How To Leverage Your Skills

February 29, 2016

New content can be challenging at times. We all go through periods where we draw a blank on ideas or fresh content; whether you are a veteran blogger or a newbie.   I have been blogging for 4 years now and have had my share of writers droughts but one thing that helps me when I am feeling uninspired is to write about what I do know.  For example, I am asked frequently how to tie a blanket scarf or any scarf for that matter.  You would think with all the tutorials out there and with so many bloggers sharing this there would be no shortage of this type of information.  Well my friends, there is always someone who can learn from something you have to share. 

Maybe you have a killer pie crust recipe (I do, and I am sharing it later this spring) or you have a special technique in how you organize.  What ever your skill and knowledge may be it is worth sharing with your audience.  You may take it as second nature, or it seems too obvious (How to tie a scarf) but if you look at it objectively it is knowledge that can create great content, better know as leveraging your knowledge.  For example, I mentioned my pie crust recipe I am going to be sharing soon.  I am pretty darn certain a lot of you know how to make a pie crust.  If you don't, I know you know where to purchase a crust.  But through trial and error and a summer filled with crust after crust I learned a few things that really do make a difference.  

Perhaps you are a beauty blogger and you have a few tips on how to wing your eyeliner.  Sharing a step by step tutorial could be helpful.  Think about a few things you do that seem simple but you have  created a shortcut.  Write about it even if it doesn't align perfectly with your blog.  Sharing great advice is always appreciated and welcomed.  Do you have tips on how to take better photos? Share... share... share!  The greatest benefit to leveraging your knowledge, which is your skill, is you are creating great content.  Everyone loves a tutorial, DIY, or how-to and by sharing it most likely will help your SEO and be shared and re pinned. 

Maybe you just discovered the tip or talent yourself.  Don't over think your skill or tips.  It can really be as simple as packing for a week with only a carry on, to how to paint horizontal stripes on your wall.  So...what tips, skills, or techniques do you have to share? 

White Denim for Spring

February 25, 2016
It's funny what you don't notice when you are busy looking at everything.  Sounds funny huh?  Think about it for a minute.... you notice things like landscaping, architecture, and graffiti, but when you are busy looking for something and you don't know what you begin to notice everything.   We were out and about over the weekend and checking out photo locations.  We drove past the usual places with a desire for something else.  We didn't know what or where, but we knew we would know it when we found it.    We began to see things that are common everyday places except brighter and bolder.  Take this neon door for example.  We found these as the back entrance to a building while turning around to check out another area.  It was as if they were waiting for us.   I wish we had a whole slew of colored walls like LA or Miami but then I would need palm trees too!  So for now I will take a neon door and a new wall of ivy we found as great locations.  

I paired up a few of my favorites, and I pulled out my white denim to transition them into spring.  Paired with my jean jacket and blue striped top with this Dolyn cross body, it was a perfect look.  I love how the blue zipper on the bag really pops.  I added my trusty leopard heels and a pair of Nickel and Suede leather earrings to my outfit and was ready for date night.  I am so ready for patio weather and longer daylight.  It's so close!! 

Striped Top  //  White Denim  //  Jean Jacket  //  Dolyn Cross body bag  //  Earrings c/o  //  Shoes (These are on sale)  //  Cuff c/o  //  Sunnies  //  Watch  // 

Wednesday Wants

February 24, 2016
If you give me just a wee bit of warm weather I am ready to pull out my sandals.  I hate wearing closed toe shoes and I am busting at the seams to finally break out a pretty pedi.  These sandals caught my eye and I am ready for some open toes.  Who else is ready for sandals?  Those pom pom and tassels sandals are pretty cute.... not sure how comfortable they would be, but super cute!  

