Rustic Cuff // Gold Geometric

March 29, 2013
What a fabulous giveaway this week!  I traveled home a few weeks ago, and had the pleasure of sitting down one afternoon for a visit with Jill of Rustic Cuff!  Remember this post where I first introduced you to her

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, and we sat in her gorgeous office, the smell of leather all around me, and the beauty of an entire wall lined with cuffs to learn a little more about the line, and the fabulous woman behind the designs She gave me a tour of her new office and manufacturing rooms and I couldn't help but touch so many hides and skins loving the textures of them all!  She shared how she moved off her guest bedroom floor, and into  this beautiful office by sharing a cuff for a friend named Stella! 

Jill is the kind of person that would do anything for you.  A devoted mother to two beautiful daughters, she incorporates their ideas and opinions into her cuffs.  I love that she is teaching her girls at an early age the art of entrepreneurship.  I can assure you that if I still lived in Tulsa, she and I would run around together!  She is spunky, thoughtful, and driven.  She has designs that regularly make an appearance on the arms of Kathy Lee Gifford, Hoda, and Miranda Lambert, just to name a few! Well, and mine too! 

Jill so kindly gave me two, yes two, gold geometric cuffs to share with my followers, and I am offering them both to you guys!  eeeeekkk, are you excited? 

So use the rafflecopter form below and enter, and remember to follow the instructions so all your entries count! 

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Travel Essentials//Stephanie Johnson

March 28, 2013
It is no surprise I love jewelry.  What girl doesn't right? So when I travel its important to have the right accessories along for the right outfits.  Stephanie Johnson sent me this beautiful traveler bag to style, and style I did! Beauty on the outside, and full up on the inside! 

There is so much goodness going on in this pic, I hope you can keep up!  The Ropes Maine    *Oia Jules triple pave * Flora Gold Wire Bfrend *  Linz Gutz sideways cross * Alexandra Beth Blue Agate necklace * Fine and Funky Snow Leopard cuff *Swell Caroline  Mulit Chain gold bracelet *Glitter and Pearls Skulls *Multiple Tiffany's,  and my private collection.  

So maybe I over pack a little....... Naahhhhh! Accessories are only the enemy when your flying and you go thru security.  I get some strange looks when my bag goes thru the xray machine.  And more often than not, the bag gets opened! I love the two zipper compartments in the middle of the bag that snap out for easy access.  One of the side pockets has a detachable mirror, and the other side has a clear pouch that detaches as well!  

It all fit, nice and snug!  And another great thing about traveling with this bag, is it slips perfectly into those safes they have in your hotel rooms too!  Stephanie Johnson has a wide variety of colors and styles, and I can't wait to continue adding to my collection of travel accessory bags! 

Do you have any Stephanie Johnson bags?  Leave me a comment and tell me how you use yours! 

Stephanie Johnson sent me this bag to style, but all views and opinions, are mine, and you better believe if I didn't like something I would let you know! 

Four Favorites//Beach Attire

March 27, 2013

Swim top   Swim Bottoms       Cover up      Sandals     Bag

I decided that I should start channeling thoughts of spring and maybe, just maybe, it might show up!  Have you started thinking about swimsuit season?  My son this past weekend reminded Anna and I that we only had two months left before it was time to be in a bikini!! yikes!  Well if I am going to dream of the beach, what better way than with this suit!  I tend to always gravitate to a paisley print on at least one of my suits, and you better believe at  least another suit I have will be pink!  Ohhhh, just looking at this whole combination makes me so anxious for warmer weather.  

I have to admit, out of all of my sisters, I have four, I am the biggest sun worshipper of us all!  I can spend the entire day at the pool lounging, reading, listening to music, and laughing with my girlfriends. I love to be in the water, and prefer the beach over a lake.  This summer I might just spend the majority of my time in the kiddie pool with a certain water baby I know!  

 This cover up is so cute, I would even wear it for more than just a cover up too! Throw a cute tank on under it, add these flip flops, pack your suit in the straw bag, and head out for a fun afternoon! Ahhhh, dreaming of what is to come! I am in desperate need of some vitamin D sunshine!   What are you dreaming of?

It is Wednesday, and that means four favorites link up!  Get to it and check them out! 

