What a Weekend

March 05, 2013

Hello my friends!  I am late on getting this post up as I was out of town all weekend and traveling late Sunday night, so better late than never I guess! 

So many things happened over the past couple of days I am not sure where to even begin, so I am just going to jump in and hope I don't ramble! 

Friday kicked the weekend off with a little mishap! My #2 son had a slight fender bender in his brother's car.  No one was hurt luckily, but now I have one car in the shop.  We packed the car, and headed south at 6am Saturday morning to Tulsa to see my oldest son and celebrate one of my grandson's birthday!  He turned two on Sunday, and we had a little party for him Saturday afternoon with my family.  It was a great afternoon, and it was so good to spend time with my Texas (soon to be Kansas) grand babies!  The weather was so beautiful and warm, well at least warmer than Kansas.  I spent Saturday afternoon running errand and shopping with my mom, and we even had a personal driver in a Daimler limo for the afternoon!  

On Sunday, I meet up with a couple of blogger friends!  It was wonderful to connect in person because up until Sunday, We had never formally met!  Gotta love bloggers, and their social networking skills! I can't wait to share some exciting things that I lined up with one of my home town friends too! 

The high on Saturday and Sunday in Tulsa was 63, and as we drove north to home we watched the temperature drop to 37 by the time we arrived home!  It really has made me anxious for spring now!  Snow is still on the ground here in heaps, so there is a ways to go for it to even look like spring.  It's hard being gone for a few days and out of touch with your social media, but at the same time it is refreshing to not be attached to your phone!  I am catching up on emails, and blog post, and my Monday nights are always the hardest  because my housewives are on, and now I am hooked on Vanderpump Rules after that!  Oy! 

But Look out Tuesday, I am coming at ya!  What's new in your world?

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  1. Oh no, that stinks about the fender bender but I'm glad no one was hurt. How fun that you guys went in a limo! We're supposed to get snow tomorrow night and I'm not happy about it...where is spring?

    The Tiny Heart


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