Green Silk

March 28, 2014
I'm in love with this green silk blouse.  It's a Michael Kors and I found it at Marshall's.  I immediately knew the green was for me.  I have to admit... I did for a brief moment consider the black but oh this green is so pretty. It was another pretty piece of spring hanging in my closet just waiting for the sun!  I had worn these Karen Kane snake pants previously out a few times... they are a statement pant and noticeable so I wanted to make sure I switch up the look as much as possible, so when I pieced the green with them I just loved it!   I am wearing my first two pieces of Stella & Dot jewelry the Daphne pearl bracelet and necklace.  Love them both!   I'm sure you will see this silk blouse and the jewels on rotation this spring!
I feel like I have been in an outfit rut and a few bright colored pieces are slowly pulling me out of it.  I would love to find a bright pink silk blouse.  Do you know where I can find one?  I also am hunting for a great pair of boyfriend jeans.  I have read a lot of reviews about Gaps and they seem to all say don't get a size bigger... just order your normal size.  Anyone have any recommendations for Gap  or maybe another pair you love?  Leave me a comment sharing where I should try a pair! 
If you follow me on instagram then you have seen little bits of the progress on the master bedroom redecorating.  It is coming along and I am almost done... but this one wall is bare still and I  don't know what I want there yet.  I may just reveal the room and ask for opinions and ideas for the wall!
Friday couldn't have arrive soon enough!  TGIF! Did the week drag on for you too? 

It was time to bring out the pink toes! 

Blouse Michael Kors by way of Marshalls ~ Pants Karen Kane c/o (On major sale) ~ Shoes Target ~ Sunnies Ray Ban ~ Clutch Elaine Turner (similar) ~  Necklace Stella & Dot ~ Bracelet Stella & Dot,  Karine Sultane ~

Neon Pink Sweater

March 27, 2014
We jumped at the chance for a pretty day and sunshine last week for these pictures and I am so glad we did.  We keep getting a day of nice weather to 4 days of cold again.  This sweater was hanging in my closet just waiting for the first pretty day.  I picked it up last month on the sale at Nordstrom after a quick bite in the cafe.  We are enjoying the pear blue cheese salad at the cafe and besides…. that's a perfect excuse to stroll the store for something new!  If I spot pink you know I have to at least see if I like it! This sweater is a great spring item to add to my closet.  The open weave is light and airy and I love that it's not a dark color.  I am ready for brights!   I love how the whole outfit came together and check out my new Blair Ritchey mini Lulu she sent me.  This has been on my wish list forever and I am ecstatic about it!  

Sweater Nordstrom ~ Leather Leggings Target ~ Bracelet Stella & Dot ~ Clutch Blair Ritchey c/o~ Sunnies Chanel ~ Shoes Nine West ~  
It feels good to be sharing outfits again and have a ton lined up in my closet just waiting for a pretty week to wear them!  I have spent a lot of time shopping my closet and matching up outfits trying to add very little new just yet. It's amazing what you can find to go together in your own closet if you spent some time in there.   I really need to clean out my closet to justify adding more however!  I will save that for a spring cleaning day!  Ha!  Did you notice anything different about these pictures?  Well here's a hint…. it was on my 50 x Fifty list and it has to do with my hair!  Did you spot my new bangs?  What do you think of them?  I actually am loving them this time! 

Pastel Pretty

March 26, 2014

Bag  Top  Necklace  Cuff

This Wednesday's four favorites is all about the pretty pastels.  Lets just say… it was difficult keeping my favorites to only four.  Pastel has always been a favorite of mine and with spring just waiting to fully bust open I am more than ready for pastels.  I want open toes, pretty pastel pinks and mint greens! I love this Loren Hope necklace and the cuff… fabulous!  The right amount of sparkle and pastel if you ask me! 

Brahmin is on point with their pastel pieces and this zip wallet in soft blue is beautiful.   

I really need to add this top to my closet.  It's a perfect blend of office and weekend versatlility.   

What are your pastel favorites?