Black & White//Tie Dye

March 26, 2013
Soooo, about this face! This would be the look of someone sick of snow, and ready for spring!  We knew it was in the forecast for Saturday and had a few errands to run so we headed out to see what we could get done before the snow.  I really didn't think it was going to start until much later in the day.  Wouldn't you know it we were at the mall when it hit and had to leave.  Not happy, not happy at all!  It was triple rewards at Nordstroms this weekend too! 

But here you can see I have embraced the snow!  I decided we would take outfit pics just as I had warned might happen on last Thursday's post! Hey its a little snow, now a white out.  No, the white out happened about two hours after these were taken!   We now have about 8 inches on the ground again.  

The best part of the day? My new Karen Kane jeans and dolman sleeve tie dye top!  I love that my new skinny jeans have just the right amount of give to them to be able to move with me and not bind.  So many jeans these days are cut to hit low on the hips, or else high on the waist, but these hit comfortably in the middle.  So comfortable!  My tie dye top is soooo soft too!  It is a light and comfortable with 3/4 dolman sleeves.  If it wasn't so cold I would have taken my jacket off to share, but you can bet this top will be on rotation and then you will get to see for sure!  And the best part is its length!!  It is long enough it hits me without making me look squatty! Yes I said squatty! At only 5'4, the length of tops and dresses are uber important!

Karen Kane Jeans c/o/ Karen Kane Top c/o / Leather Jacket old / Fur lined gloves old / Anne Klein Boots (similar) / Chanel Sunglasses / The silver Wren Necklace c/o / Lips Chanel #57

So, are you as ready for spring as I am? I cannot wait to dig in the garden, plant flowers, and maybe see green grass, instead of white everything! 

Envy Designs Chicago

March 25, 2013

I recently was introduced to Envy Designs Chicago and love their designs!  I love the play on patterns with these earrings and necklace paired with this dress and flats from Madewell! What a perfect spring day this would be! 

 Affordable, fun, fashionable jewelry for woman of all ages!  And the best part is you receive a 20% discount off one item when you order by entering the code PERIDOTSKYS at checkout.    

Pewter flat beads     Dress                      Pearls and Black onyx   Dress   

Soul Peaces

March 22, 2013
As I browse thru Etsy, I am always amazed at the talent that is out in the world, and for so long before Etsy was around, we had no way of discovering these finds without word of mouth, or a friend!  I love Etsy, and all the doors it opens to artist, and designers following their dreams and using their talents!  Meet this week's Fridays Feature, Heather, of Soul Peaces.  In her own words, "Soulful jewelry thats a little rough around the edges".

Upcyling sterling silver and oxidized cable chain, all of Heather's designs are personally handcrafted.  Taking a class in 2004 in metal fabrication, she knew she was hooked as soon as she picked up the torch! With every design hand cut, and uniquely her own, she only sells her designs as individual pieces, not charms or in bulk, and many are one-of-a-kinds!  Every design has a special soulful meaning behind it that I am sure you will treasure forever.  Here are just a few of my absolute favorites in her shop! Oh my, that moon and three stars is perfect for me with three sons!  I definitely need that!

Inspired by her deep love of nature, and music, Heather's creative Pisces heart is close.  Living in Southern California, she loves the ocean, (Me too) vintage and industrial, of course the moon and stars, and!  We would definetely hang out if I was a Southern Cali gal too!

you will want to take some time to check out all Heather's designs, then enter below in the rafflecopter form to win a unique sterling silver personalized lotus blossom petal necklace!  I love how dainty mine is!

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Pink Leopard Scarf

March 21, 2013

One of my favorite accessories is a scarf!  They are just the right amount of color to an otherwise boring outfit.  I wore this outfit when I was home in Tulsa a few weeks back on a beautiful sunny day.  Unlike here today, with a rain and snow storm moving in..... again!  I am so over winter. Oh please spring, won't you come and stay?  

So if I start posting outfit pics in a blizzard, don't mind me, it's mother natures fault! 

Four Favorites//Get Fit

March 20, 2013

Water Bottle   Skirt    Shoes   Words

Happy Wednesday lovelies!  I was MIA yesterday, off enjoying a day of spring break!!  My sis in law, niece and her kids were in town and we spent the day at Sea Life, and Lego Land.  We had a great time, and I will be taking my other grandsons back there as soon as they get to Kansas is 5 weeks!  As soon as I filter thru the almost 200 pics I took, I will be sharing this adventure with you!  

