Rustic Cuff

August 31, 2012
My niece Katie is like a daughter to me, well a daughter who I didn't raise, send thru school, or discipline!  But a niece/daughter I spoil, go shopping with, take vacations with and share stories with.  She pretty much knows what I  like. So when she text me a few months back and told me I needed to check out this designer, I knew she would be right!  Meet Rustic Cuff!!  Not only do I love her style and cuffs, she is from my hometown of Tulsa, and by way of Pensacola.  My Grandmother lived there for many years and we use to visit Pensacola in the summers!  It was an instant conection for me! 

What I love about Rustic Cuff Designs is such a long list I will summarize it with you in visual beauty !

See what I mean?  Absolutely wonderful!  I love them all! Her designs have been seen on the arms of Miranda Lambert, (several times), Robin Roberts on Good Morning America, Kathie Lee Gifford on the Today Show, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck on the View just to name a few!    I asked Jill to share a little bit about herself.  

  • How would you describe your own personal style?
  • My own personal style is simple with flashes of color.  I like to be able to blend in while at the same time, if I choose, to stand out in a crowd.  Generally, I am drawn to what I call my "uniform"...which is my favorite pair of cowboy boots or flip flops (depending on the weather), shorts, and a black t-shirt.  I accessorize with color on my wrist depending on how I am feeling when I wake up!
  • Where do you draw inspiration from when designing a new piece?
  • I draw inspiration from things that are not necessarily trendy but from things that catch my eye and stand out.  Things that are outside of the box sometimes.  My daughters also help by giving me the thumbs up or thumbs down on my initial drawings! 
  • What are some of your favorite trends going on right now?
  • Layers. Layers. and more layers.
  • Which piece would you say is a best seller?
  • The monogram Stingray Cuff and any wrap with a logo magnet clasp.
  • If you had to chose, which piece is your favorite?
  • The custom pieces that someone created as a gift for a loved one always means more than anything else.
Here is what Jill had to say about how it all began for her, and her love of cuffs!

"After falling in love with all things “Cuffs” sometime in the late 90′s, I began the search for the perfect one. I loved leather. I loved metal. However, what I came to realize was the juxtaposition of joining the two mediums would bring me more satisfaction than either of those alone. Rustic Cuff was created late one night when I grew weary of searching for that perfect cuff and decided to create my own. What started off as a midnight hobby, making for friends and family, has now turned into a creative outlet with endless ideas and possibilities.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland and eventually finding my way to Tulsa, Oklahoma, via way of Pensacola, Florida, I met and married my husband and the dad to my two beautiful little girls, Ireland and August, aka Peanut. Following in my Dad’s footsteps, I practiced law before the girls were born and now teach as an Adjunct Law Professor at the University of Tulsa. (my one good excuse to put on a pair of heels for the week!)

This particular journey has brought extra joy into my life because it is the first time both of my girls are old enough to share in the process with me…designing, hammering, cutting, measuring, painting, dyeing, snapping, riveting, and simply just creating together!"

Thanks Jill for sharing your story and your love of cuffs!  Here are a few of the poolside collections that the winner will get to choose from. And YES, the set is for all three, or four together!! 


 So now for the fun!  Enter to win a Rustic Cuff for yourself from any of the poolside collections designs.   Just follow the steps in the rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

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Painted Bird

August 30, 2012

Let your true self soar in Painted Bird Shoe whether for work, play, or just a day around town. Easy to throw on and run around, or style with a solid maxi for just the right splash of color!   I came across these fun colorful handmade shoes and think they would transition perfectly into fall with a pair of boyfriend jeans!  Can't wait to get a pair! 

Friends, designers, and creators, Jennifer Samson and nicole Halpern, two veterans in the fashion industry,  combined their experience in the luxury fashion market, lifestyle television, and the surf industry, to create a a product born out of a passion for chic and easy fashion. 

