Camo Combo

February 28, 2013
Two words.... reversible camo!  These camouflage pants are so fun!  You know how when you put together an outfit and it just feels so good?  This outfit was one of them! I wore this outfit before the snowmageddon of Kansas City hit last week to an afternoon on the plaza.  I am having a love affair with graphic tee's and my new Evolve tee is perfect for me! I have evolved it seems every decade, and with a new one about to begin for me, well it may be time to evolve again, always in a positive way! 

I definitely will put this entire outfit on repeat! It was as if it was all meant to be. All my accessories were a perfect compliment to the outfit!  I have to admit, I felt a little sassy this afternoon! 

I have to thank my son, who has a great eye and takes good outfit pics for me!  

Four Favorites|| Week 7

February 27, 2013

Happy Wednesday my lovelies!!  This weeks four favorites are really a few things I am debating very seriously weather to purchase or not!  I have been having a love affair with graphic tees and sweatshirts lately.  This ILY Couture is no exception.  I have to admit, I love wearing a sweatshirt and they are comfy, and can be super cute if you style it with a few bling accessories and a pair of heels!  I dress business casual during the week, and we do not have any dress down days at my office, so when the evening roles arounds, or the weekend arrives, I am ready to get casual.  I like the green color block sweater for that reason exactly.  I can dress it up for the office with slacks, while being comfy, but throw it on with a pair of jeans, and it is a great weekend sweater too!  I really do try to go with versatile pieces!  

So remember when I went shoe shopping last weekend and picked up a few pair of shoes? Well, no trip is complete at Nordstrom without a trip around the accessories!  I almost always stop at the sunglasses counter just to see what styles are new.  I have a really hard time finding sunglasses to fit my face, so when I find a pair that looks good I generally buy them on the spot! So here's the deal, the BF said he would but me the pair of Tom Fords if thats what I want, or, ....yes there is an or,.... the Bamboo tablet.  Now I have done a little research on tablets, and I really think I would use this a lot and love every minute of it!  I use photoshop quite a bit and this would be a nice addition to that program!  So here is where the decision comes in, do I want the glasses or the tablet?  What would you do?  I really can't decide! I want them both! 

Don't forget to check out Ashlyn and Kristin's four favorites this week!

A Moment of No Power

February 26, 2013
Soooo, it snowed again last night, and is  still snowing this morning.  The kids came out to be snowed in with us, so it is nice having them here.  This snow is not like last weeks.  It is very wet, heavy, and many of my bushes and trees are sadly drooping from the weight on them.  The wind is blowing strong, and that is making the snow stick to everything.  There are already piles plowed as high as 4-6 feet already off the streets.  I am not sure where all this will go!

We woke to the sound of freezing rain and ice hitting the house and gust of winds.  Shortly after, a few distant hums and BAM! the power was gone.  I laid there for a while listening to the smoke detectors all let out a beep to warn me that they were on backup power.  I got up, and was met by Anna who didn't want the beeping to wake the baby.  Of all the things that we could have thought of, the first thing that came to mind was how in the world were we going to make coffee!  

We realized it was going to get cold fast, so back under the covers we went.  I am sure we both had concerns.  How was I going to keep all 5 of us plus a baby warm all day?  We were stuck home!  After an hour of planning, I got up again to every one asleep still, but Anna.  Tricky girls we are, decided we would boil water and steep the coffee!  We woke the boys, and told them to bundle up to keep their warmth.  Don't play on your phones, it may be all you have when it gets boring and late!  We lite the fireplace, the men stared out the windows analyzing the situation,  and I proceeded to boil water.  We were getting our survival plan ready!  And then there was power!   Whew......

Now, as you giggle at the absurdity of this story from my morning, keep in mind this "drama" all happened in sight of about 1.5 hours!  The power is on, the house is warm, and our coffee fix has been successful!  My driveway has been shoveled for the first time of the day, and all is well with the world, that is, until the power goes again! 

Have a happy day and stay warm were ever you are today! 

