A slice of Blue

February 07, 2013

So remember when I said I was missing blue in my closet?  This appears to be one of the very few blue items I own.  No surprise it is leopard print either!  My mom was in town this past weekend at took these pics for me.  It always a little funny posing for a) your mom, and b) not a blogger!  But she is always a good sport and does a great job!  Thanks mom! This sweater is from Harolds.  They are no longer in business, but they were my #1 place to shop.  I miss them!  Alexandra Beth sent me this blue agate slice necklace to style, and I love it.  It is on a beautiful chain and hangs to my waist.  The edge is dipped in gold and the light catches the agate and all the rings are so beautiful.  

It has been so cold in Kansas that it was difficult to get any outside outfit pics lately.  I am glad to hear that spring is coming soon (according to the groundhog) so I can enjoy  the outside more!  I have to be honest, these pics were a reality check for me and hard to post.  I can see just how much I enjoyed the winter feasting by how much I look like a sausage in this!  

With that said, I have every intention of doing something about it! I use to run 25+ miles a week a few years back, and felt so good when I did.  I miss the feeling of de stressing, and release you get from the so called runners high!  So, you have to name it to claim it they say!  I am stating right here for you all to keep me accountable.  I have goals!  Goals to get in a swim suit in a few months, shorts, and I want to run again! I want to feel healthy instead of sluggish.  I normally don't get this personal about my weight, or exercise, but it has been heavy on my mind.  I want to be honest, and honestly? I am tired of being this size! 

I hope you will see a change in about three months, (that how long they say it takes to notice a physical change) and I hope to be reporting in with my stats of running soon!  Ya gotta walk before you run!

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  1. That leopard print cardi is so sassy! I hate to say this, but I think the groundhound was wrong. We're getting another snowstorm here tomorrow :(

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    1. Shaorn lets hope the storm passes right over you and not drop anything! Oh and congrats on your winning streak picking up again! I saw you won yesterday!


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