Gingham Pants

June 30, 2016
Sharing today another successful shop my closet outfit with you.  These gingham pants are a favorite of mine.  You know I love gingham!!  As I was pulling items for my upcoming trip to Palm Beach I came across this off the shoulder top.  I actually forgot about it.  I have had it a few years and the shoulders can be worn up or down.  I like that it is versatile.  I paired this outfit up with a colorful cardigan.  You an never have enough cardigans for a pop of color or light layering.  

This holiday weekend we are expecting thunderstorms off and on.  I feel bad for everyone who may have plans to go to the lake, or attend a big fireworks display.  Hopefully the weather will hold off and only bring mild temperatures!  Fingers crossed!  What plan do you have to celebrate the fourth of July?   Do you celebrate with fireworks, or do you prefer to just watch them?  I was more daring when I was younger and didn't mind setting some off, but now I am pretty content watching a display, or some simple sparklers and snakes for the grandkids!  We get to enjoy  a few spectacular shows from our deck which makes it that much nicer. 

Gingham Pants On Major sale  //  Top options here and here  //  Sandals Options //  Bracelet  //  Necklace c/o   //  Sweater  //  Sunnies  // Watch  //  Earrings  

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Pretty Pink Paisley

June 28, 2016
Have you ever put an outfit together in your head and then once you put it on it didn't quite look like you imagined it would?  Well that would be this outfit.  I wasn't going to not share it; instead I decided to tell you what I felt went wrong with it.  
Now grant it,  overall it's a pretty cute look.  I Love the ombre' turquoise with the paisley.  I shared this paisley skirt with you here paired with a crisp white button down.  What I don't care for in this outfit is the length of the top; it was too long and created a break at my widest part.  These wedges are great, but I think a lighter shoe would have been better.  So sharing all the great outfits (at least what I think are great) isn't always fair if I don't share the not so great ones too.  By sharing this I feel it gives you a visual guide to what didn't work and hopefully it will make you better aware when you go to put your outfits together. 

Style tip:  Pair this skirt with a button front top with a shorter hem line.  Tuck in a side of the top to the waistband.  Add a lighter color shoe, even a flat sandal would work well. This wedge will work if you pair the paisley skirt with a bright bold colored top to balance the weights of color.  

Skirt  //  Top  //  Clutch c/o  //  Sunnies  //  Lipstick  //  Watch  //  Sandals (Great options here, and here) // Necklace  

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Gingham Summer Sun Dress

June 27, 2016
Happy Monday.  I have been excited to share this dress with you.  I scored this summer dress on sale at Loft last week and love it.  I was actually trying on another dress and the sales lady had this dress in her hand to put back when she checked on me in the dressing room.  I immediately asked what size it was and tried it on!  Gingham of course makes it a perfect summer sun dress.  It is available in a few other patterns and even a chambray.  You will definitely  love this dress for all your summer gatherings and festivities! This drop waist summer dress is casual and super comfy for when the heat hits.... and believe me it has hit here in the midwest.  I think it will be a perfect addition for my trip to Florida next month too!

We took these pictures in the middle of the day so it is super bright out.... and hot.  The breeze was the only thing that made it bearable as long as it didn't flip up my hem too high!!  I finally gave in to all the hype an discussion many of you have had regarding dry shampoo.  I picked two cans up over the weekend and actually used it in my hair for these photos.  I really did want to see if it made a difference that was worth it.  So far I would say it's not too bad.  I bought two cans of Batiste; one tropical scent, and one that is formulated for blondes.  When I asked what the difference was she informed me the blonde dry shampoo had a slight tint to it to add a bit of light and shimmer to your hair!  I'll take shimmer!!  I am hoping it will be exactly what I will need on vacation when I don't want to torture my hair every day after being in the sun and heat of Florida.  Stay tune for more updates!! 

Dress  On sale //  Leather wrap bracelets  //  Sunnies  //  Watch  //  Sandals  //  Handbag //  Earrings c/o   //  Lipstick  //  

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Fourth of July Style

June 23, 2016
I attended an event this week and the theme was celebrating the fourth in style.  Can you believe the 4th of July is just around the corner?  Where has this year gone?! There will be celebrations on my street with a few bangs, but mostly low key noise makers.  Undoubtably there will be someone around 11 shooting off a roman candle.  What's a neighbor to do, right?   Every year I volunteer to make my famous Wolfgang Puck's Sangria to share and all the neighbors love it!

