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April 17, 2013

Ring    Bracelet    Wedge   Bag

Color!  I am craving color!  This weeks four favorites are colorful for me!  From the gold knuckle ring, to the ThuFri bag!  Its all about infusing color!

 Lets start at Number one... The knuckle ring!  I had one I wore many years ago and loved it.  This initial ring is double fun because its a monogram as well as a knuckle ring!  I really like the detail to the twisted band! I mostly wear white gold, or sterling on my hands so there is the color element to this favorite!

Number two...  I am in love with this Jill Golden bracelet!  From the hot pink color, to the rhinestone embellishments, this needs to get on my arm right away! Oh, and if Pink isn't your color? It comes in several other colors! The green is a looker too!

Number 3... Well, it has three key elements that lands it on my favorites list week, wedge, gold, and stripes!  This Kate Spade wedge is darling, and I can see styling this with so many outfits for the summer, I really need to add this to my closet!

Number 4...  I know I am probably late to the party with this favorite, but I love a good bag to carry my "non purse" items in, and it better be cute!!  Enter Thufri bags!  So stinking cute, and in so many colors and styles to choose from!


Want to see more favorites?  Check out Ashlyn and Kristin!

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  1. I love those wedges!!! Great choices :) Happy Wednesday, Lisa!


  2. Love those rings and the wedges are adorable!


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