Tulsa Oktoberfest

October 30, 2015
Did you think I fell off the radar?  I have been traveling the past 5 days added an extra day to my plans and when I got home it has been non stop busy catching up.  I went home to Tulsa for Oktoberfest and to see my boys who were all in town visiting as well.  It was a wonderful weekend with all three of my boys and all of my grandsons.  And yes.. that is my son and grandson in their Lederhosen.  German runs deep in my family. 

I have been working on something exciting for the blog and can't wait to share it with you.  I have plenty of pictures to edit and post to share with you so expect me to be back to a full week of posting on Monday.  In the mean time... here is a snapshot of my week and weekend and TGIF! 

Wednesday Wants

October 21, 2015
Today's Wednesdays wants are perfect fall accessories.  Starting with this cheeky leopard ankle strap flat, blush drape front blouse and this Clare V. Sandrine gray suede bag is perfect.   Who else is loving the longer cardigans.... and this stripe sweater looks great belted too.  Hello cute beanie and burgundy bootie!  And finally this color block scarf!  What are you wanting this fall? 

 Ankle strap flats   Sandrine Bag   Beanie    Drape Blouse    Striped Cardigan   Bootie Color block scarf 

Wearing White in Fall

October 20, 2015
It is late October and today I am showing you how to wear white denim and pull it off for fall. In the spring and summer wearing sandals is the way to go with tanks and bare shoulders but for fall it's all about less is more when it comes to sharing some skin bare toes and white clothing.  It is too late in the season in my opinion to wear white jeans with sandals and tanks.  I paired my favorite pair of Frye boots with this hounds tooth poncho I spotted on a rack at Marshalls and couldn't pass it up for the price.  I love the details with the one button closure  and fringe.  The color is actually dark brown and camel but it doesn't look bad with the black tee.  Remember when incorporating white into your fall outfits.... a little goes a long way and layer it up with  maybe a field jacket or leather.   







Wrap(Similar and this one has a toggle button as well)  ~ Jeans ~ Boots ~ Hat ~ Tee ~ Leather Wrap ~ Bangles ~ Lipstick ~ Watch

How to Wear a Plaid Poncho

October 16, 2015
I totally loved this cape when I tried it on in Nordstrom.  There are so many to choose from and it seems like you can find one just about anywhere because they are so popular this season.  Do a little shopping around and I know you can pick one or even two up for under $30 each. It will just depend on the color and pattern you are drawn to.  I liked the neutrality to this pattern so I can throw any color on with it all season long!  I have to admit.... as I strolled into the street for the pictures I had a hard time not feeling like an extra in the movie Outlaw Josie Wales..... boots, cape, hat, all I was missing was my gun strapped to my thigh.  I'm pretty sure they didn't wear hot pink and dangly earrings back then either; but I could definitely be a supporting role in an updated version of the movie don't you think?! HA!
In all seriousness though, you should pick yourself up a cape this season as a great accessory for a little price.  And while you are at it.... grab a new floppy hat if you haven't already.  I cannot wear mine enough, I love it! I am thinking about getting a tan hat too!  What do you think of this look? Would you wear a cape?  My besties mom always wore capes; much longer and actually more like a square with a hole cut in the middle for her head  and we always associated them as being frumpy.... I am not thinking this is a frumpy look!





Distress jeans ~ Plaid Wrap ~ Boots ~ Leggings ~ Hat ~ Sunnies ~ Lipstick ~ Portofino Top (Buy one get one 50% off) ~ Earrings ~

How to wear a Coatigan

October 15, 2015

I have talked about trends many times on the blog and my feelings about following them.  You always have to stay true to what works for you regardless of trends.  I was skeptical at first sight of the coatigan.  Being short I feared it would just emphasize my lack of height.  When Tulip, a local boutique on the Country Club Plaza  asked me if I would style it I paused to see if it really fit my style.  I thought about it for a few days and agreed to give it a try.  At first I failed miserably.  I paired it with  cuffed jeans and a loose top and booties but realized I had toooo many breaks in the outfit for the eye to follow.  It only made me look as wide as I am tall!  Not flattering.   It needed to stand out.  Be the focal point of my outfit.  Streamlining my look with minimal breaks I paired it with a graphic tee drawing on the burgundy stripe and continuing the eye to the bottom of the sweater with black leggings and my favorite booties.  The coatigan trend receives high marks from me.  I loved the way it all came together and was able to stay warm in the cooler morning hours and as the day wore on peel of layers starting with my scarf  and hat, then switching out the booties, and finally the sweater.