This weeks four favorites are all about getting fit.  I purchased a treadmill last week so I could start conditioning on the cold days, (which we are still have several of) in the garage.  My walking buddy, Amy, is trying to talk me into a half marathon next year, and if I even want to think about entertaining the idea, I am going to need to get focused! 

I can't wait to hit the pavement in 75 degree weather, and this running skirt is caaaaauuuuttte! Love the ruffle butt too!  I drink alot of water in the summer, and I found this glass water bottle to be perfect! Now I know what your thinking, glass? not conducive to sporting around!  Drinking out of a plastic bottle can change the way your water taste, and when its hot, and you need hydrated, taste is super important! 

Now, I have ran for years, and I have always been super picky about my shoes.  They need to be light weight, breathable, and great support!  I was shoe shopping with my boys last week, and these Nike caught my eye.  I would definitely give these a try!  Besides, they are hot pink after all! 

What are you doing to get fit?  

I am linking up again this week so don't forget to hop over and see what everyone elses favorites are! 

My Weekend

March 18, 2013
It's Monday........ and it is still cold here in Kansas.  Spring break is this week and we have snow flurries and cold weather in the forcast for this week.  Yuck!  Last Friday was a tease with sunny skies, and 76 degrees!  Oh please spring, won't you just arrive? 

My weekend was pretty productive.  I try to stay pretty social media free on the weekends, to relax, and be present in my life!  Life is happening for me right now, and I am really putting my mind to work on keeping a balance.  What works for me, is to unplug on the weekends from all the social aspects of my life.  That doesn't mean you may not capture some of it on instagram! 

Saturday afternoon we went to the Plaza for lunch and shopping.  I wore this camo and striped combo much to the BF and my son's raised eyebrows at the outfit!  I loved it!  Saturday evening we watched some great KU basketball and them winning!  Woohoo!  A few of my shopping purchases, and I finally found the perfect pink gingham shirt, and of course, sported my green, and my team pride on Sunday! 

What did you do this weekend?

On Holiday

March 15, 2013
Spring Break has official began at my house!  So, with that said, I am taking a break today form our regularly scheduled Friday's Feature for a bit of cheer!  Hope you have safe travels if you are going somewhere, and I hope it is warm and sunny too! 

 You know, something you can really sink your toes in!! 

And yes, that is me, and those dark legs and toes belong to me as well! Those other cute piggies, not nearly as tan as mine, belong to my nieces! Gosh, I am ready for summer! 

Happy Friday! 

Organizing your House Colors

March 14, 2013
I am sharing a  simple and easy DIY today.  I keep a master book of colors binder for my house.  It has a different slotted page for each room in the house.  I realized a few years back, that keeping track of your house paint colors, and fabric swatches needed to be better centralized.  I use to keep them clipped together in a drawer.  I always knew where it was, and could always put my hands on it if I needed it.  But it just didn't seem, well, organized enough for me. 

It really is pretty simple to make, and I think you will be glad you have it all in one place.  It also is handy to have as you make a trip to your home improvement store and all your swatches are at your finger tips.

Here is all you need for this little project

Three ring binder
Slotted pocket pages
Label maker, or you can hand write on the pages if you don't own one,
and all your paint colors, fabric swatches, and wall paper samples

I sorted my pages by rooms, however, I grouped the bathrooms as one, and made one pocket page for trim and any special decor you may have.  Such as when I painted the union jack here!  Each bedroom has a pocket page, as well as the great room, office and den, and kitchen.

I even created a page for ideas!!  That way I have them handy when I am out!  Something I learned when having a custom paint mixed, have the clerk print you off a duplicate mixology formula.  No two mixes are identical without this exact formula.  Think of it as dye lots when you purchase fabric.  No two lots are the same either! I then adhere the extra formula on the page!  

A quick, simply and effective way to keep your colors organized!  Hope this helps! 
Happy decorating!

Four Favorites//Maxi Love

March 13, 2013

Happy Wednesday lovelies!  This weeks four favorites are exactly where my head is!  Ready for maxi's and spring weather!  With only a few days of daylight savings time, and the extra hour of daylight already it has me ready for warmer weather!  I love maxi dresses and these are perfect for me!  A good maxi, and a light shawl can transition you right into the summer while you work on adding a little color to your legs, and we all know we still have arctic white legs!    

