My Weekend

April 30, 2013
My weekend thru instagram!  You haven't eaten good BBQ unless you head to Oklahoma Joe's!  Anthony Bourdain listed Joe's as one of the 13 places to eat before you die...... yes its that good!  At lunch time the line is out the door and down the sidewalk.  I am not a big BBQ fan, but It is hard to turn down Okie Joes! Friday we headed out to eat and ended up here, and it was sooo good!

Saturday I headed out to run errands, and do a little shopping.  The day was beautiful and it lended itself well to my shopping!  I picked up a few colorful straws, one of my favorite candles, the most beautiful tulips, and fabric for the den/office.  I just need a pop of color to really finish the room, and these were the winners!  I am excited to finally be able to reveal the whole room.  
Sunday was spent driving around the landscaping company's lot picking out trees.  I could have spent all day just cruising around the lot in my golf cart!  The place is so big they give the customers carts to get around!  I told the BF, next weekend we should pack a cooler, a few cocktails, and make it a day at the yard!!  Haha, I think we would get thrown out for sure! 
I took today off to work in my yard, the high temp for the day is going to be 80!  Insert excitement!!  Tonight I am headed to see Fleetwood Mac in concert with my boys and sister!  Yes, it is going to be a perfect day!  Tomorrow however, I may not be able to lift my arms, or bend over after I tackle the list of outside things I want to accomplish today, but it's a good pain!  Happy Tuesday peeps! 

Dogeared Jewelry

April 26, 2013
Three Little Word.  I. Love. You.  That is what this necklace is named, and those three little words are so powerful!  This is my necklace, thanks Dogeared! 

This necklace, is the necklace I picked out for my Mom! It is one of the Karma necklace.  It says "Let your necklace be a reminder that the best in you is the best within me.  Thank you for keeping our circle positive, wise and full of love".  There was no question this wasn't perfect for my mom.  She is my rock, strength, and biggest supported.  All that is good in me, came from her!

I first discovered Dogeared at Market in Atlanta, or was it Dallas, I can't remember actually its been so long, but what I do remember was the sentiment behind the jewelry.  I remember they had a dish in their booth full of small silver tear shaped drops, each with a word on them.  They were for you to take and enjoy!  I still have mine, and to this day I hang my kiss drop on one of my favorite pictures of the BF and I kissing at sunset on the beach along with the silver key to my heart! 

 Infused with positive energy, and handcrafted in California, each design ranging from subtle classic, to unexpected statements, were designed in the spirit of love, kindness, and consciousness.  With modern and versatile styles, designer Marcia Maizel-Clarke recognized the need for jewelry that speaks. 

Some of my favorite pieces are the Karma ones, Dogeared believes in what goes around comes around.  Keeping the same values as they did when they started in 1991, Dogeared is committed to supporting nonprofit groups working to heal the environment and create social change. 

Creating jewelry that celebrates love, happiness, and good karma is what Dogeared is all about.  Making a personal, positive statement about the people that love and wear them.  

Mothers day is approaching soon, and I have a special giveaway for you in honor of our moms!  I have teamed up with Dogeared to offer one of you the chance to win a necklace for yourself, and for your mom! 
 Dogeared will even send the necklace straight to your mom for you too!  How perfect is that! 

Use the rafflecopter form below to enter, and remember to follow the instructions to insure your entry counts! 

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Ballet Pink Tieks

April 25, 2013

Blair Ritchey mini Lulu c/o ~ Pink Tieks ~ Leather wrap Alexandra Beth Designs  ~ Brown Skull tassel bracelets Frasier Sterling ~ Three Little Words Pearl necklace Dogeared c/o ~  Bfrend bracelet ~ Sweater Harold Powell ~ Hot Pink Tee Target ~

I just love when an outfit falls into place.  My new ballet pink Tieks arrive last week, and I was so excited, that honestly? I sat and starred at the box just admiring the pretty packaging! 

See what I mean?

I have had this sweater in my closet for several years, and love the bright colors!  With the weather being so wishy washy these days, it's a perect layering piece!  I picked up this v neck tee at Target, my go to store for colored tee these days, and my favorite work day skinnies round out this pretty in pink outfit! My pink Tieks are super duper comfy, and soft.  When I was putting my outfit together in my closet, I spotted my Blair Ritchey mini lulu and the leather was an exact match!  I layered up some of my favorite pink and sparkly bracelets and loved it all!