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jennifer Samson, co owner of The Painted Bird and ask her to share a little bit of history and vision.  I hope you find them as fun and colorful as I do!  
1.  What made you take the plunge and start your own line?
We have always talked about starting something...and when this opportunity came, we jumped! It was fate and now with a lot of hard work, Painted Bird has taken flight!
2.  Can you tell me a little bit about the process and how the shoes are made?
We select the colors and create the patterns amd then send that to our maufacturer in India. The crochet material is a silk/rayon thread that is hand dyed in chemical free dye and then each pair of Painted Bird shoes are crocheted by a group of women in India that we are proud to support! 
Soles are rubber, insole is leather.
3.  Where can Painted Bird sandals be purchased?
         Painted Bird shoes can be purchased on our website at

4.  Where do you see your brand in the next 5 years? 
        We plan to continue to grow our brand slowly and organically. We will be launching               
        children's shoes in 2013. We are so excited about that! There will be a wonderful        
        charity tie in  for the children's shoes that we are so excited about and we will 
        announce that when we launch the kids line. Colors and styles of our  line will 
        change with each season. The shoes are a bit addicting, so we want to fill the need 
        and offer many different colors to satisfy the demand!
5.  If someone wanted to keep up with your latest styles and whats happening, how can they do that?
Simply log on to our website and join on mailing list, and also follow us on Facebook  shoppaintedbird, Twitter @shoppaintedbird, and Instagram. We also have a Pinterest page! Shoppaintedbird
Thanks Jennifer!  

Take advantage of their Labor Day weekend sale Starting Friday and save 25% off your order thru Monday!  Hurry on over and grab yourself a pair or two! 

All images used with permission

Flavors of Fall

August 29, 2012

I cannot believe I am going to say this, but here goes....... I am excited for fall to arrive!  There, it's said!  With the summer being so brutal this year, and the lack of rain, I am ready for some cooler weather and all that comes with it.  I am looking forward to the gathering of neighbors in someones backyard around a fire pit, and the roasting of marshmallows for smores.  I am ready to wear Sweatshirts and shorts, and bulky sweaters and leggings.  And lets not forget everyone's caffeine addictions with the fall obsession of Pumpkin Spice Latte!  

Are you as ready for fall as I am?  What do you love most about it? 

Kale Chips

August 28, 2012

I know that it is not a new thing to try, but I finally got up enough nerve to attempt to make Kale chips.  My mom had not heard of them, so it was a perfect experiment for the both of us to try.  We were either going to love them or hate them.  We followed the instructions she found on the internet. 

She washed, and then patted the leaves dry, and rubbed them with olive oil, and then sprinkled sea salt on some.  We baked them for 20 minutes or so at 275.  They were good!  We both agreed.  We took the remainder of the kale that was not baked and sprinkled parmesan cheese on it and baked them up as well.  Good again!!  I will be making Kale chips more often, and even trying a few different varieties of spices on them!  Have you made Kale chips before?  I would love to her what you put on yours for flavors. 

Weekend Recap

August 27, 2012
I was out of town all last week on business.  It was a road trip rather than an air trip!  I traveled into Western Kansas thru vast plains of corn fields and emptiness.  It was over 4 hours  to my destination so there was plenty of time to take in the sites! ha!   I referred to my location as between a haystack, and a corn field because thats what it seemed like to me.  My route took my thru the little town of Ellsworth Kansas.  You know, the town Rascal Flatts made famous!! Anyway, as I was driving thru this little town I came around a bend to another field, only this time it was a field of sunflowers!  It was a beautiful yellow blanket of flowers!!   They were standing tall and reaching for the sun!  By the time it registered with me that It would be a great photo, I didn't have a place to turn around. 

 So I decided that on my return drive home I would watch for the field and stop this time!  Fast forward to Friday and my drive home!  I watched cautiously around every bend for my field of flowers.  I was beginning to think I either missed it, or was on a different route home when I came over the hill and there she was.  All yellow and bright!!  I pulled over and grabbed my camera.  I trudged thru the field weaving thru the tall flowers trying to capture the spendor of the flowers.  What I realized was that it was just enough over cast that they were not reaching as far for the sun.   So here I stand, in the middle of a sunflower field, on the side of the highway, alone with my camera wishing the wind would at least stop long enough for me to capture a few! 