1 Blk/Wht ankle sandals   //  2 Leopard Slides  //  3 Skye Beaded Sandal   //  4 Byzantine flat sandals    //5 Demi Studded Sandal   //  6 Lace up sandals  

Weekend Wear

February 22, 2016
We have survived another weekend and this past weekend was actually great.  Who could believe we would have temperatures in the 70's in February?  I will take it and keep it coming!  While it was beautiful weather there as still a cool breeze.  I always share my work and evening outfits, but rarely share my weekend wear... so here it is.  I wore this outfit on Saturday to run errands and as always, the first thing on my weekend outfit list is comfort.  This chambray short is a staple. I wanted to look presentable but yet still be super comfy.  A cute pair of Tory Burch flats and my Dolyn cross body bag completed my outfit.  Everyone was out enjoying the weather and it definitely felt like spring.  Now I just need to trade these jeans in for a pair of shorts and it will really feel like spring!!  How was your weekend? 

Shirt  //  Jeans  //  Shoes  // Cross body bag  //  Sunnies  //  Lipstick  //

Cuyana Blush tote and Blush Roses

February 16, 2016
Incorporating pastels into your wardrobe in the drab months of winter should put a pep in your step.  I have talked about my ROA with this jacket and you can also see here, and here other ways I have been styling it this entire winter.  We are inching closer and closer to daylight savings and that means daylight longer into the evenings.  Yay!  I wore this outfit last week to our workshop.  Layering with a jacket really does add versatility to your outfit.  I was able to take off my jacket comfortably inside but when I moved outside it was the perfect weight for a crisp afternoon.   My Cuyana blush tote was a gift from Joe for Christmas and it is one of the softest leather totes I have ever felt.  I love it
Style tip:  When wearing pastels add a small pop of color with your accessories to take your outfit up a notch.  I threw on this The Ropes Maine bracelet as a last minute and accessory and love the hot pink pop.

I switched up to my tortoise sunnies for a softer feel, and well you  know me..... I had to have a bit of edgy so it was my skull Jem slippers for my feet!  How are you adding spring elements to these final winter blues days?

Moto Jacket (Available in another color)  //  Jem Skull slippers  //  Cuyana Tote  //  Jeans (On sale)  //  Graphic Tee ( Options, Options)  //  Lipstick  //  The  Ropes Maine Bracelet c/o  //  Sunnies  //  Earrings  // 

Dolyn Bags of Kansas City

February 11, 2016
I love to mix and match items in my own wardrobe without having to always purchase something new every time I want to freshen up an outfit.  One of my favorite sweaters and versatile too, is this leopard one.  It literally goes with everything.  A pattern mixer like I am, I decided to try it with plaid.  Remember the style rule I shared last week. When mixing prints be sure one is a smaller scale print.  In this case my leopard sweater has the smaller print.  I was going for a casual look without a lot of fuss.  I tossed my hair into a pony tail and added my M Gemi black flats with a hint of leopard to keep it simple. 
My darling cross body bag is by a local designer Ami Beck of Dolyn Bags.  I first heard of Dolyn Bags at Kansas City Fashion week a few years ago.  I had the pleasure of meeting her last fall at KCFW and was able to see and enjoy her bags first hand.  Ami designs and makes each bag by hand taking care to see to each detail and stitch so your bag is perfect.  I know, because when I was visiting her studio she had a gorgeous bag on a shelf I commented on and she explained it was not stitched to her satisfaction.  Ummm.... it looked pretty darn good to me!  A sign she is that picky can only guarantee a perfect bag every time.  This cross body is the perfect size to carry your essentials holding your phone, lipstick, ID, sunglasses, and it is a stadium approved size!  This  gorgeous rich brown leather color is new to her line and I was one of the first to see it and carry it, and the blue zipper is a great detail.  She makes a great hobo but don't take my word for it, take a peek at all her designs on her website.

Poncho(Similar option)  //  Sweater  //  Jeans(On Major Sale)  //  Shoes  //  Cross body bag  //  Sunnies  //  Cuff c/o //  Lipstick 

Weekend Updates

February 09, 2016

Well it's Tuesday and I am still playing catch up from this past weekend.  We (The Blog Guild) hosted our first Style and Shoot workshop that I have only talked about a hundred times here the past month or so, and it was awesome!  If you want to see some of the photos our attendees have already shared just search on instagram for @theblogguild.  We had a full house and everyone had such nice things to say about the afternoon.  At least a half dozen attendees asked if we would hold another Style and Shot workshop soon.  To me that was a sign of success.  We are going to discuss that option for sure at our next meeting.  In the mean time I want to thank everyone who attended, anyone who had to listen to me go over my list a thousand times to make sure it was perfect and everyone who follows me on snapchat and watched the event unfold and all the prep work!  It was worth the work!  

