How To Leverage Your Skills

February 29, 2016


New content can be challenging at times. We all go through periods where we draw a blank on ideas or fresh content; whether you are a veteran blogger or a newbie.   I have been blogging for 4 years now and have had my share of writers droughts but one thing that helps me when I am feeling uninspired is to write about what I do know.  For example, I am asked frequently how to tie a blanket scarf or any scarf for that matter.  You would think with all the tutorials out there and with so many bloggers sharing this there would be no shortage of this type of information.  Well my friends, there is always someone who can learn from something you have to share. 

Maybe you have a killer pie crust recipe (I do, and I am sharing it later this spring) or you have a special technique in how you organize.  What ever your skill and knowledge may be it is worth sharing with your audience.  You may take it as second nature, or it seems too obvious (How to tie a scarf) but if you look at it objectively it is knowledge that can create great content, better know as leveraging your knowledge.  For example, I mentioned my pie crust recipe I am going to be sharing soon.  I am pretty darn certain a lot of you know how to make a pie crust.  If you don't, I know you know where to purchase a crust.  But through trial and error and a summer filled with crust after crust I learned a few things that really do make a difference.  

Perhaps you are a beauty blogger and you have a few tips on how to wing your eyeliner.  Sharing a step by step tutorial could be helpful.  Think about a few things you do that seem simple but you have  created a shortcut.  Write about it even if it doesn't align perfectly with your blog.  Sharing great advice is always appreciated and welcomed.  Do you have tips on how to take better photos? Share... share... share!  The greatest benefit to leveraging your knowledge, which is your skill, is you are creating great content.  Everyone loves a tutorial, DIY, or how-to and by sharing it most likely will help your SEO and be shared and re pinned. 

Maybe you just discovered the tip or talent yourself.  Don't over think your skill or tips.  It can really be as simple as packing for a week with only a carry on, to how to paint horizontal stripes on your wall.  So...what tips, skills, or techniques do you have to share? 

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