Snowy Weekend

February 25, 2013
My weekend in pictures!  It actually was a 4 day weekend thanks to snowmaggedon of the midwest!  The snow started early Thursday morning and continues to dump at a great rate!  Poor Teddie, was reduced to a small corner of the deck where the snow wasn't as tall as he is.  I bundled up and braved out to see the men, (my heros) shoveling the 12+ inches off my driveway as it was still coming down! 

 When you get snowed in there are only a few things you can do without going crazy!  Play games, drink, and eat!  Well lucky for me my son, who has several years of culinary school training, cooked all weekend for us!  He even made this lattice top cherry pie!  Yumm!

 With the whole house a little stir crazy after a few days, we did what any woman would do if she finally got out of the house!  We went shoe shopping at Nordstrom and picked up these beauties! 
So here it is Monday morning, and back to work.... but it appears for only the day!  We are expecting 10-14 more inches of snow in the next 24 hours!  If your looking for all the panic people, they are in the grocery store!  All the smart folks are at the liquor store!  I chose the middle road, and will be at both before the day is out!  What is your weather like? Are you part of this snow storm?  Let me live vicariously thru you and tell me you have sunshine and warm weather!

Colby June

February 22, 2013

Designer Colby June grew up just outside of Aspen Colorado at the base of majestic mt. Sopris where she still lives today.  Her travels at a young age and a connection to "tiny details in nature" are core to Colby and the aesthetics to design.  Traveling to San Miguel de Allende, Colby took her first design class and soon realized her love for jewelry design.  

Colby's pieces are delicate, organic, and simple in shape, many resemble delicate twigs, leaves, grass blades, or water polished stones.  For an unexpected splash of color she will on occasion add a gemstone, but she mainly works in gold, silver, and bronze.  

To preview her line, it is not hard to see her designs are an ode to nature with both structure and balance.  Her free spirit is shaped by her daughter, and her husband's eye for modern architecture.  

The most recent collection in her Etsy shop is the Coral Collection you need to check out.  Her other collections include The Nest Collection, Compose Decompose, and The Grama and Seeds Collections. All Colby's pieces are designed and created 100% by her.  

Check out the complete Colby June collection at 

Colby June sent me a twig ring of my own, and I am pleased to offer one lucky follower a chance to win a sterling twig ring of their own.  It's delicate and dainty design make it a perfect ring for layering, or wearing along. 

All you need to do to enter is use the rafflecopter form below.  Be sure to follow the instructions so all your entries count!  Good Luck.

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Layering up Patterns

February 21, 2013
I have gotten so much use out of this gingham shirt this season!  It has been on repeat for I don't know how many times, but it never gets old to me!  I mix it up with so many different sweaters, that it never seems to look repetitive to me!  I purchased it at Old Navy and it is actually a man's shirt.  There is my dirty little secret.  I cannot stand a button up shirt where the buttons pull, and well that is a problem for me, a lot! So, to even be able to wear a button up is a great feat for me! 

Jeans  Sweater (similar)  Shirt  Shoes  Handbag  Sunnies  

Bangle Claudia Rowe c/o, Necklace Little Glamour c/o, Chunky pink bracelet Oia Jules, Watch Michele, Pink/gold chevron bracelet The Ropes Maine c/o

Lets talk about my new The Ropes Maine bracet shall we?  I. Love. It.  Pink, gold, and chevron..... whats not to love! Be prepared to see alot of this bracelet this spring as I intend to rock it with everything!  If you follow me on instagram, do, don't you? then you know I have this bracelet in orange and wear it alot!  It is so versatile, and I love a statement piece! If you haven't checked out The Ropes Maine yet, I suggest you do!  You will be glad!

I am on the hunt for a pink gingham, ( like your surprised at that) and can't wait to style up spring with it.   Do you have a favorite on repeat? What is trending in your wardrobe right now?  

Four Favorites//Week 6

February 20, 2013

We are expecting a snow-nami, or snow-mageddan whichever you prefer.  Either way, we are expecting a dump of snow later today with sleet and ice.  I can handle the snow, its the sleet and ice that is treacherous.  I know all you peeps that just survived the recent storm back east have little sympathy, but its sleet and ice people? The mess your car up, end in a ditch, fall on your a$$ kinda stuff! The grocery story was crazy with folks stocking up last night, and generally when this happens, everyone forgets how to defensively drive so they end up being the cause of most accidents.  