Pop over to the Tulip facebook page and see how two other local bloggers styled their coatigan and be sure to vote for my look!






Coatigan c/o ~ Leggings  ~ Hat ~ Tee ~ Scarf ~ Booties ~ Lipstick

What do you think of this look?  Would you wear a coatigan? 

Fall Colors

October 14, 2015
I mentioned earlier this week I was sharing fall looks with items I bet you probably already own in your wardrobe.  Putting together a great look shouldn't always revolve around a new purchase.  Sure, we all like something new but realistically can you justify your time shopping every single week?  I love to shop as much as the next person but time is valuable and I don't want to always be in stores or shopping online.  Not to mention if I already own something similar it's a great savings too! Right now Shopbop is having a sale which they rarely offer so if you have your eye on a few things or want to get a jump on your holiday shopping use code INTHEFAM25 ... and now would be a good time to get them!

I am going to break down this look for you to show you how easy it is to create your own fall look from your closet. 



Cardigan.  I bet you have a few in different colors.  If you don't, Old Navy or Target would be where I would start.  They offer a wide selection of colors at an affordable price.
Speaking of Old Navy, this chambray shirt is a staple I picked up there a few seasons back.  They never go out of style. 
Distress denim.  You must have at least one pair.  If not, any pair of denim will do. 
Scarf.  Umm hello?  You probably have more than you realize. 
Leopard pumps.  Any neutral color will work. 
Accessories.  Throw on a few bracelets ( I would choose gold jewelry for tans, browns, and orange colors, and silver jewelry for black, gray, and red)



Jeans ~ Sweater (on Sale) ~ Scarf ~ Chambray top ~ Shoes ~ Cuff c/o ~ Leather wrap c/o ~ Lipstick Earrings ~ LV Bag Vintage ~ Sunnies

Leather and Lace

October 13, 2015
The weather is pretty finicky right now.  One minute you're bundled up in layers and the next you're in shorts and a tee.  Being prepared with a jacket or some sort of wrap is important.  I wore this outfit a few weeks ago and wanted my jacket to not only be functional but an awesome accessory.  I picked it up at the end of last season and every time I pull it out of my closet to wear I think to myself how glad I am I picked it up. Putting a little edgy look together with the lace tank was leather sleeves on my jacket was exactly the look I was going for.  Yes.... once again I am wearing my Celine Hot Pink necklace that is only available for the rest of this month; so if you are waiting to grab one you better hurry! 

I have some great fall looks lined up for you and I bet you own most of the same items in your closet to recreate your own fall favorite outfit.  I am hoping to share many ways to create great outfits this fall without having to always purchase an entirely new outfit.  If you have the basics and investment pieces this can be achieved with no problem.  Let's get creative this fall!  






Lace shell ~ Tank ~ Jeans ~ Shoes (similar) ~ Jacket ( similar) ~ Necklace ~ Cuff c/o ~ Sunnies ~ Lipstick ~ Earrings ~

Instagram Happenings

October 12, 2015
Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  Mine was busy and productive, but never long enough! Today I am sharing a few favorites from my instagram account of what's happening there.  Do you follow me on instagram?  There are exciting things I am working on behind the scenes in my office and my blog so stay tune for that announcement.  It is finally cool enough to wear my favorite booties.... and found the perfect amount of distress on a new pair of jeans for under $60.  Sharing my favorite lipstick color and tortoise sunnies.  There is something to wearing this pink color even in fall that just makes me happy!  OH, and it's #Pinktober and that means Breast Cancer Awareness and lots of pink!