So next time your traveling in south western Kansas, and you pass thru Ellsworth Kansas, look for the sunflower field,  Its just under the water tower!  

Here are a few other glimpse's of my week! 

The charm of this little town with brick streets! 

I skyped with this silly girl for 4 hours, and this is what I saw most of the time!! haha! 

And I worked on a few projects once I was home that I can't wait to share one of them with you!  How was your weekend? 

Photos by Lisa

Classic Prep Monograms

August 24, 2012

Classic Prep Monograms contacted me to review one of their I Pad cases.  I was excited  to pick the color and designs and the monogram style.    I love my case!!

 I couldn't believe all the choices to designing your own case.  I ultimately decided on the clover in coral with script monogram!  I love swirly monograms!!  The case is stitched all around.  No glue.  Love that detail.  There is a pocket on the inside flap for notes or business cards.  The interior is a soft suede like lining, and the corner brackets that hold the iPad in place are snug, so no worries that it will jiggle out!  The exterior is fabric, not plastic coated! The spine is sturdy, and folds all the way back, and is available in your choice of black, or brown. 

 I have the I Pad 1, but you can choose the case that fits the model you have!  So here is the good news, as if that wasn't good enough!  Classic Prep Monograms will let you choose to customize a case of your own.  You don't have a need for a case?  I thought of that too!  You may choose anything from their line with a credit of $75.00!  

Classic Prep Monograms has so many choices of personalized items you will have a hard time just choosing one favorite!  So, if your ready to enter, just follow the instructions on the rafflecopter form below.  Oh, and good luck!! 

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Carrot Cake

August 20, 2012
I mentioned my Mom was visiting last week and we had several things planned to accomplish.  She arrived on Thursday afternoon and we wasted no time getting to it.  My sister in law's mother makes the most scrumptious carrot cake from scratch.  And when I say scratch, I mean grates her own carrots!!  So when my sis in law posted on FB last week that she had just finished a marathon baking session with her mother, AND used home grown carrots from her garden, I knew I had to have one.  My mother arrived with gifts in tow.  My birthday presents from her, (among them a pink scarf from her recent trip to Europe)  and three round layers of wonderful carrot cake to be frosted!  

We started the afternoon by doing a little shopping for all our planned activities, and of course frosting ingredients! We planned on sewing, a little jewelry making, and monograming with my heat embosser.  Needless to say, we accomplished all the projects we planned, and there is no cake left!!   But we did rationalize it by walking over 5 mile on Sunday at the race I talk about here!  The BF has a better understanding as to where I get my sweet tooth after this visit with my mother!!  I was thrilled when my sister in law said I could share the recipe with you!  Enjoy!  

Heat over to 350 degrees
3C Carrots, grated
2 C flour, sifted
2C Sugar
1t Cinnamon
1t Salt
2t Baking Soda
1 Scant C Vegetable Oil
4 eggs
Grease 3 nine inch round cake pans, then place a 9 inch circle of parchment or wax paper on the bottom of the greased pan and then flour the edges of the pan. Grate carrots and set aside. Sift flour into a bowl, add sugar, cinnamon, soda and salt and mix well.  Add oil and eggs and mix well.  Then add carrots.  Divide evenly into 3 nine inch round cake pans and bake.  After removing from oven, seperate the edge of the cake from the pan with a spatula and then invert onto parchment paper or onto a cooling rack.  Remove the pan and take the round of parchment paper off the top of cake immediately.   After cooled completely, ice.  This cake freezes really well.
8 oz. cream cheese
1 lb. powdered sugar
1 stick butter
1 tsp. vanilla
1 cup chopped pecans
Beat soft cream chesse and butter together and then add vanilla and powdered sugar.  When all creamed together nicely, add chopped nuts.  YUM!
Don't make the icing between layers too thick or you will run out of icing.  