In case you didn't see on the news last night, there was a huge gas explosion here in KC on The Plaza. Yes, the same Plaza I am always talking about!  My heart goes out to those effected by the blast and fire, and I am thankful we were home last night.  It is scary to think I was just there Sunday afternoon! 

 I hate to be a downer after such fun four favorites..... Don't forget I am linking up with the girls again this week so check out what are their favorites this week too!   I love to find new treasures and places to shop! Leave me a comment sharing some of your favorite places to shop!  I am a sucker for a boutique too! 

Jewelry Crush // T & J Designs

February 19, 2013

Tiffany and Jen, better know as T & J Designs, got their inspiration from their glamorous mothers who shared a love of fashion.  Both ladies with a corporate background needing a creative outlet for their love of fashion and jewelry, came together to build  t&j Designs.  Have you seen their line?  Or have I just been under a rock?  It is so colorful, and trendy, that I want one of everything! 

What first caught my eye was the pave link in emerald green!  Is that not  gorgeous?    And that statement necklace........ wow could I have fun with it!  Their price point is so friendly too.  I have to admit, I was shocked at how reasonable their prices were.  If you are looking for a statement piece, or even just a small piece of bling for everyday, you should really check them out.  I am so glad to have found this gem!  

This is not a sponsored post, just sharing a great treasure! 

Weekend Rewind

February 18, 2013
It is easily becoming a Monday ritual for me to feel so good about all that was accomplished over the weekend!  I'm loving it!  What a fabulous weekend.  It started with going to bed Friday night to snow falling...ugh, and cold on Saturday, but eventually melting away, and Sunday turned out to be a true tease to spring with a high around 56!  Wow, what a difference between those two days!

I recently received a Stokke Tripp Trapp chair to keep at my house for the grandkids to use when they visit.  It's funny to think that I need to keep baby items at my house for the grandbabies, but it is wonderful to finally be able to have them all so close!  My oldest son, who is in the army, still is pending his paperwork to finally get to Kansas.  We are promised no later than May!  Woohoo!  The BF finally stated the other day that our house is beginning to look like a day care!! Well, I think he might have been a little dramatic there, but I do like to be prepared for the boys! So, I mentioned the high chair for two reasons, one, I will be sharing all about how functional, and versatile it is soon on the blog,  and two, I must have lost my touch over the years at feeding a baby oatmeal!  This messy face gave me a run for my money and we had oatmeal everywhere!  He was a live wire for breakfast! But hey, at least he is happy right?

With the weather cold, and a bit snowy Saturday morning I decided what better time to get a few things done around the house.  We hung these two pieces of art in the den.  I love the vibrant colors of the pastel, and the black and white graphite has always been a favorite piece from this artist. I cleaned out a little of my closet, that is a full days job there alone, and we even did a little day drinking!  Best. Bloody. Mary. Mix. ever!  Teddie, was in dire need of a haircut, (disclaimer: I am no dog groomer) but I think he turned out pretty cute still!  

The weather was beautiful on Sunday and we had planned to take the kids for sushi during the afternoon to enjoy the weather.  I styled this fabulous new camo combo and can't wait to share those pics from the afternoon! We have for the past several weeks had a family game night on Sundays, so this week I decided to mix it up a little, and instead of a board game, we broke out the Wii!  Girls against the boys, bowling, and golf!  Lets just say the boys had a faulty controller!  haha!  They lost! 

  Whew, so how was your weekend?  Anything great happen, or was it low key?  Here is to another great week, and a step closer to full on spring!

Gigi New York

February 15, 2013
Are you ready for a sweet giveaway?    Monday I shared how I styled my Sweet Gigi New York iPhone wristlet and today I am sharing the opportunity for you to win one! Gigi New York has so generously agreed to give one lucky follower a wristlet of their own! Get excited peeps! This is awesome!  This little gem is so versatile, and is so pretty in mint.  I know you will love it!

