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December 15, 2014

Happy Monday.  I have been absent for a while from blogging and working on something fun I can't wait to share soon,  but I am back and have a slew of outfits to share with you.   I have been busy baking, decorating, and shopping.  I have one more toy (I think) to purchase for one grandson and I'm done!  What a great feeling to know I can coast into the last 10 days until Christmas having a tree full of wrapped presents!  The only snafu in my plan would be UPS not delivering the last few gifts to arrive.   But I should receive them this week in plenty of time.  Are you still shopping?  There are so many great sales and deals you almost want to buy one gift for them... one gift for me!! Haha!   My list this year has some fun things on it and I have been good this year so I'm hoping for a few of these things under my tree!  What are some of the things on your list?  

Boots ~ Leggings ~ Sweater (love this one) ~ Bracelets ~ Bracelets 

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