These distress boyfriend denim shorts are pretty comfy however, I think they may be a little too sloppy for me.  I prefer a better fit rather than a baggy short. They are perfect for weekends and lounging and super comfy,  but I would opt for a regular fit distress denim for going out and about. What do you think about girlfriend jeans?   My red white and blue flag scarf is festive for sure and on sale right now.  

Scarf  //  Shorts  //  Tee  //  Bracelets  //  Watch  //Sandals (Similar) //

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Wednesday Wants

June 22, 2016
This weeks edition of Wednesdays wants is a bit random, but fun all the same!  How many times has it began to rain and the first thing you think of is how to tuck your handbag under your coat or blouse?  I know I have!  Why not a raincoat for your bag?  Now admittedly  it's a bit crazy looking, but at least it's effective right?    This color block sun dress is perfect and what do you think of the Tory Burch sandals?  I love the multi colored logo, but I am not a fan of the patent leather.  Tassel earrings... yes please! 

Handbag raincoat  //  Miller Sandals  //  Tassel Earrings  //  Color Block Dress  //

Tassel Trim Cold Shoulder

June 21, 2016
Summer has officially arrived and I couldn't be happier!  I love the summer and believe it or not the heat doesn't bother me near as much as the cold.  I would much rather be hot than cold.  I spied this cute summer dress while shopping in Target last week and thought it would be a great dress to take to the beach.  I book my trip to Palm Beach next month and I fully expect to be beach side almost every single day.  My best friend of 26 years lives in West Palm Beach and we have scheduled some fun adventures.  A day at Disney World, and a road trip down to the Florida Keys are both on our list!  My son is trying to talk me into taking a day trip to Cuba.... I think I will pass on that for right now.
Style Tip:  Off the shoulder trend is going strong right now and that means for many a strapless bra.  I suggest trying your normal bra with straps and just drop the straps off your shoulders.  It is more comfortable and stays in place. 

Dress Cute options here, and here  //  Handbag  //  Sandals  //  Cuff  //  Leather Wrap  //  Watch  //  Earrings  //   Lipstick

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Off The Shoulder

June 16, 2016
There are trends to get excited about, and then there are trends to sit back and watch pass by.  The off the shoulder trend is definitely a trend to jump on.  I was skeptical at first.  Wondering if the shoulders really did stay off the shoulder.  Then there was the whole length issue; cropped tops are not a good fit for me.  When I first saw this top at Banana Republic I knew it was perfect for me.  The button down the back details  and the tie cuffs only added to this fun off the shoulder.  These Old Navy shorts are available in a wide range of colors and are always at a great price point. I picked up a few new pair for this summer and may go back for more!

My earrings are by a local designer here in Kansas City, Nickel and Suede.  Kilee and her husband Soren just opened up a brand new store front and I am so happy for her successes.  I love my leather earrings and these blush are so soft and delicate in color.  Nickel and Suede launches new colors thru out the year and right now she has some pretty yellow and pinks!  Red just became available too so you might want to grab a pair for the 4th of July holiday!  Enjoy your Thursday! 

Top, Favorites  here, and here  //  Shorts  //  Sandals  //  Earrings c/o  //  Sunnies  //  Gucci bag Vintage //  Lipstick  // 

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Weekend Wear

June 14, 2016
When you work outside of the home and dress for the corporate world Monday thru Friday, you want to be comfy and casual on the weekends.  With a few accessories you can keep your weekend wear just as fashionable as your week wear. I admit, I tend to dress super casual when I am at home; as in my neighbors rarely see my hair out of a messy bun or pony tail! To dress up a bit and still maintain my casual vibe a cute scarf or in this case my bandana works great.  Neck scarfs are super popular right now.  A good cross body is a must and my Gigi New York Madison holds all the necessaries for running errands.  It keeps your hands free and your bag close.  A simple stack of my favorite Rustic Cuff and Return to Tiffany's bracelet and my weekend wear is complete.  What does your weekend wear look like? 

Shorts  //  Tee  //  Bandana  //  Madison Cross Body  //  Cross strap sandals  (love these)  //  Rustic Cuff  // 

Blush Details

June 13, 2016
Happy Monday.  If there is one thing I enjoy and to me that is creative thinking.... it's piecing outfits together from your own wardrobe.  Sometimes I start with one items such as this jacket, and other times it all starts with bracelet or bag.  There is something so clean and refreshing to an all white outfit.  Of course, I had to add pops of blush pink! Next week is the first day of summer and I will be ditching jeans and jackets I am sure, but in the mean time I am still enjoying the light layers.  What's the weather like where you are?  Are you still able to layer, or are you in the less is more stages of dressing? 
When layering in late spring, try to layer in a sense that you may remove one item and still have a great look.  In this case, I could remove either the jacket or the scarf and still look polished and put together. 