My necklace from Dogeared, named I Love You, aptly, Three little words.  Three dainty pearls hand from a delicate chain, a symbol of the three words, and for me each of my sons.  If you haven't noticed, A) I am a sentimental thing and B) I like symbolic things! 

The sun is shining today and I plan on being in it some this afternoon!  What's going on with you guys?

Four Favorites // This and That

April 24, 2013

So Glad it is Wednesday already!  This has been a hectic week!  I don't know if I am overtired, or over stressed, or BOTH, but I am a ball of emotions!  Sunshine will help enormously I hope!  With the spring lagging behind this year to arrive, I am a little behind on my spring updates I like to do around my house, but I am slowly getting around to picking up a few items and these four favorites I think are adorable!  

Well, maybe the Gnome and pillow are adorable, and the pencils are too stinking fun, and the pouf is a a perfect room accessory.  What is your favorite? 

You know the drill, I am linking up with the girls today, so check them out too!

Tie Dye

April 23, 2013

Hooray for Tuesday!  I wore this outfit last week and just loved how peppy I felt in it!  Remember when I posted about my Tie Dye shirt on a snowy day I promised to share it again!  Karen Kane sent me this blouse and it is one of my favorites for spring.  It is a bit longer to and I love that detail, along with the cuffs are a soft jersey while the rest of the blouse is a soft light weight cotton.  I am not a baby of the hippie generation, but I  do love a good tie dye! When my boys were younger we would purchase a tie dye kit and wrap tee's in rubber bands and use plastic squirt bottles to place the color where we wanted it!  They turned out so cool. My skinnies are perfect for work too, they are designed like denim with 5 pockets, but are not denim!  My office is a no denim office, not even a dress down Friday, boo!

I generally would have paired sterling accessories with black and white, but when I pulled out my Rustic Cuff leather wrap I knew a few gold accessories would look just as good!

Tie Dye shirt Karen Kane c/o, Leather wrap bracelet Rustic Cuff c/o, White Bfrend bracelet Shop Bfrend, Skinnies Seven (similar), Shoes Michael Kors 

Spilled Coffee

April 22, 2013
Hi!  Happy Monday!

The weather was pretty cooperative this weekend, and I actually got to spend some time out in my yard. It is actually nice to see all the bulbs blooming, and signs of spring. Friday evening the BF and I headed out to dinner, and the manager offered to buy us dessert.  We were out celebrating our anniversary of 7 years together.  This dessert was a peach ginger tarta, with a strussel on top and you pour the peach cream over it. It is not on the menu yet.  It was delish!!    

 I ran what seems like a ton of errands on Saturday, and bought a few things at Marshalls for the home.  I am working on a project and needed some glass containers.  By the time I got home from my day, and carried my sacks in, the two glass jars were both broken.  The lid on one jar, and the pedistal foot on the other.  I remembered that the cleck at the store had knocked the bag on the sack rack as she was placing them in my cart, and I saw her grimace as she did it.  I passed it off at the time, and now after getting home to broken glass I realized I should have checked them there.  The manager was super nice about it, and told me to bring them back on Sunday and they would take care of it.

A trip back to Marshalls on Sunday turned out to be beneficial after all.  I found this wool rug that I am hoping will go beautiful in my office/den.  I just need window treatment for this room and I would feel ready to share the entire room.  If you remember, this is the room I painted stripes on the  wall. 

Well, My weekend was pretty productive, and I accomplished some planting, shopping, and cleaning around the house, but my Monday so far as been a little rocky!  I picked up my grandson this morning who spent the night over at Mimi's, only to feel the burn in my lower back return.  Great!  Guess I will be nursing my back again for a while! 

I shuffled into the kitchen for some much needed coffee, poured a lovely cup full, headed back to continue getting ready for work, and knocked my entire cup all over the bathroom counter, floor, wall, and door!  Nice start! 

I am a optimist, so a little spilled coffee, and achy back won't ruin my day!  We are celebrating a birthday at the office of a co worker, and I will be enjoying one of these funfetti cupcakes!!  Woohoo, all is good with my Monday now!   Happy Monday!!

The Silver Wren

April 19, 2013
The Silver Wren, Artisan jewelry, custom made inspired from Michelle's endeavors.  Each piece is hand stamped, oxidized, and polished just for you.   I love the selection of delicate, and dainty pieces so much, I suggested my son order a piece from The Silver Wren last September for a certain occasion you may remember.  She loved it, and I love mine too! 