I love the texture of python on all their bags, and so many colors and styles to choose from.  These are some of my absolute favorites of their line, and I guarantee you that I would get a lot of miles out of these bags.  The teddy tote would be such a great carry on when traveling with a wide open top for easy access as you go thru boarding and checkin.  The cross body is so unique with the middle zipper don't you agree? And what savvy business woman doesn't need a hot pink card business card case?  

Gigi New York is located in Melville, New York and is a family owned and operated company.  If you haven't checked out the vast selection of products, you can see them all here! 

So are you ready to enter?  Just follow the instructions in the rafflecopter form, and good luck! 

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Happy Valentines Day

February 14, 2013
Wishing you the sweetest of days with a hug and a kiss! I hope you spend your day, or evening with that special someone in your life.  Regardless of your relationship status, its a day to show those closest to you how much they mean!  So if your single girls, grab your best girlfriend and a bottle of wine and toast to finding happiness in yourself and the relationship will follow!  Thanks for being mine!! 

Happy Valentines! 

Four Favorites/Additions

February 13, 2013

Happy Wednesday lovelies!!!  This weeks four favorites are a few items to add to your wardrobe.  I know, I know, your thinking lip gloss is not a wardrobe addition!  Well I am here to tell you it can make a big difference in your outfit.  I love a gloss for my lips rather than a matte lipstick.  Chanel #56 Imaginaire is the perfect pink to add a touch of color without looking too heavy.  I am pretty picky when it comes to the weight of the gloss, and the taste, and Chanel won the test!  

So now lets discuss these shoes shall we?  L.O.V.E.  Oh my gosh, these are so sassy!  I went to the Free people store here in KC on the Plaza last fall when they introduced the black suede and brown version.  They didn't have my size at the time, and now they come out with these orange and cream and I am in shoe love!  Are these not so perfect? Come to mamma!  

It's no surprise I am a fan of Joes jeans and this jacket does not disappoint.  Helloooo...... army green and leather sleeves!!  I imagine this jacket with a pair of skinny jeans, white v neck tee, and these Jeffrey Campbell shoes!  Add a few pops of orange in your accessories, and voila! I'm loving it!  But not to leave out the Kate Spade bag, this beauty made my favorites list for two reasons, pink for starters, and the gusset size.  

So I have shared my favorites for the week, but don't forget to see what favorites Ashlyn and Kristen have on their list! 

Made With Love Cards

February 12, 2013
The girls and I got together over the weekend and glued, punched, and embellished to our hearts content!  No pun intended!  It was a slow start at first, as we sat there not sure how to get our craft on.  I think  a blank canvas can be scary sometimes.  I finally jumped in with both feet, and before you knew it, we were all happy as clams! 

All you really need to make your own handmade cards is a package of note cards, you can pick these up at any craft store,  colored and printed paper, paper punches, and ribbon and twine.  If you are lucky and own a criket machine then you will be set!  I know our local scrapbooking store will cut out just about anything for you with their machine, so I suggest you take a trip to the scrapbooking store and have her cut you some custom shapes before you sit down to create your masterpieces! Be sure to check with your local store to make sure they offer this service first. 

I stamp the backs of all my cards with a handmade for you logo!  I think it really adds an element of sweetness. 

Here are some of the cards I made!  I can't wait for my valentines to receive their handmade card! 

I have always loved handwritten notes and cards.  I have given them to the BF the entire 7 years we have been together.  I would tuck them in his suitcase to find when he reached his destination,  set them on his keyboard to discover, I even post notes on the mirror, his computer and even in the shower!!  He has always found them sweet, and has kept a good number of them , if not all. Putting your feelings into words and sharing them with the one you love, is touching their heart where no one else can.  I am very sentimental, and love the fact that he cherishes my notes and cards.  I have in turn, kept all his notes for me, and sweet momentos along our relationship journey too.   

When I read yesterday on Jen's blog her  story about her love notes, it really made me happy! Jen, of Made by Girl, collected personal love stories from 18 bloggers, including her own sweet love story and shares them with us.  Her "Cartas de Amor", which means "Love Letters" in spanish, even has several gift ideas too! Check it out! I really love how she decorated her envelope! 