I spend last night writing thank you cards and preparing my Valentines to deliver.  Thanks to Hallmark and their Signature Hallmark line of cards for making the delivery of my cards so pretty, and not to mention my #gsd note pad to keep my list of task in order for the week!   Tomorrow I am bringing you this week's edition of Wednesday Wants and it's full of my favorite neutral!  Wanna guess what that is? Oh... and you won't want to miss Thursday's outfit. I am sharing a local designer that I think you will like.  

Pattern Mixing Trends

February 04, 2016
Put me in pink and I am going to shine.  It's just a fact.  This Express Portofino shirt is awesome and on sale right now.  I paired it with my Ann Taylor windowpane slacks with of course a pop of leopard.  I shared a peek of this outfit on my instagram and facebook earlier this week and received a lot of comments about pattern mixing.  I shared an entire post on pattern mixing you may read here.  I love a pattern challenge if you will call it that.  Mixing patterns really is easy.  If you are new to pattern mixing, or afraid of it then start simple.  Take your solid color item in your outfit and add one item that is a pattern.  Remember the color wheel rules... I shared that post with you here.  One thing to remember is sizing your patterns.  Don't put two small scales together just like you wouldn't put two large scale prints together.  Balance them. 

Style Tip:  Pocket placement on your jeans and slacks can make an huge impact on your shape and appearance.  Be sure to always check out your bum in the mirror to determine if they make your butt appear bigger, or flat.  

 Depending on your shape, choose a smaller print for the top if you are busty to not accentuate it.  Like wise if you are broad in the hips or thighs, use patterns that are smaller as they look best on the bottom half.  The exception to this is an extremely large print could be worn on your pants or skirt if the cut of the clothing is appropriate.  An A Line skirt, or a wide straight leg trouser is a good example.  Bottom line know your body shape and what works. If your smallest part of your figure is under your bust line, then find items that draw the eye to this area with a fuller skirt.  Pair a cute cardigan with a belt and position the belt under your bust line.  Trust me it works!   This will make you look bustier if you already are so just know that. 

Pants  //  Top (On Sale BOGO 1/2)  //  Blanket Scarf  //  Shoes  //  Bracelets  //  Sunglasses  //  Lipstick  // Earrings  //

Wednesday Wants

February 03, 2016
This weeks edition of Wednesday Wants is with a nod to spring and light colors!  According to Groundhog Day rules and Phil not seeing his shadow yesterday, we will be welcoming spring sooner rather than later!  Fingers crossed.  I am loving these light tans and neutrals in accessories right now and those shoes?!  Yes please!  

Bucket Bag  //  Floral Pants   //  Vince Sandal   //  Knotted Belt   //  Heart Tee  

Home Tee

February 02, 2016
I have been enjoying this gorgeous weather jacket less.  Yup... it's that warm out right now.  I know not to count on it lasting too long, but what a nice tease at spring weather in late January.  I ran errands over the past weekend like a mad woman, stopping by Kendra Scott on The Country Club Plaza,  Natashas's Mulberry & Mott, and a few other sponsors preparing for The Blog Guild's first workshop of the year.  You can read about it here and purchase tickets if you're local.  If you follow me on snap chat >> (lisa.murie) you witnessed the escapades Erin and I had.  Hey, in my defense I can parallel park just fine!!  Monday thru Friday I dress in business or business casual. Translation=No Denim so when the weekend roles around I am looking for cute and comfy. 

You have heard the expression.... There's no place like home, or Home is where the heart is, or how about Home is where ever you are.  Well for me, home is Oklahoma.  I was born and raised there, lived there until I was 40 and it will always be considered home to me.  I love the Sooners, Rustic Cuff, Garth Brooks, and one of the best and largest Oktoberfest in the country is in Oklahoma.  So I'm an "Okie" at heart even if my feet are in Kansas.  Where do you call home?

Tee  //  Jeans(On Major Sale) //  Converse  //  Lipstick  //  Cuff c/o  //  Sunnies  //  Belt  //

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