If you are needing a gift, or just want to add a sweet piece of silver to your neck, this is a wonderful shop.  With choices such as bridesmaids gifts, or Mother's day, or just because, I think you will find an item you love as much as I do. 

Michelle so generously let me choose one of her newest designs, a dainty gold filled sideways cross with a initial disc.  I chose the initial J for my disc.  It's the BF's initial! You can request a 16" or an 18" chain too.  Now you have the opportunity to win one for yourself. 

I just love all the delicate and dainty designs she offers and you will love them too I bet! So who's initial will you get on yours?  Maybe even give it as a sweet Mother's Day gift!   Enter to win by following the instructions in the rafflecopter form below!  Good luck! 

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Written Words

April 18, 2013
Words.  Words on paper.  Thoughts, sentiments, and sentences perfectly formed to express your feelings.   It doesn't matter if you send or receive a handwritten note, it has the same warm feeling!  I have an assortment of note cards and stationary, and I am always drawn to stationary stores.  I wander the selections, dreaming of party ideas just so I have a reason to buy that invitation.  I can spend hours shopping the many styles of fonts, and papers for a new personalized stationary to add to my drawer.  Some of my most tender and touching sentments get sent to the person I care about in a handwritten note. 

Pink Four Stripes  // Sunnies card // Assortment // Blue Glitter // Ikat  // Chevron Flat card /  Monogram floral Note //  Confetti  //  Arrow notes // Wintergreen Chevron

I remember many years ago, right after I started the divorce process, I was flying to KC to visit my bestie, and as I opened the tray table to jot a quick thank you note with a gift I was bringing her, I begin to write, and write, and write.  I had a flood of emotions and she was my rock thru this trying time for me.  I remember crying as I wrote the note, and feeling a bit silly as the person next to me realized my own note teared me up.  But what I won't ever forget, is the feeling it brought to her.  She teared up as she read the note, and it touched us both at that moment.  A moment that stays with us both.  She was never good at writing her feelings on paper, but she got better as the years went by, and knowing what they always meant to her, she was able to start using her words on paper.

I have always written words of encouragement in the cards to my sons.  Sometimes, they thought I was silly, and other times it teared them up too!  Words from the heart have a profound pull on you.  They touch you, and leave a mark on you.  My middle son is not good with his words. He doesn't like to express himself vocally with emotions.  But every Mother's Day, Birthday, and Christmas, I always get a card full of his words.  Words that touch my heart, and fill my soul with his love.  I taught him well!

Four Favorites // Color Infusion

April 17, 2013

Ring    Bracelet    Wedge   Bag

Color!  I am craving color!  This weeks four favorites are colorful for me!  From the gold knuckle ring, to the ThuFri bag!  Its all about infusing color!

 Lets start at Number one... The knuckle ring!  I had one I wore many years ago and loved it.  This initial ring is double fun because its a monogram as well as a knuckle ring!  I really like the detail to the twisted band! I mostly wear white gold, or sterling on my hands so there is the color element to this favorite!

Number two...  I am in love with this Jill Golden bracelet!  From the hot pink color, to the rhinestone embellishments, this needs to get on my arm right away! Oh, and if Pink isn't your color? It comes in several other colors! The green is a looker too!

Number 3... Well, it has three key elements that lands it on my favorites list week, wedge, gold, and stripes!  This Kate Spade wedge is darling, and I can see styling this with so many outfits for the summer, I really need to add this to my closet!

Number 4...  I know I am probably late to the party with this favorite, but I love a good bag to carry my "non purse" items in, and it better be cute!!  Enter Thufri bags!  So stinking cute, and in so many colors and styles to choose from!


Want to see more favorites?  Check out Ashlyn and Kristin!

Madewell Event

April 16, 2013

Who doesn't like a celebration, or a reason to shop? Join me, and a few other blogger friends at Town Center this Thursday for a shopping party! 

My Weekend

April 15, 2013
Happy Monday!  Despite my back not fealing much better, I had a great weekend and I am really looking forward to a great week!  Friday night, the BF and I had a quiet night out for dinner just the two of us.  It was nice just to spend time alone and catch up after the busy week.  