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Spring Sandals

March 25, 2014

My toes are ready to bust out of this winter. It is almost April 1st and it snowed yesterday... again!  Spring sandal shopping is so much fun and this season there are so many wonderful sandals to pick from.  I love this round up and really wish I could afford the Valentino rockstars!  Which pair is your favorite?  Are you a neutral sandal lover like these Madewell,  or Sam Edelman Patriotic anyone?  Maybe bright and colorful like Kate Spade and Avarcas ?  I know I want them all!

1 /  /3 / 4  /5 / 6  /7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11


March 21, 2014
Happy Friday!  All day Wednesday I thought it was Thursday... So the fact that it is actually Friday is good news!  Whew... what a week. Oh... and today is my daughter in laws birthday, Happy Birthday Lindsay!  Can't wait to see your face when you open your gift!!  
It has been a busy week in my world and I didn't even go on vacation for spring break.  My daughter in law had surgery on her leg again. Back in December she had a full knee replacement.  She was doing great recovering but unfortunately she fell two weeks ago and broke both the bones in her lower leg.  The doctors thought they could set the break without surgery but this week they places screws and plates in her leg.  I need this girl off crutches soon so she can go shopping with me! 
We found out someone at my grandson's school was bullying him.  I cannot tell you the heartache that is.  Trying to grasp what on earth would cause a child of such a young age to think being mean was acceptable behavior; let alone they attend an anti bully class at his school every week.  The parents of that child need to be held accountable for this action and the teacher who passed it off as "sometimes things happen" needs a little reality check in the form of unemployment!  Rant over!
Remember when I shared my list of 50 x Fifty here ? I have completed several items on the list so far and have a few more on the list lined up to complete! GO me!
The weather is slowly turning warmer, I say that as if 45 is a heat wave! haha!  Outfit pics as starting to take place again and I am so glad to get back at it! All of the scenery is brown and dull around the lake we use to take the pictures, but soon enough it will be in full bloom!

Easter is right around the corner and I can't wait to decorate my house with these eggs.  Find the entire DIY post here!
 With spring in full bloom the time to start shopping for new items to add to your closet is upon us. Don't forget to follow the guidelines I shared here on wardrobe building, and  if you missed  this post on splurge items I highly recommend you reading it before you shop!
I will be attending Go Blog Social again this year with my favorite blogger girlfriends and a few new friends I have met through out this year in two week! Cannot wait to hear everyone speak and learn a few new tricks! 

So what's new in your world?  Any big weekend plans?



March 20, 2014
I was searching for Espadrille Sandals the other day and came across THE Espadrille Store!  No really… Espadrille Store has every color you can imagine, flats and wedges, and even styles you wouldn't traditionally find in a retail store!  I am love…love…loving the Lola wedges!   I just love it when I find a great resource for something I love don't you?  Traditionally handmade Espadrilles with a store located in Montreal They offer Espadrilles for men and children too.  Now I just need a trip to Montreal to visit the store and their colorful wall of shoes! 

Words to Live By

March 19, 2014

It's really simple.  Do you... and do what you love!  Live with intent and a happy heart and the world will unfold with goodness for you.  So what are you waiting for... get out there and make today great!  I  am!
Happy Wednesday!

Beau & Ro Bag Company

March 18, 2014
You know how the saying goes… Free your hands and the rest will follow!!!

Meet Beau & Ro Bag Company  The hippest, coolest hands free bags.  I fist saw these on instagram and loved the concept.  It's a clutch with a strap that unbuckles to create a hip bag!  There are so many combinations of patterns and prints that I had a hard time selecting a favorite!  

Beau & Ro has so generously offering my readers  a discount on all your purchases now thru May 1st.  I know of several Mom's that would love one for Mother's Day.... or a new Easter bag!  Check out her site and grab a fun spring bag for you, your mom, and me!!
Please provide codes PERIDOT for 15% off all orders thru May 1 at checkout.  Happy Tuesday... And your welcome!

Just a little humble note...  I am featured today at my dear friends Susan's blog in her This is 40 series!  Hope you will stop over and see my feature!  I am so thrilled!