The quote is #4 of my favorites this week.  I love these words, and truly believe in them.  If you're not in love with your life, then what are you wasting it for?  Make the change, find your passion, and live your life in love.  Life is not a dress rehearsal, take center stage, dress up for no reason, and dance in the rain!  I am reminded today, that I am not getting any younger.  My baby..... youngest of my boys turns 17!  Happy Birthday to my sweet boy, who is taller than me, too cool to kiss his mom in public, and who's wings to leave the nest are growing faster than I want to admit! 

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Truffle in my Bag

March 12, 2013
I have to admit, when I first received my Truffle bag, I was stopped in my tracks.  Now don't get me wrong, it wasn't a long stop, or even a confused stop, rather a too many choices kinda stop! I immediately saw all the possiblilities to this organizer lovers accessory, that my mind went into overdrive! 

It's no surprise if you have been following my blog for very long that I love handbags, and as OCD as I am, I like everything to be in its place in my bag.  Insert Truffle!  Now I know, you have probably seen girls style their Truffle bag with all their makeup, or pretty beauty accessories, but you have been there  seen that, and I really would not carry my Truffle bag for that purpose. With my last two weekend roadtrips, I was glad to be so organized.

 So what do I use my Truffle for?  Believe it or not, the most disorganized items you could carry. I have several, ok alot, frequent patrons card. Hey, don't judge, who doesn't love free stuff, and when its a free sandwich, coffee, or even frozen yogurt I am happy to be saving.  Remember this post where I challenged you to save along?  When the card is full = happy BF for me saving money!  I also plan on using this in my pool bag too!  What a great barrier for your electronics and water!

As we all know, switching bags happens frequently, and my Truffle bag slips out of one bag, and into the other!  Now I need about three more in different sizes too! Do you Truffle? 

 *** Lucky you*** Truffle is offering 20% off your purchase thru tommorrow, just use the code PERIDOTSKYS at checkout.  Now get truffling peeps!

I received my Truffle pouch as a courtesy, however; All opinions are honest, true and mine!

A Weekend of Sorrow

March 11, 2013
Happy Monday!  I am writing this late on Sunday night after a very long weekend.  I. Am. Tired.  I took a road trip south again this past weekend to Tulsa, but this time it was not for the same reasons as last weekend.   My ex mother in law passed away last week, and her funeral was Saturday. I always got along with her, and even when times were rough between my ex hubby and I , she was always very cordial.  When my ex husband died almost three years ago, She and I had a long conversation about how important is was for me to make sure my boys still knew their fathers side of the family.  With him no longer around, it was up to me to keep the connection, and the traditions alive in all their hearts.  I would like to say that she and I actually got along very well in the last three years since his passing.  It was a quiet understanding.  We loved the same man once upon a time, and the untimely death leaving these boys heartbroken, broke both our hearts.  It was sort of a bond I guess.  

It was hard once again for me to accompany my children to a funeral with their family.  No longer my family, as I had divorced their father 12 years earlier, everyone was very nice to me, and glad to see me again.  The last time I had seen most of these people was three years ago at my ex husband's funeral.  I really hope I am done with funerals and his family for a long while! 

My boy's had grown closer to their Granny since their dad's passing.  I think they all needed each other to act as reminders of him.  My middle son is a spitting image of his father, and my youngest is a sponge trying to know a man that he is piecing together by small memories and stories from the family. I can't help but cry as I type these words, as it hurts to see my son struggle to know a man who is gone and can't show him the way. The boys were strong, mature, and oh so handsome Saturday.  Their Granny would have been proud of them! 

I know this is not a typical post for me, but I just had a heavy heart this weekend, and it feels good to share it and lift off of me.  A few of the happier highlights of the weekend however were  got to see the other grand babies again, and spend some fun time playing with them, had a great visit with my Brother and sis in law,  and of course always a great thing when you can spend time with your mom! I stopped by my favorite bakery, Merritts Bakery to pick up some treats for the car ride home.  My favorite from there is the napoleon and they only had one left.  I had promised the BF I would bring him one home from there, as he loves the bakery too.  It was all I could do not to rip into that sweet layer upon layer of goodness, but I was good and delivered a completely intact pastry!   I swear I ate my weight in other sweets this weekend!  Ahhhhhh..... gotta love stress and grief!  How was your weekend?  Did you remember to set all your clocks ahead, or are you running late today and tired?   