Saturday the weather was B. E. A. UTIFUL!!!! There were lawns being mowed, yards sprayed, and kids on their bikes up and down the street.  What a nice sight after what appears to be the never ending winter of 2012!  I surveyed my own flower beds to see what a job laid in front of me!  Lucky for me, my youngest got a summer job at a hardware store with a great garden section, not to mention a discount! He has even decided he wants to take over the planting and mulching for me....  hmmm, this may be a great idea! Well, at least a few of the beds.

I love geraniums in my flower beds every year, and lipstick pink is generally my favorite.  I have never seen this color, or even the lacy leaf before and thought it might make a great addition to the hot pinks!  It is sort of a salmon/pink but really deep in color.  I can't wait to get dirt on my hands from the flower beds! 

I have a DIY project I am working on, and the selection of succulents were perfect to help me out!  Look for this project to show up next week if all goes well!! 

So I told you about my Friday night date, but if you saw on instagram, my Saturday night date was a bit more, shall we say, active?  non stop?  Adorable!!!

This love of Mimi's heart had a sleep over without his momma or daddy, and wore me out!  I forgot just how much a 7 month old moves, especially one who is starting to crawl and pull up! We had a fun time on the floor with me as his jungle gym!! 

It looks as if we may be in for the start of spring showers this week.  Rain is in the forecast every day and night this week.  I will take it!  What did you do this weekend? 

FaB byCab

April 12, 2013
Happy Friday!  I look forward to this day every week if for nothing else but to share a favorite designer, product, or artist with you! This week is the talented Catherine of FaBbyCab designing these fabulous handmade and custom clutches, in an array of colors!  

Clutches have been around for a long time, but they use to be boring and usually only available in solid colors, or a standard plaid!  Times have changes and I am glad!  Her fabric choices and lining combinations are colorful, trendy, and so soft!  She even has a small wristlet!

I asked Catherine to share a little history about her love of fabrics, and a little bit about how it all begain for her.  Take it away Catherine! 
I learned how to sew in elementary school and was taught by my mother. I have 2 sisters, I’m in the middle and we are about a year apart. Mom sewed many of our outfits growing up and I did too until I left high school. After college when I started working, I had an aunt very much into fashion and she liked to take me shopping and give me advice. I really appreciated that and learned a lot about dressing elegantly but simply and with quality, never too over the top! As I‘ve grown up, my personal style has changed too, but really not too far from what she taught me. In my clothes, shoes and accessories I don’t follow trends but do want to look “modern”, always striving to be put together in a casual/cool/understated way. I love fabric and all the possibilities for fabulous looking clothes and home accessories! When I shop for myself today, I gravitate to natural fabrics – I love linen, cotton, wool and silk, and detest polyester, and not too fond of sequins, beading or animal prints either! I love clothes with clean modern lines and interesting seaming and details in these fabrics.
I love fabrics and clothing based on repeating motifs, not just an overall floral for example, but an interesting repeated pattern, often very graphic and architectural. Of the clutches in my shop, the Ginkgo and Dragonfly clutches are representative of this. I had a silk blouse that I loved some years ago with a repeating pattern of painted china plates overlayed on one another as if they were displayed on a wall. So intricate and detailed, but with a unifying theme and pattern.

I love fabrics that somehow tell me a story or make me make up a story about them! You’ll see some of these in my clutches such as the Windsor Castle toile, the Gryphons, the Merchants of Boston flag clutch, the taupe linen Thai clutch, or the Aviation and World Map clutch. I do love history and traveling and often gravitate toward Asian and European inspired designs and themes in my fabric and clothing choices. This love of history was an inspiration to creating my line of natural linen clutch wristlets with various images transferred on to the face of the wristlet. I used historical design themes such as art nouveau and asian art, and other images with a historical reference or point of view.

I started my etsy shop while I was unemployed for a time – it was a good way to keep myself busy and motivated and maybe to make some money. I am employed fulltime now, but continue with my shop as I love sewing and creating and hope to offer clutches and accessories in unique fabrics that others will really enjoy too. The hunt for fabulous fabrics is really the most enjoyable part for me. While I do want to make sales, it’s more important to me to make things I like and that reflect my style and that I would be proud to wear, rather than make items in some fabrics that are trendy and popular, but in my opinion are way overdone and not that interesting. I’ll soon be introducing a few new clutch frame sizes and styles – and the hunt for fabulous fabrics continues!

