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February 04, 2016

Put me in pink and I am going to shine.  It's just a fact.  This Express Portofino shirt is awesome and on sale right now.  I paired it with my Ann Taylor windowpane slacks with of course a pop of leopard.  I shared a peek of this outfit on my instagram and facebook earlier this week and received a lot of comments about pattern mixing.  I shared an entire post on pattern mixing you may read here.  I love a pattern challenge if you will call it that.  Mixing patterns really is easy.  If you are new to pattern mixing, or afraid of it then start simple.  Take your solid color item in your outfit and add one item that is a pattern.  Remember the color wheel rules... I shared that post with you here.  One thing to remember is sizing your patterns.  Don't put two small scales together just like you wouldn't put two large scale prints together.  Balance them. 

Style Tip:  Pocket placement on your jeans and slacks can make an huge impact on your shape and appearance.  Be sure to always check out your bum in the mirror to determine if they make your butt appear bigger, or flat.  

 Depending on your shape, choose a smaller print for the top if you are busty to not accentuate it.  Like wise if you are broad in the hips or thighs, use patterns that are smaller as they look best on the bottom half.  The exception to this is an extremely large print could be worn on your pants or skirt if the cut of the clothing is appropriate.  An A Line skirt, or a wide straight leg trouser is a good example.  Bottom line know your body shape and what works. If your smallest part of your figure is under your bust line, then find items that draw the eye to this area with a fuller skirt.  Pair a cute cardigan with a belt and position the belt under your bust line.  Trust me it works!   This will make you look bustier if you already are so just know that. 

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