Love,Cortnie//Sequin Clutch

March 08, 2013
All that glitters is gold! Well at least gold sequins!  What girls doesn't like sparkles?  I know I do!  Enter Love, Cortnie and her darling designs.  Every single time I browse her shop I find a new favorite.  She has a wide assortment of clutches to match everyones style.  I just love them all!  Love, Cortnie is based out of Maryland, and her etsy shop is always full of new designs!

  Love, Cortnie all started on a whim!  Not knowing how to sew, like so many girls early in life, Cortnie asked her Grandmother to teach her.  What better to start with than a clutch too!  It was a perfect sewing assignment, after all she says, "I've always thought of the type of oversized clutch I would love to buy".  After searching to no avail, Cortnie's Grandmother jumped at the idea, and a week later Love, Cortnie was introduced on Etsy.     In only a year and half's time, she has grown from 3 styles, to over 50 different styles. You go!

I picked out my favorites below, and I want them all!  They are sooo cute! Green AND polka dots? ummmm yes please!  

So get ready to get your sparkle on!  Love, Cortnie is generously giving away a gold sequin clutch to one of you lucky ladies!  Win this beauty for yourself!!

Follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter form and you're entered to win! 
Good Luck! 

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Stripes and Sequins

March 07, 2013

Sweater Gap (similar)   Jeans Joes Jeans  Shoes Vince Camuto (On Sale)   Clutch Love Cortnie c/o  Watch Michele  Bracelet Oia Jules  Sunnies Chanel  

I traveled home last weekend for a birthday party and to visit family. I wore this outfit to run around town on Saturday before the party.  The weather was cool enough for this striped sweater, but warm enough to ditch the plaid number I sometimes wear under the sweater.  I moved from Tulsa almost 8 years ago to KC and being back over the weekend, and running errands in heels, and sequins, reminded me of the most noticeable difference in the two cities! My outfit would be nothing out of the ordinary in KC, and no one would give it a second, out of place, glance!  But in Tulsa?  I, on several occasions, felt a little over dressed! Maybe it was the heel height, or the fact that I was carrying a sequin clutch during the day, what ever it was, I noticed it!  

I love that about KC!  You can dress your mood, and not stand out! Now don't get me wrong, Tulsa has a great feeling, but for me it's a little more casual, laid back, and well, comfy. Maybe that is why it is home.  When I first moved, I didn't have any desire to go back to Okla.  Visiting wasn't even on my radar at the time.  I had lived my whole life there, so what was there to visit?  I wasn't a tourist, there were no attractions to take in. I know all too well what the campus of ORU, and TU look like, thank you! (which is what it seemed, every visitor wants to see).  But as time passed, and holiday visits were all there was, I started making a few trips back to take in the comfy feeling.  Its great for a weekend, not an entire move back however!   What I realized is this,  It wasn't the feeling of going home that was all I was enjoying, it was the returning to Kansas to MY home.  The place I made my own.  I didn't grow up here, go to school here, or have childhood friends.  But what I do have is my space, defined my way, and without and strings to stay forever!  Thats right, I want to move someday from here, and I don't think I would ever have been able to make the next step, had I not taken the last step here! 

Sometimes, stepping out of your comfort zone, and following your dreams, or desires, will take you to a place of inner confidence!  Or, at least enough to carry sequins on a Saturday afternoon! I have always been a confident person, but moving took it to a whole new level! 

 I have to travel back to Tulsa this weekend, unfortunately for a funeral.   I have to be completely honest here, I don't want to go. My ex mother in law passed away unexpectedly.  But here is the thing, it is one day out of my life, a few hours, a weekend, but for my children, it is a life time of having the support of me being there for them.  When they turn around from their seats, and scan the room for that one face to make it all better for them, they need it to be my eyes they lock with.    Your babies grow up, but they are always your baby! 