Distressed Denim ~ Booties ~ Sunnies ~ Favorite Lipstick ~ Monogram Necklace ~ Pink Clutch ~ Python Cuff c/o~ Ropes Bracelets c/o ~ Hot Pink Celine Necklace


October 08, 2015
Pink is more than a pretty color this month.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and so many companies have gotten on board to donate a portion of proceeds from specially curated collections. Most of these items are only available for the month of October so if something catches your fancy I wouldn't hesitate.  It's a win win.  Something for you and a donation for cancer research. Besides.... it is pink after all and who doesn't love pink?   I rounded up a collection of things that I fancy including that fabulous hot Pink Celine necklace you have already seen me wearing and most likely will share it again in tomorrows outfit! Love it!!!  You also know if you have been around here a while how much I love The Ropes Maine bracelets.  Shana has created an exclusively available and  limited edition bracelet with the cutest rose gold lobster charm with a pink tourmaline betweens its claws with 100% of the proceeds going to research.  I am one of the lucky ones that has cancer survivors in my family.  

1   Pink Pumpkins ~ 2   Flamingo Notes  ~ 3    Casetify ~  4   Sisco Berluti  ~ 5   Nickel & Suede Earrings ~ 6  Blair Ritchey Tote ~ 7    The Ropes Maine  ~ 8    Hot Pink Celine Necklace  ~ 9    Talbots Heart sweater  ~ 10    Lisi Lerch  ~ 11    Meli Melo Bag ~ 12    Elaine Turner

Friends and Family Sale

October 07, 2015
Here is a sale you won't want to miss.  Starting today through next Tuesday October 13th, Graphic Image and GiGi New York is holding their Friends and Family sale offering 25% off site wide.  Simply use code WEAREFAMILY at check out and your discount will be applied!  Now get to shopping! 

I picked out my favorites and share them below.  I am loving #1 and # 2, and I own # 4 which is the best tote ever.  My datebook is a Graphic Image and I already have my 2016; in pink and monogramed ready to go! 

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9

Middle of the Road

October 05, 2015


A quick way to take a bland outfit and spice it up is add a pop of color. We all at one time or another have thrown together an outfit with black and gray. Chances are you probably threw on a pair of black shoes too.  Next time try a bright shoe for fun.  Maybe a fun colbalt, or this mustard heel.  It will take an ordinary day and make it something extraordinary if you allow it! Geez, now I sound like a narrator!!  I recently had a neighbor tell me she would never try the things I put together.  I reminded her that her greatest accessory is confidence!  Hey, it's like I always say...... rock it with confidence and try not to get ran over when standing in the middle of the street!





Tee ~ Distressed Jeans ~ Belt ~ Crossbody ~ Watch ~ Shoes  ( Similar On Sale) ~ Lipstick ~ Sunnies ~ Necklace

Hot Pink Statement

October 02, 2015



If there is one thing you can count on in Kansas it's the wind, and inevitably its blowing against you.  Isn't that how it goes?  I have been dying to share my new Celine hot pink necklace with you.  I posted a peek at it earlier this week on instagram and here is the full look.  Gorgeous!  Now this is what I would call a statement necklace! It is limited edition so you better grab one this month or you will be sorry.   If it's possible to find a way to wear pink in the fall... you know I am going to try it!  Speaking of pink, this is the month for it.  I will be sharing my #Pinktober roundup with you guys next week so be on the lookout for it! So many good companies giving back for a great cause.  I hope you will take advantage of these deals and not only buy yourself a treat but help find a cure for breast cancer. (This necklace is one of the specials too) 




Floppy Hat ~ Sunnies ~ Distressed JeansTee ~ Jacket (Similar) ~ Shoes ( Similar)~  NecklaceClutch ~ Earrings ~ Cuff c/o

KC Fashion Week Recap

October 01, 2015
This past weekend, myself along with bloggers and fashion aficionados packed into the Kansas City Union Station to see the upcoming Spring/Summer 2016 collections from local and regional designers. Raising awareness for melanoma; KCFW partnered with Fair & Fashionable and requested the attendees wear black on Thursday to show support for the awareness of melanoma. Over 200,000  people are diagnosed with skin cancer every year according to the Mayo Clinic.  The idea behind the movement is to inspire people to change their belief; simply put, that natural skin tone is in style and healthier than suntanned. 

With each designer taking the runway, I found myself saying this was my favorite look.... until the next designer took the runway!  So here are a few of my top picks from the event.  To learn more about Kansas City Fashion Week, visit their website!

Alexis Cook

 Michael Drummond

Paulie Gibson

Gorgeous designs for sure.  What is your favorite look from the event?  I can't wait for spring to attend the next show! 

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