Oh, and when you make it? Be sure to invite me over to eat with you!!  You're welcome!!
Photos by Lisa

Little Glamour

August 17, 2012

Adorable.  Simply adorable.  I love this little necklace.  It is dainty, and sweet, and I received compliments on this necklace from the very first day I wore it. It is the perfect compliment to any outfit. I generally wear more white gold and silver so it was the perfect addition to my jewelry box. 

Elizabeth, the designer of this little gem, decided to open an Etsy shop and persue her love for jewelry after she give birth to her son. “He made my realize that life is too short to be doing something you aren’t passionate about”. Elizabeth has been working hard towards building her Etsy shop littleglamour (, for almost two years now. She doesn’t seem to stop there! She just recently expanded with a second Etsy shop called crash+duchess ( "Littleglamour has evolved to be simple, minimalist, everyday pieces… while crash+duchess brings out the wilder side of me that wants big bold bright!” explains Elizabeth.  

A few of my favorites from her shop. I would love to add any or all of these to my jewelry box. 

I ordered my tiny initial in silver, but the winner will get to choose the color they prefer and the initial of their choice!  So are you ready to enter?  Just follow the steps below in the rafflecopter form.  Good luck!! 

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Old Navy Score

August 16, 2012

I don't know about you, but the differences are subtle enough that I chose the save route!  Which leaves a whole lot of left over spending money.  So I think these sweet little   Eddie watersnake slippers  will be the next route I take!!  Don't you love the colors?  I am loving the magenta and clay, and black.  What colors would you choose?  I still wished I had gotten the Eddie flats last year with the bows! 

Shades of Gray

August 15, 2012

Tank~Madewell, Jeans~Target (similar), Clutch~Kslade(similar), Sunnies~Chanel (similar), Shoes~Antonio Melani (old), Sterling bangle bracelets~old, White Bfrend~Shop Bfrend, Small initial necklace~ c/o Little Glamour, Monogram necklace~gift, Pedicure~Butter London

My mom took these photos for me when she was here this past weekend.  Now I know why so many bloggers use their moms to take their outfit pics for them!  It is easier posing for you mom who loves you no matter how funny you feel, or look posing on a empty sidewalk!  Thanks mom!  We had some good laughs taking these! 

Race for the Cure Kansas City

August 14, 2012
 I participated this past weekend in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on my sister's team.  She is a one year survivor of breast cancer. She was unable to walk last year as she had just had her double mastectomy three weeks earlier. Her husband pushed her in a wheel chair the entire walk.  Her office organized a team for her last year and aptly named it The Hail Mary's.  Fitting for my sister if you know her.  She has a deep faith, and is named Mary.  We met at her team tent before the race to visit the sponsors booths, and take in the sights.  Let me tell you, there were some sights!  It was touching to see what friends and family will do for their loved ones in the face of this terrible cancer.  There were team names such as Joy's Jugs, Save second base, And Julie's yacht club,  Keeping motor boating alive! 

We were up at 5am to have plenty of time to get downtown and find a place to park.  When there are 30k people all needing to be at the same place at the same time, it could make parking a challenge. We ended up a mile from the race venue, so all told we logged over 5 miles for the morning!!  It was a perfect day for the race, not too hot, with a cool breeze and the sun was not beating down on us!  There were several bands set up on different street corners to entertain the runner/walkers.  Everyone was there for the same reason.  It was a great day for a great cause and I can't wait for next year.  I am bring bloody mary 's for after the race in the tent.  After all, that would be in keeping with my sister's name!! 

You could also name the race Tutu's for Tata's and it would fit as well.  There were tutu's in every style, color, and gender wearing!!  Men were proud to support their wives. 
This husband wore a unitard for the walk to support his wife who was with him.  He was so funny when I first asked him If I could take his picture, his wife stepped out of the picture so he could posed for me!!  
Photos by Lisa 

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