Weekend Rewind

February 18, 2013

It is easily becoming a Monday ritual for me to feel so good about all that was accomplished over the weekend!  I'm loving it!  What a fabulous weekend.  It started with going to bed Friday night to snow falling...ugh, and cold on Saturday, but eventually melting away, and Sunday turned out to be a true tease to spring with a high around 56!  Wow, what a difference between those two days!

I recently received a Stokke Tripp Trapp chair to keep at my house for the grandkids to use when they visit.  It's funny to think that I need to keep baby items at my house for the grandbabies, but it is wonderful to finally be able to have them all so close!  My oldest son, who is in the army, still is pending his paperwork to finally get to Kansas.  We are promised no later than May!  Woohoo!  The BF finally stated the other day that our house is beginning to look like a day care!! Well, I think he might have been a little dramatic there, but I do like to be prepared for the boys! So, I mentioned the high chair for two reasons, one, I will be sharing all about how functional, and versatile it is soon on the blog,  and two, I must have lost my touch over the years at feeding a baby oatmeal!  This messy face gave me a run for my money and we had oatmeal everywhere!  He was a live wire for breakfast! But hey, at least he is happy right?

With the weather cold, and a bit snowy Saturday morning I decided what better time to get a few things done around the house.  We hung these two pieces of art in the den.  I love the vibrant colors of the pastel, and the black and white graphite has always been a favorite piece from this artist. I cleaned out a little of my closet, that is a full days job there alone, and we even did a little day drinking!  Best. Bloody. Mary. Mix. ever!  Teddie, was in dire need of a haircut, (disclaimer: I am no dog groomer) but I think he turned out pretty cute still!  

The weather was beautiful on Sunday and we had planned to take the kids for sushi during the afternoon to enjoy the weather.  I styled this fabulous new camo combo and can't wait to share those pics from the afternoon! We have for the past several weeks had a family game night on Sundays, so this week I decided to mix it up a little, and instead of a board game, we broke out the Wii!  Girls against the boys, bowling, and golf!  Lets just say the boys had a faulty controller!  haha!  They lost! 

  Whew, so how was your weekend?  Anything great happen, or was it low key?  Here is to another great week, and a step closer to full on spring!

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