Dating over 40

March 17, 2014

An over-forty friend of mine has recently begun dating…this can seem like a daunting task so I have tried hard to give good and solid advice!  I mean, let’s face it, the dating game now is more than slightly different from the one you remember from your 20’s; we went from blind dates and cruising bars to speed dating and dating websites!  Either way, when you meet someone for the very first time, your objective should be to make a good first impression while getting to know the potential significant other. 

With this in mind, I polled many of my male friends as well as my own guy and came up with some good pointers.  With so many folks I know signing up to play this game, I decided to share my advice with all of you as well. . .

9 Successful Dating Tips!

1. Don’t go too sexy! You look far more appealing and sexy if you show less.  Leaving something to the imagination is sexier to a man than taking all the guesswork out of it for him - better to keep things a bit mysterious. 

2.  Confidence is sexy.   Be sure to dress in something that makes you feel good; this will help you carry yourself with confidence.  You look your best when you feel your best so dress in something that feels comfortable – avoid items you will have to tug at, pull at, or tuck in. This way you can concentrate on keeping up your end of the conversation.  Be careful here though…too much confidence can be portrayed as aloof.  

3.  Let the real you shine.  Nothing is more of a disappointment than to go on a few dates with someone only to find out on date three that they were holding back.  Don't be afraid to eat and please don't order a salad and pick at it - guys love a girl that eats her meal.   

4.  Don't be a prude.  If you are feeling a spark, a goodnight kiss is a great way to end a great first date!  However, do not invite him in. . .I promise that is not the foundation you want to build a relationship on.  Let’s be honest, most guys would love to spend the night with you but men are more refined than college boys and a fantastic kiss will leave them wanting more.

5.  Don’t initiate texting.  This is pretty much self explanatory.  If he sends a text, then respond.  Keep the conversation going as long as he is texting but don’t be overly quick to respond.  If you do not keep a respectable distance between replies it may appear as if you have nothing else going on.  When his texts began to span further apart stop responding - make him keep the conversation alive.  

6. Have a Wednesday deadline.  If a guy hasn't made Friday plans to get together with you by Wednesday afternoon - you are not available.  It’s really very simple…this will teach them that your time is as valuable as theirs and is to be respected.  So what if you really don't have plans for Friday?  Decline. If he doesn't think you have a life, or anything going on, you will lose some of the mystery about yourself.  Maybe your plans are reading a good book, taking in a movie with your girlfriends, or just a night at home with a face mask on. . .those are still plans.  

7. Be spontaneous.  Don't let the Wednesday rule confuse you.  If your guy calls you on a Saturday afternoon and asks you to meet up with him for a bite or a drink - go! Day dating is a bit different.    

8.  Drive your own vehicle.  Now some might think this is a bit too modern, but I disagree. In the beginning, being in control of your time and exit strategy is important.  This empowerment may help contribute to a successful evening.  If it doesn’t turn out that way and you’re having a terrible time, you can always end the evening without an awkward drive home.  Besides. . .for safety reasons, you really don't want to share where you live yet either.  

9.  Girlfriends will always be girlfriends.  Keep a happy balance between the new boy and your girlfriends.  Remember, they are the girls that wiped away your tears from the last broken heart and will be there when there is no man around.  Do what you need to do in order to ensure that they remain a priority in your life.

Four Favorites

March 12, 2014

Happy Wednesday.  Monday is St. Patty's Day and I already have my outfit planned! I have the perfect green blouse but I would love this Blouse   with the checks for sure.  Love anything with checks!!   I make a green smoothie at least 4 mornings every week so when I found this Green Smoothie  recipe on pinterest I knew I wanted to give it a try! Yum…pina colada!  This  Clutch is super cute and you can bet my toes at least will be painted with this Polish

What are you planning for St. Patty's day?  Green beer and brauts, or maybe finding the lucky green chop sticks at Kona?  Don't forget today i'm linking up with the girls and here too! 