Thanks Catherine for sharing, and now, Thanks Catherine for offering you the chance to win one of her clutches for yourself!  I promised to add more blue to my wardrobe, so when it came time for me to choose which clutch I loved, this was the perfect one!  It is so pretty, and soft.  The lining is lightly padded, and it is large enough to hold all your essentials, and a few other items as well! 

Ok get ready to win!  Enter using the rafflecopter form below, and remember to follow the instructions please!  Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Random Thursday

April 11, 2013
Today is a random day.  You see, I spent the better part of last night at the Apple store trying to figure out why my laptop was telling me it was almost at capacity!  What? That can't be possible!  Gotta love the genius bar!  The guys there were so sweet, and helpful.  Come to find out..... A) I have tons of photos in my library, (I have already dumped over 3K) and B) I need to empty ALL my recycle bins on the computer, not just one!  I was convinced my sons (one particular who will remain nameless) had gotten on it and downloaded a bunch of  *stuff* ie: music videos, youtubes, and pranks, not to mention, music I do not listen too!  Gladly I was wrong!  Whew!! It was time well spent!  I have been working on my laptop more this week rather than my IMac, because somehow, I have strained my back over the weekend and I am laying on a  heating pad at night trying to get some relief. I am hoping to be back on my feet more by this weekend! It's not too terrible, but just enough to nag at me all day. 

After my appointment, I had a little time to kill and I picked up a new one of these.  The sale clerk convinced me to switch up the color to a softer shade... I think I may like it!

I wanted to shop here and pick up these, but sadly they were already closed!  Maybe I will make it back this weekend. 

Yesterday was a happy mail day too!  You may have seen this on instagram last night if you follow me... you do right? What's inside is even more exciting!

Don't forget, today is the last day to enter this giveaway for a darling sweater!

I have been working on several great collaborations coming your way soon!  I truly love blogging, and all the many friends I have made along the way.  I appreciate all of you that read, follow, comment, and tweet with me!  Sharing our moments of excitement thru our instagram pics, and reaching out when someone needs a "atta girl" is what it's all about.  Thanks for being my friends!  I appreciate you!

On a completely different note, the BF is convinced I have too much baby stuff at our house.  I added a little tykes climb and slide playset this weekend to the garage for outside, along with having a swing hung in the garage, and my rocker that I used for all my boys when they were babies, made it out of storage and into the great room!  I was feeling pretty good about it all, until last night he called me out on it! I better give a little extra love and attention to him so he doesn't competely freak when he finds out I want a wagon too!!  It really is starting to look like kids lives at my house!  Funy how that happens!!  The other two grandbabies will be in Kansas so soon, and Mimi's house will be ready, toys, swings, and rocker!!  That's all I am going to say about that!!!!

What does your Thursday look like? 


Four Favorites//Feel Good

April 10, 2013

This weeks four favorites are all about feeling good!  I have had a recent run of "life happening" and really the things that I am drawn to for healing are simple, and small.  The feel of a new bracelet on my arm, the scent of a new fragrance, always a crisp white sandal to start the season with, and my favorite time of the day...... mornings to sip my coffee out of this whimsical mug!  

A new bracelet always brightens my day and this colorful J Crew one is so pretty.  I love all the colors, and how chunky it is!  I will always have a need for more bracelets!  Some people are necklace fans, and so many girls are fans of statement necklaces, but me?  I would rather stack my arm then wrap my neck! If you remember from this post last year, I am a Jo Malone fan, and layer fragrances to create my own scent!  I am a fan of Pomegranate Noir, and Vanilla Anise in the winter months, and Nectarine Blossom and Honey, Grapefruit and Orange Blossom, and discontinued, Lotus Blossom in the summer months.  I have always had to order my fragrances from a store as it is not carried or sold anywhere in the state of Kansas.  Go Figure! Well that all changes last month when Halls announced  they would be carrying Jo Malone at the Plaza location!  Technically still not Kansas, but close enough!!  I will be adding Blackberry and Bay to my line up as it smells so good!  

So I bet your wondering how a sandal made my feel good four favorites?  Well duh, a sandal for one, Jack Rogers for two, and a slide for three!! Perfection! Oh, and its white!    

I know by now you have all probably seen the darling mugs by Ashley Brooke Designs. But her newest Mrs. Fancy Pants is perfect!  There is just something to wrapping your hands around the white mug, and the words Mrs. Fancy pants peeking out between your fingers that just brings a smile to my face!  