All photos by Lisa 

Minty Green Wristlet

February 11, 2013
Happy Monday my lovelies!!  I had another really productive weekend, and it really does make a difference starting your week with accomplishments under your belt!  Per the ususal, the kids came over with the baby. I say baby, but he is 5 months old now and learning so much new stuff.  He can roll himself over from his back to his tummy so thats all he wants to do now.  He cannot sit along unassisted yet, but boy is he trying.  So fun! You can catch a peek at him on my instagram

The girls and  I sat down for a sweet, and fun little valentines crafting this weekend, and I can't wait to show you what we made.  If you follow me on instagram, or vine, you got a sneak peak at what we did!  You can find me on both at Peridot Skys!  We had family game night last night while we watched the red carpet.   What a great show the grammys were last night.  I loved pretty much every performer.  I really enjoyed Adam Levine, and Justin did a fabulous job!  I'm not too sure about that Forrest Gump song.......!

So, on to my outfit!  I wore this last week, and what a breath of fresh air it was!  It really made me long for spring with the bright colors of my new scarf.  I picked this up at Marshalls, and love the pop of color! It was a great addition to an otherwise typical black and white outfit!  My new iPhone wristlet is the best however, of this outfit.  Gigi New York sent me this to style from their new spring line.  Isn't it a great mint color?  The leather is a textured snake, with a zipper that allows you plenty of room to get in and out of it!  and the wristlet strap can detach is you wanted to throw this in your tote to keep your essentials handy. 

Zips around three sides for easy access


It has two slots on each side for your license and credit cards, and a slot for money too! The pocket for your iPhone is in the middle of the wristlet to protect it.  My iPhone is a 4s, so I don't know if a 5 would fit, as its longer.  It even fits perfect with my Kate Spade case too!

It comes with a dust pouch to keep it in when your not carrying it.

With spring around the corner, (wishful thinking) I plan on using my wristlet quite a bit instead of my large tote all the time! 

Sweater~Old Navy (Similar on sale)   Scarf~Marshalls   Pants~Nordstrom   Shoes~Tory Burch similar   Wristlet~Gigi New York c/o   Watch~Michele   Bangles~old   Gold Bracelet~BFrend  Sunnies~RayBan

Alexandra Beth

February 08, 2013
I was first Introduced to this fabulous designer when I won a giveaway on Lindsay's blog last year.   I fell in love with her style immediately.  I Won the triple wrap bracelet, in pink of course,  and always receive compliments on it every time I wear it, which is a lot! 
Alexandra Beth Designs is on the cutting edge of designs, keeping up with the latest trends, and offers something for every taste. 

Read what Alexandra says about how her love for designing all began, and get to know her a little better.  I promise you will be glad you did!

"After my first day of elementary school, I came home to a present – a miniature bottle of purple beads.  I immediately sat on the floor and went to work, and thus was born Alexandra’s Beads, the precursor to Alexandra Beth Designs.  More than a dozen years later, as a college graduate, I can still be found surrounded by beads, gemstones and findings, threading my passion through a myriad of designs that have sold in more than 20 retail boutiques!

Today, each piece of my jewelry is personally designed and handcrafted.  To remain fashion-forward, I constantly search for new sources from which to obtain my materials, gathering items from around the country and around the world.

An untold number of design possibilities still await creation.  I feel lucky to bring happiness to others through my jewelry designs, with my biggest reward the excitement that any one of my pieces might bring to someone.  It is my hope that each and every piece of jewelry reflects my commitment to creativity and meticulous attention to detail."

See, what did I tell you?  I am so glad to be teaming up with Alexandra Beth Designs and sharing with one lucky follower the chance to win their very own agate slice necklace.  It is stunning! 


 To enter, please follow the instructions in the rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

A slice of Blue

February 07, 2013

So remember when I said I was missing blue in my closet?  This appears to be one of the very few blue items I own.  No surprise it is leopard print either!  My mom was in town this past weekend at took these pics for me.  It always a little funny posing for a) your mom, and b) not a blogger!  But she is always a good sport and does a great job!  Thanks mom! This sweater is from Harolds.  They are no longer in business, but they were my #1 place to shop.  I miss them!  Alexandra Beth sent me this blue agate slice necklace to style, and I love it.  It is on a beautiful chain and hangs to my waist.  The edge is dipped in gold and the light catches the agate and all the rings are so beautiful.  