Master Bedroom progress

March 11, 2014
As promised I have created a design board for my bedroom makeover.  First and for most let me just say that the bedding on the bed is only from the store image.  Ummm… no!  I do not have brown bedding.  Our bedding is all white with a waffle weave white blanket.  So far we have added this one piece of art we found at Z Gallerie, the Love print I had already purchased for the bedroom a mirror console and these crystal lamps.  We had round tables that work perfect as side table by the bed,  and now we have just one large wall to figure out what to do with.  I brought the pouf up from my office to go with my barrel chair still waiting to be reupholstered.    I am taking my time and being patient to find just the right element to add to the space. 

My mom is visiting this week and we will be making the pillows out of this fabric and I can't wait to get them on the bed.  I am down to a few final decisions and a rug is one of them.  I have a white shag rug in the room for now but would love to add a color to the room.  I am loving this one and this one.  

I mentioned yesterday I brought home wallpaper samples and I think I found what we like.  Can. Not. Wait. for it to all be done and show it to you! 

What do you think so far?

My Weekend

March 10, 2014

Happy Monday!  It has taken what seems like forever to feel spring but today's suppose to be in the 70's and I couldn't be happier!  We are headed to take outfit pics today in celebration and I will share them with you later this week!  I had a restful weekend and accomplished a lot thank heavens.  Shipped a few packages to some lucky winners.  And did you see on my instagram my new wrapping paper from Jukebox Print?  I love it!  Wrapping my gift with an extra layer of love!
Saturday was spent running errands and these beautiful flowers were screaming spring to me.  I mentioned that I have been redecorating my master bedroom in a big way.  I mean new furniture and all!  I have a mood board of what is going on so far to share tomorrow before the big reveal and I just love it.

When I began the whole re decorating process I was really hoping to leave the wallpaper intact in the master bath.  I love the dramatic effect is has...but with the knew color scheme and the lighter feeling I have giving the bedroom.  See those bold black stripes? That is covering two walls in the master bath and one wall peaks to an 11 foot point. It's a very light bathroom so the dark wall always worked.  I have to admit defeat and the wallpaper is being replaced.  I brought home about a half dozen samples Saturday and taped them to the wall to see if any of them did it for me.  I think this is the winner.  What do you think?  I am changing the towels to the gray and pink. The paper is a blend of three different grays and a slight off white background.  I threw the towels up there to help cover more of the stripes and to show you more of the look I am going for.  Weigh in and let me know what you think I should do in the bath if you have a better idea or even a paper you think will work!

Don't forget today is your last chance to enter to win my Stephanie Johnson Giveaway! 

Amos Lee

March 05, 2014
I skipped my usual Four Favorites today... but not without a perfectly legitimate excuse! 

I was out way late last night... and on a school night at that too!!  But ohhh was it good.  One of my dear old friends bought us tickets to see Amos Lee in concert at the Uptown here in KC.

  It was a perfect evening of girl time, laughter, a little shopping before the concert and an evening of his fabulously sexy songs and voice!  Have you heard of Amos Lee?  You should really check him out and a few of my old favorites are this, and this!

Stephanie Johnson

March 04, 2014
Do you want to win your very own Stephanie Johnson turquoise Mumbai Alicia tote and brush case? Sure you do.  I shared in yesterday's post packing tips and carryon tricks for your travels along with my gorgeous Stephanie Johnson Turquoise tote and brush bag! I love the gold handles!  Today I have teamed up with Stephanie Johnson for you to win your very own set like mine!

The Grace brush case is a versatile style featuring a compartment for 4 or 5 brushes and a roomy section for cosmetics on the go. It has a deep generous compartment for all your makeup and then some.  Love it!
The Alicia carry all with shoulder-perfect gold metallic straps outline this starlet-worthy bengaline carry-all. With interior slip pocket accommodates your phone or camera will always be handy and you will never have to fumble to look for them. Secures with zip closure to safeguard your precious belongings, this Alicia tote is perfect for a carry on and looking so chic thru any airport or station.

So lets get the fun started!  Remember to follow the instruction in the rafflecopter form below and good luck!  

a Rafflecopter giveaway


March 03, 2014
Spring break is just a few weeks away and that means plenty of traveling for a lot of people.  I try to avoid traveling in the month of March simply because every single thing is inflated.  But that doesn't stop me from planning a trip soon after.  I rounded up a few pointers I have found helpful.  I shared in this post safety tips for traveling... and this is geared more towards the process itself!

