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February 12, 2013

The girls and I got together over the weekend and glued, punched, and embellished to our hearts content!  No pun intended!  It was a slow start at first, as we sat there not sure how to get our craft on.  I think  a blank canvas can be scary sometimes.  I finally jumped in with both feet, and before you knew it, we were all happy as clams! 

All you really need to make your own handmade cards is a package of note cards, you can pick these up at any craft store,  colored and printed paper, paper punches, and ribbon and twine.  If you are lucky and own a criket machine then you will be set!  I know our local scrapbooking store will cut out just about anything for you with their machine, so I suggest you take a trip to the scrapbooking store and have her cut you some custom shapes before you sit down to create your masterpieces! Be sure to check with your local store to make sure they offer this service first. 

I stamp the backs of all my cards with a handmade for you logo!  I think it really adds an element of sweetness. 

Here are some of the cards I made!  I can't wait for my valentines to receive their handmade card! 

I have always loved handwritten notes and cards.  I have given them to the BF the entire 7 years we have been together.  I would tuck them in his suitcase to find when he reached his destination,  set them on his keyboard to discover, I even post notes on the mirror, his computer and even in the shower!!  He has always found them sweet, and has kept a good number of them , if not all. Putting your feelings into words and sharing them with the one you love, is touching their heart where no one else can.  I am very sentimental, and love the fact that he cherishes my notes and cards.  I have in turn, kept all his notes for me, and sweet momentos along our relationship journey too.   

When I read yesterday on Jen's blog her  story about her love notes, it really made me happy! Jen, of Made by Girl, collected personal love stories from 18 bloggers, including her own sweet love story and shares them with us.  Her "Cartas de Amor", which means "Love Letters" in spanish, even has several gift ideas too! Check it out! I really love how she decorated her envelope! 

All photos by Lisa 

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