It has been so cold in Kansas that it was difficult to get any outside outfit pics lately.  I am glad to hear that spring is coming soon (according to the groundhog) so I can enjoy  the outside more!  I have to be honest, these pics were a reality check for me and hard to post.  I can see just how much I enjoyed the winter feasting by how much I look like a sausage in this!  

With that said, I have every intention of doing something about it! I use to run 25+ miles a week a few years back, and felt so good when I did.  I miss the feeling of de stressing, and release you get from the so called runners high!  So, you have to name it to claim it they say!  I am stating right here for you all to keep me accountable.  I have goals!  Goals to get in a swim suit in a few months, shorts, and I want to run again! I want to feel healthy instead of sluggish.  I normally don't get this personal about my weight, or exercise, but it has been heavy on my mind.  I want to be honest, and honestly? I am tired of being this size! 

I hope you will see a change in about three months, (that how long they say it takes to notice a physical change) and I hope to be reporting in with my stats of running soon!  Ya gotta walk before you run!

Four Favorites/Sandals

February 06, 2013
I am ready for spring!  So ready, that I have started wearing my flip flops almost all the time on the weekends now! Now mind you, it is still with a pair of sweats, or yoga pants, and I am only running errands, but my toes want to be free!  I long for a french pedicure and sandals!  

I have started a little online browsing for sandals, and these beauties all caught my eye.  It is far to dangerous for me to actually stroll thru the shoe department with a undying need to buy new sandals!  The BF is way smarter than to fall for my trick of "Hey, lets grab a bite to eat at Nordstroms cafe"!!  He knows that would lead to a trip downstairs thru the shoe department and BAM......  it's on like donkey kong!! But trust me, these are on my radar, and soon will be strapped around my pretty little toes! 

I am linking up with my Kristin and Ashlyn again today, so be sure to see what their favorites are!

House of Blues

February 05, 2013
As I was standing in my closet this weekend putting outfits together, I realized I am a long ways from full spectrum.  There is plenty of gray, and tons of black, and even a fair amount of pink.  But the one color there is little to none, is Blue!  I don't mind blue, so I really am puzzled as to why I always tend to shy away from it when selecting new items.  I  actually will state in a store to a salesperson "no thats blue, I dont wear anything blue"!  Why? I have no idea.  The only thing I can think of is that I would need to purchase more than that one item to have choices, and that seems like a major closet addition! 

So I am vowing to add more colors to my closet this spring, and I will start with blue.  It won't be easy for me.  I always gravitate to pinks and grays!  What is your go to color?  Are you like me, with a tipped scale to one color?

Tote   Shirt   Dress   Pumps   Tank   Clutch   Skirt   Flats  

Happy Monday

February 04, 2013
What a great weekend! I accomplished so much and it feels so good starting the week with some much done!  My mom was in town for a visit and it was great to see her and spend time with her and my sister.  Friday evening we went to my sister's best friends house to learn her green smoothie recipe.  It definetely makes me want to purchase one of these bad boys!  If I can convience the BF to try a smoothie, I might actually have a chance to get one!  I let ya know how that goes!! 

Saturday I was up early and out running my errands.  I am working on a few DIY projects and needed a few more supplys.  I can't wait to share these with you soon! I had my nail appointment Saturday afternoon, then stopped by Dean and Deluca to pick up some biscottis to go with our evening lattes.  I am telling you, my Nespresso is the greatest gift, and I enjoy a decaf in the evenings, so it was fitting combo!  

As usual, my #2 son and his family spent the weekend with us, so Sunday we had a great family breakfast my son made.  He attended culinary school and loves to be in the kitchen.  Only thing is, he hates to clean up, so that is left for me!  But hey, its a trade off since he cooks!  We did a little superbowl party shopping, I picked up these beautiful tulips for the house.   The weather was fabulous, so we spent some time outside enjoying the day, and then another fabulous meal by my son and watched the game!  

How was your weekend?  Did you watch the game and did your team win?  We were a house divided!  But is was a good game for sure!

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