When packing for your trip whether it is a short weekend or a week long planning ahead of time is key.  Stephanie Johnson sent me this Turquoise and gold Mumbai Alicia tote and brush bag.  I Gathered up my go to items for my carry on to share with you.  

1.  Start a master list

This list will be any thing and every thing you can think of that will pertain to your trip.  Errands to run, things to purchase, reminders to drop of or pick up from the cleaners and any appointments to make.   Just jot down what comes to mind and we will break it down into more manageable list later.  I always keep a notepad by my bed to right down thoughts and reminders for the next day.  Inevitably I always remember stuff when I am all tucked in for the night so keeping a list by your bed will help you free your mind of things to remember and you will rest better.

Another great tip is to create a common items list. It is a little more time consuming and you will want to do this when you're not planning for a trip, but it is so worth it in the end.   This is a list of the items you always take on a trip no matter what the destination. ie: toothbrush/paste, razor, deodorant, chargers, etc.  Then when compiling your master list, just print a copy of this one and get to packing!

2.  Know the climate

Always check a reliable source for the current weather to your travel destination.   Just because it's a warmer climate doesn't mean the nights don't take a dip in the evenings, or it may rain there every day for a while.  With all this screwy whether lately you never know what your headed into.  People actually don't realize how cold San Francisco really can be and end up having to purchase a jacket once they arrive. You will be glad you checked this out!

3.  Pack your outfits by Days

Once I am at the pulling from my closet stage I pack my outfits by the day. Laying my clothes by outfit on my bed; I then have the advantage of seeing what could be worn in multiple outfits keeping the over packing to a minimum.  The same jeans can be worn more than once with a different top.  Add a jacket or scarf to change the look entirely.  There you just created three different looks with one pair of jeans.

4.  Pack Light/Travel Heavy

How many of you have had to open your suitcase at the counter to remove items to make the weight requirement?   I have to admit I have.  Then my carry on is stuffed.  Wear your bulkiest, heaviest, biggest items thru the airport to same precious pounds.... whatever it takes to keep that bag under the fifty pound limit.

5.  Forget something?
I have to admit I go thru a mental checklist as  I pull out of the driveway on my way to the airport. And I tell myself that worse case scenario is I will but whatever I forgot or borrow it! Why stress!!   Stressing about forgetting something is such a waste of energy.

So checked bags or carry-on?

Check it: 
  • You have a single flight, no connections, or connections are on same airline.
  • You have a single travel destination…hopefully your luggage makes your destinations as well but if not the airline will be able to track it better.
  • You prefer to have more clothing options.
  • Limits on the amount of liquids you can bring are much greater.
  • Carrying your luggage through the airport and on board is a task.
  • You don't mind the possibility of checked bag fees. I still love Southwest bags fly free!
  • You arrive too late at the airport... scary!
  • Your travel includes multiple destinations, or short layovers with tight connections.
  • You prefer to keep your belongings with you.
  • You don’t mind carrying smaller sizes of your lotions and other liquids. I have friends that actually buy small bottles once they reach their destination.
  • You are able to put together a wardrobe that has versatile items that mix and match well that will comfortably work with all of your activities.
 As a carry-on traveler though I really think it is important that you check airline carry-on guidelines and be sure your luggage is compliant. Please don’t be a bin-hog…be sure to utilize the space beneath the seat in front of you.  Attendants are paying much more attention to what people are trying to bring on, and enforcing gate check of oversized items and too many bags.  Place your handbag inside your carryon tote to minimize your bags down to only two.  I know I never really want to count my handbag as a third item… but the airlines does!   When entering and exiting your seat... avoid using the seat head rest in front of you as a point of leverage unless it is an empty seat.  It really is annoying when your seat it jolted backwards.  Also, please don’t run over other people’s feet with your wheeled suitcase.

Do you check bags or do you travel carry-on? Any tips to share with fellow travelers?   

Check back tomorrow for a fabulous giveaway of a Stephanie Johnson bag for your next trip!  

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