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April 15, 2013

Happy Monday!  Despite my back not fealing much better, I had a great weekend and I am really looking forward to a great week!  Friday night, the BF and I had a quiet night out for dinner just the two of us.  It was nice just to spend time alone and catch up after the busy week.  

Saturday the weather was B. E. A. UTIFUL!!!! There were lawns being mowed, yards sprayed, and kids on their bikes up and down the street.  What a nice sight after what appears to be the never ending winter of 2012!  I surveyed my own flower beds to see what a job laid in front of me!  Lucky for me, my youngest got a summer job at a hardware store with a great garden section, not to mention a discount! He has even decided he wants to take over the planting and mulching for me....  hmmm, this may be a great idea! Well, at least a few of the beds.

I love geraniums in my flower beds every year, and lipstick pink is generally my favorite.  I have never seen this color, or even the lacy leaf before and thought it might make a great addition to the hot pinks!  It is sort of a salmon/pink but really deep in color.  I can't wait to get dirt on my hands from the flower beds! 

I have a DIY project I am working on, and the selection of succulents were perfect to help me out!  Look for this project to show up next week if all goes well!! 

So I told you about my Friday night date, but if you saw on instagram, my Saturday night date was a bit more, shall we say, active?  non stop?  Adorable!!!

This love of Mimi's heart had a sleep over without his momma or daddy, and wore me out!  I forgot just how much a 7 month old moves, especially one who is starting to crawl and pull up! We had a fun time on the floor with me as his jungle gym!! 

It looks as if we may be in for the start of spring showers this week.  Rain is in the forecast every day and night this week.  I will take it!  What did you do this weekend? 

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