Merry Christmas

December 25, 2014
Merry Christmas from my family to yours.  I hope you enjoy some quality time with your loved ones and take the opportunity to reflect on everything you have to be grateful for.  I have so many blessing that I am thankful for and this has truly been a good year!  xo


December 16, 2014

Pretty much my uniform lately, a pair of leggings and boots.  Throw on a sweater and scarf and done!  You will see these boots in heavy rotation so get ready!  Yesterday I mentioned I had only one toy left to purchase... well... that didn't go as planned and  I purchased 4 more toys, but I really am done with toys now!! Promise!  Christmas is in 9 days... are you ready?

I am gonna share a little behind the scenes with you today.  This is what it really looks like in between shoots! COLD!   Oh sure... I may look all happy go lucky, but sometimes I am freezing. If you blog too you know what I am talking about!!

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Riding Boots

December 15, 2014
Happy Monday.  I have been absent for a while from blogging and working on something fun I can't wait to share soon,  but I am back and have a slew of outfits to share with you.   I have been busy baking, decorating, and shopping.  I have one more toy (I think) to purchase for one grandson and I'm done!  What a great feeling to know I can coast into the last 10 days until Christmas having a tree full of wrapped presents!  The only snafu in my plan would be UPS not delivering the last few gifts to arrive.   But I should receive them this week in plenty of time.  Are you still shopping?  There are so many great sales and deals you almost want to buy one gift for them... one gift for me!! Haha!   My list this year has some fun things on it and I have been good this year so I'm hoping for a few of these things under my tree!  What are some of the things on your list?  

Boots ~ Leggings ~ Sweater (love this one) ~ Bracelets ~ Bracelets 

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December 09, 2014

What I love most about the holidays is the traditions.  I remember every year growing up some of the traditions my mom carried out and I have continued with a few traditions for my boys.  We made divinity, fudge, haystacks, and spritz cookies.  I loved helping her in the kitchen if for nothing else other than a sneaky little taste without the others knowing.  One of my favorite cookies to make at the holidays is the Spritz.  A light delicate almond flavored cookie.  When my grandmother passed away several years ago I requested her cookie press.  I know they make new one and they have a handy trigger that "presses out the correct amount" but I never could get it to work better than my old fashion press.  So the new one sits in the box, and with the right amount of twist of the wrist I use my Grandmother's every year.  

I am all about traditions.  I try to instill in all my boys the same.  There is something to be said for have certain expectations.  For example, every year I make home made cinnamon rolls Christmas eve for the morning festivities.  My boys have come to know this and expect them.  My oldest wanted to start the same tradition with his family and asked me to share my recipe with my daughter in law.  That's what I love about the holidays.  The warm memories traditions bring.  Another tradition is cut out cookies for santa.  Every year the boys and I would gather around the table and cut, frost and decorate cookies for santa.  He always had three on his plate, one from each boy!  One year their dad actually informed me "santa really would like to try the fudge dipped oreos"... I told him that was not tradition... and Santa never received dipped oreos!  Haha!  

I enjoy baking a lot this time of the year.  Chocolate, frosting, sprinkling, dipping, and stirring is in full force in my kitchen.   So what do I do with so many sweets coming from my kitchen?  I purchase Christmas plates and fill them up with an assortment of goodies and give them as gifts.  Home made treats make the perfect hostess gift for home parties.  When the plate is empty the hostess has a holiday plate to use again and again.  

With the holidays creeping up on us wouldn't you love to have a little extra spending cash?  I know I would! Weather you have your shopping done, or are just starting,  has the good stuff! 

 If you are a budget friendly shopper, (I know I am) there are gifts for everyone.  If you're not into baking away for a hostess gift (like me),  has hostess gifts galore.  Do you have a hard to buy for on your list?  Yeah, everyone has at least one of those, well there are gifts for the enthusiasts too! 
 The Good Stuff 2014 Holiday Sweepstakes will be for one $100 winner per week and one $500 grand prize winner now thru December 25th.  Just click on the photo above and it will take you straight to!   Now that's something to be merry about! 

*This post was brought to you by but all the traditions are mine and I wouldn't change a one... not even for fudge dipped oreos!! 

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