Jacket, Similar here, and here  //  White Jeans  also here, and here  //  Scarf (Similar)  //  Tee  //  Bracelets  //  Sandals (options here and here)  //  Sunnies  //  Earrings  //  Watch  //  Clutch  // Lipstick //

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The Perfect Chambray Shirt

June 10, 2016
Happy Friday!  I love exploring the city and when we stumbled across  this wall we were giddy with excitement!  If there is one thing I am jealous of California, it's all the fabulous painted walls and murals their city has to offer.  I am tempted to DIY a pink wall for myself and store it in the garage.  I could only imagine how that conversation would go with Joe..... something like " it's a prop wall, and no you may not throw it away" and "yes I am keeping it".  Ha ha.  I have to watch him or he will clean out the garage of projects I am, well we will call it "contemplating" to do! I will let you know if I paint a faux wall pink!  

So let's discuss my outfit.  My Talbot's Chambray shirt was a smart purchase this spring.  You definitely need one of these as a versatile item.  My Loft shorts I purchased last year for my trip to Laguna Beach and they have another great selection of shorts this season.  I always love mixing turquoise with chambray.  Something about it feels so southwest to me.  My Gucci bag is vintage, as in from the early 80's vintage!  I was a smart girl knowing what to hang onto from those days.  I receive a lot of compliments on these cross strap sandals.   Mine are last season from J Crew, but they are available this year from Old Navy and I linked to them below!  Hope you have a relaxing weekend and enjoy some sunshine!  I know I will!  

Chambray top  //  Shorts options here and here  //  Sunnies  //  Watch  //  Belt  //  Gucci Vintage  // Sandals  //   Lipstick  //

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Wednesday Wants / Father's Day Edition

June 08, 2016
This weeks editions of Wednesday wants is a fun one for Dads!  Who else struggles with what to get the men in your life? Sometimes when they seem so easy to please and low maintenance it is a bigger struggle!  Here are a few fun ideas that is sure to please any guy!

1  Fitbit  // 2  Bose Bluetooth speaker  //  3 Ray-Ban Clubmasters   //  4 Baseball hat   //   5  Armour IPhone case  //  6   Adidas Sneakers  //  7  Belt  //  8  G Shock Watch  //  

3 Things I learned with Chanel

June 06, 2016
I attended a beauty event last Tuesday evening hosted by The Blog Guild and Town Center Crossing Macy's in Leawood. The Chanel beauty counter was our featured beauty product for this evenings event and we were treated to gorgeous color palettes, fabulous fragrances, and a skin care that will make you feel like a million bucks! Town Center Macy's in Leawood is the only Macy's in Kansas that has a Chanel counter.  That makes it very handy for when you need a refill of a product, or to play with the new colors.  With out all the hassle of the mall, the Town Center Crossing Macy's is a perfect spot to shop.

 Our theme for the evening was Eyes speak volumes, and we were going for dramatic eyes.  It's funny how you can wear makeup for so many years and yet there is always something new to learn.  I love when a makeup line evolves with the trends.  Rance, our consultant for the class was wonderful.  He took the time to assist each person with the right product for her skin type, showed us all how to do a perfect tight line, and even had some of us stepping out of our comfort zones (me) in colors we generally would select.  (It wasn't a pink lipstick)

So what 3 things did I learn? 

  • When you apply a tight line to your upper lid keep it on the lashes in a dotting pattern, not drawing a line motion.  It applies so smooth and glides right on. 

  • To select your correct shade of blush, make a tight fist, then release it and squeeze your ring finger (any finger will do) at the tip.  The color your finger tip shade is will be your natural blush of your cheeks

  • Apply your eye cream to the orbital bone of your eye.  Not actually directly under the eye area.  Believe it or not, you can actually over hydrate the delicate skin under your eyes and you will create white bumps.

I was the model for the evening so the only pics I have of my makeup are from my snapchat!!
My new favorite products I added to my makeup bag are the Le Volume mascara, Lash Primer, and I love the CC cream.

What are some of your favorite Chanel products?  Anything I need to know about?

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