So whats on your feel good list this week?  Don't forget I am linking up today, so hop over and see what Ashlyn and Kristin are favoriting! 

Black and White Dress

April 09, 2013
Shopping last week at Ann Taylor, I couldn't help but spot this sweater dress on the sale rack!  I even got an additional 30% off that night!  Score!  Right now you can save an extra 40% off sale items! I recommend you checking the sale items, there are some great deals, and who doesn't like a bargain?  Ann Taylor has long been a favorite place of mine to shop.  The styles are very professional, and tasteful, but trendy at the same time, and when you work in an office environment that calls for business casual this has always been a staple for me! 

 I am a sucker for black and white, and a sweater dress too!  The dress is so fun with spots on the front, and stripes on the back!  It may be turning warm soon, but this will be a favorite of mine once fall returns!! Have you found any great sales lately?  

Dress Ann Taylor / Shoes Prabal Garung for Target  /  Sunnies Chanel / Watch Michele / Earrings Silpada

Hello Monday

April 08, 2013

Sweatshirt Hello Merch / Gingham shirt Old Navy / Clutch Fab by Cab c/o / Craniaum bracelet Bauble Bar / Bracelet The Ropes Maine  c/o / Watch Michele / Jeans Karen Kane  c/o

Happy Monday lovelies!  It was a warm sunny weekend here in Kansas finally, and we accomplished a lot!  I vowed to add more blue to my wardrobe a few weeks back, so when the time came to pick out a color of this fun sweatshirt, blue was the choice!  I have to admit, I pondered on it, and if it was in pink you can bet that would have been a tought one to pass.  It is so fun, and I love how it goes so well with my new clutch!  Another blue by Fab by Cab!   

How was your weekend?  Anything exciting happen?

Tracy Negoshian

April 05, 2013
Meet my little friend! I shared how I styled him yesterday for my Easter outfit. Isn't he adorable? 

Now Meet Tracy Negoshian......  The wonderful designer behind him!  Tracy's philosophy is similar to mine in believing that confidence is your best accessory and from an early age knew clothing could make you not only look good, but feel more confident.   

Experience with working with elite clientele at Saks, Tracy merchandised designer collections.  Working closely beside some of the top designers during their trunk shows and events, she experienced the fashion industry.  With a keen eye for cutting edge trends, Tracy soon became a sales and wardrobe consultant in the contemporary department of Saks. 

Tracy, realizing people wanted to be fashionable, but could not all afford the high end price tags, would frequent local more budget friendly stores, and make simple modifications to them and wear them to work.  Her clientele would ask who's label she was wearing, and when she told them, they were shocked! It was then that Tracy realized   her talents, and looking and feeling good didn't have to break the bank! 

Tracy Negoshian, - A multi line, multi season clothing line both fashion forward and affordable.  I love her shift dresses and wrap dresses.   The whole line is versatile and so affordable! 

Tracy has teamed up with me to offer one lucky follower a chance to add this litlle fella to their wardrobe too!  

Enter to win your choice of Elephant sweater, with choices of tangerine and teal, white and black, or my favorite, black and fuchsia.  Trunks up,  means good luck!!!  Follow the instruction in the rafflecopter form below for your entries to count!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Pretty Pink Elephant

April 04, 2013

Sweater Tracy Negoshian c/o / Shirt Gap  / Skirt Target / Shoes Ann Taylor / Leather wrap bracelet Rustic Cuff c/o / Chunky agate bracelet Oia Jules / Sunnies Chanel / Lips Chanel #57 / Polish Essie Mint Candy Apple

I patiently, and if you know me, you know I can be short on patients sometimes waited for the perfect occasion to wear this outfit!  I searched for the perfect pink gingham shirt I have been talking about, and stumbled upon this tweed pencil skirt at Target.  Bam!  Perfect Easter outfit!  My sweater  is the best part! Tracy Negoshian sent me this fabulous little fella from her spring line and I L O V E it! A fine cotton sweater in black, with my fuchsia little elephant was the perfect touch to this holiday outfit!  These pictures mean a little something special to me because the were taken at my Grandparents house on Easter!  That is their orchard, and the old barn! 

My go to color has always been pink ,and  I just love how this all came together with the different textures, and patterns.  And a little touch of chunky jewels, and a Rustic Cuff leather wrap and I was one happy girl!  

So what do you think of my little elephant?  Pretty cute huh!?

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