Four Favorites// Elephant Crush

March 06, 2013

I've got a crush on elephants lately and I just love these!  I am a notebook junkie, and like to always have a notepad handy.  This colorful Elephants on parade by the Mary Beth Goodwin is darling!!   I just love her designs, and who doesn't love a monogram? The gold necklace is dainty and petite.  Another thing that seems to be drawing me in!   I came across this little fella on a necklace by way of this post, and it is just so cute!  I would never have imagined I would like elephants as much as I am drawn to them recently, but when they are this cute its hard to pass on them!  My great Aunt Emma loved elephants, and had several styles of them decorating her house.  I guess it finally rubbed off on me!  

The lamp is so whimsical, and would be cute in a nursery.  I think if you sat him on your desk he could brighten your day just by his cute little pose! Sometimes I wish I had a nursery to decorate just so I had a good excuse to buy these cute things!  The sweater has to be hands down my favorite piece of clothing with an animal on it yet!  I love this guy! Don't be surprised to see me sporting him very soon here too! 

So tell me, what are you crushing lately?  

Don't forget to see what other favorites there are today! 

What a Weekend

March 05, 2013
Hello my friends!  I am late on getting this post up as I was out of town all weekend and traveling late Sunday night, so better late than never I guess! 

So many things happened over the past couple of days I am not sure where to even begin, so I am just going to jump in and hope I don't ramble! 

Friday kicked the weekend off with a little mishap! My #2 son had a slight fender bender in his brother's car.  No one was hurt luckily, but now I have one car in the shop.  We packed the car, and headed south at 6am Saturday morning to Tulsa to see my oldest son and celebrate one of my grandson's birthday!  He turned two on Sunday, and we had a little party for him Saturday afternoon with my family.  It was a great afternoon, and it was so good to spend time with my Texas (soon to be Kansas) grand babies!  The weather was so beautiful and warm, well at least warmer than Kansas.  I spent Saturday afternoon running errand and shopping with my mom, and we even had a personal driver in a Daimler limo for the afternoon!  

On Sunday, I meet up with a couple of blogger friends!  It was wonderful to connect in person because up until Sunday, We had never formally met!  Gotta love bloggers, and their social networking skills! I can't wait to share some exciting things that I lined up with one of my home town friends too! 

The high on Saturday and Sunday in Tulsa was 63, and as we drove north to home we watched the temperature drop to 37 by the time we arrived home!  It really has made me anxious for spring now!  Snow is still on the ground here in heaps, so there is a ways to go for it to even look like spring.  It's hard being gone for a few days and out of touch with your social media, but at the same time it is refreshing to not be attached to your phone!  I am catching up on emails, and blog post, and my Monday nights are always the hardest  because my housewives are on, and now I am hooked on Vanderpump Rules after that!  Oy! 

But Look out Tuesday, I am coming at ya!  What's new in your world?


March 01, 2013
I first discovered Birdaria and was instantly drawn to the bright vibant colors and designs.  Based out of Los Angeles with all operations and designs since May 2012, Birdaria infuses color, sophistication, and my favorite, inspirations, to your office or home decor.

Bridging the gap in the home decor market, Birdaria has stylish, and affordable wall art, and custom home goods with a modern twist on classic aesthetic.

 What you would tend to see as bold color palettes, and intricate patterns generally reserved for fabrics, they use graphic prints creating a gallery-wrapped canvas artwork with exceptional qualities.  Have you ever wanted to add a bold pop of color to your living space without it consuming the larger part of your budget?  Or change the theme or color scheme without an entire painting process?  Birdaria definetely is where you need to shop!

A perfect way to compliment your current decor, by layering or juxtaposing Birdaria's artwork to create a cultured aesthetic.

No surprise, my favorites are the mantras!  Don't you just love them?  You will be glad you checked out the entire line of Birdaria, and I bet you have the perfect spot in your home of office just begging to have a burst of color, or motivation added to your wall!

But it doesn't just have to be color for your wall!  These fun mouse pads are a perfect color splash to keep you inspired while working!  Don't you love them? I have teamed up with Birdaria to offer  one lucky follower a chance to win a set of mouse pads. Yes, a set, one for you and one for a friend!  Or maybe, one for your home, and office!  You decide!  The best part is, all you have to do to have a chance to win is enter below using the rafflecopter form!  That's it!  Easy peasy! And if you have a friend who will win and share, then share the giveaway news and tell her to enter too!

Images courtesy Birdaria,  All photos by Lisa

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