four hour drive too!  I flew in and we spent the first two days in Palm Beach.  Early Monday Morning we headed out on our road trip!  If you follow me on snap chat then you saw what a trip it was too!!  The one constant in our relationship is laughter; there is never a shortage of it.   We enjoyed the scenic drive across all the causeways and bridges and arrived in Key West before noon. We had no reservations and only a plan.  Typical us! 

A little travel tip:  If you show up in a resort location and walk in for a room the chances of scoring a great bargain is almost guaranteed. Here's the thing, you walk in and ask for a room and they check availability.  Once they tell you there is a room you can begin to deal with them.  The room would have been empty without you as a walk in so to book with you is better than it remaining empty!  We ended up with a full ocean view room in a mini suite with a wrap around balcony for less than half price!  Not a bad deal at all!  We even had our resort fees and parking waived and  complimentary beverages pool side for our stay! I will share the resort we chose in another post. 

 We spent three days and two nights in Key West and it was wonderful.  We enjoyed Duval Street in the morning for a stroll and breakfast, the pool in the afternoon, and then back down Duval street for dinner and people watching!  It's a great place to people watch! 

 For sunsets it doesn't get any better.  You get to watch the sun rise over the  ocean horizon and then it set in the evening dipping into the ocean again.

 People line up about 45 minutes prior to sunset to watch this beautiful display and you can see why. There is something magical to watching the sun set into the ocean. 

Tomorrow I am sharing another favorite vacation dress!  

Summer Sun Dress

August 16, 2016

Summer is by far my favorite season and the beach is  by far my favorite place to be.  When the two are combined it's fabulous.   My vacation was a perfect combination of beach and pool time, girl time, and of course road trips!  I flew into Orlando and Gayle drove there to pick me up.  We planned on spending the day at Down Town Disney.  There were a few favorite toys I wanted to pick up for my youngest grandson who is turning four in a few weeks.  Well let me just say.... inland Florida is not where you want to be in August!  It was hot and humid.    We spent a good part of the day shopping before we decided it was time to head back to her home in Palm Beach.  It was about a two hour drive and our first road trip of the vacation!   We unpacked cleaned up and headed out to a few of her favorite places and met up with friends. We spent Sunday in Palm Beach enjoying the pool and beach and first thing Monday we headed out for our second road trip of the vacation to Key West.  

 I wore this sundress on our first day in Key West when we went walking around town and down Duval Street.  One of the things I love about this dress is how comfortable is it and the fun details to the twist t-back strap.  Anytime you are near the beach you can pretty much be guaranteed a good breeze.  My Ashley Pittman  cutout earrings were perfect for the ocean breeze. They are lightweight and so versatile.  I think I wore them the entire trip as well as my stack of Ashley Pittman horn and hammered brass bracelets.  They are lightweight; the only way to wear bracelets in the heat in my opinion.   It was gorgeous in Key West and sun dresses are the most comfortable things to wear in the heat.  After a day in the pool in the Keys we snapped  pictures on our balcony.  Isn't this the most gorgeous view?  I will be sharing where we stayed and all about the resort a little later.  But this view.... 

Dress Options here, here, and here  //  Bandeau  //  Earrings  Similar  //  Necklace  //  Pendant  //  Bracelets  //  Sunglasses

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